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I Now Believe Lt. Governor Candidate Jill Vogel May Have Been Hacked. Here’s Why.

WiFi photoI am still not supporting any of the candidates for Lt. Governor at this point. So as was the case in my last post on this topic 10 days ago My Unbiased Opinion on the Vogel – Reeves Email Scandal I still do not have a horse in this race.

Today, Senator Vogel released a statement that gave her whereabouts on the day the Gmail account was created and the days the account was used to send the email at the bottom of this mess.

The post linked above gives the dates and times the account was accessed and the IP addresses of each access. In my analysis I converted all of the times from the various log files obtained via subpoena (Steve Albertson of the Bull Elephant kindly provided un-redacted copies) to Eastern Daylight Time (which was in effect when the account was accessed). Vogel pointed out that some writings about this situation failed to convert to EDT. And she provided her location at the time of each access, which were all either from her house or her neighbors open WiFi.

Something has been nagging me since I looked at the documents and after reading Vogel’s statement on her location at the times in question.

If Vogel had created the Gmail account and sent the email, why was the account created on her neighbor’s WiFi, then accessed by Vogel’s WiFi and the day the email was sent, and the day the account was deleted the WiFi used was Vogel’s neighbor.

Why are we seeing access from these two WiFi access points?

The only thing that makes sense is that whoever set up the account and sent the email was unsure which of the two WiFi access points were Vogel’s.

When you open a laptop, Tablet or Phone to connect to WiFi, you are shown all within range. So the “hacker” was presented with two different close WiFi signals. And he or she tried both. And unless Vogel or her neighbor used their name for the WiFi node, how would anyone know?

They wouldn’t.

But to take the logic a step further, if Vogel was the one that created the account, why would she use her neighbor’s WiFi? Stealth? Hardly. An email trashing her opponent coming from her next door neighbor would hardly be cover. If the email was traced to next door, would the suspicion change? Not at all.

But why did the account creator sign up for the account on the neighbor’s WiFi and then access it with Vogel’s?

The only answer I can reasonably come up with is the account creator did not know which WiFi was which.

And Vogel was elsewhere (on that I will take her word) when the account was accessed. One of the times she was at a meeting also attended by her opponent, Bryce Reeves.

So based on what we now know, I believe someone else, someone who did not know which WiFi was which, created the account and sent the email.

This by no means is proof Bryce Reeves was involved or had any knowledge of the email. There is no evidence at all that Reeves was involved.

But the mystery of why someone accessed both WiFi’s makes sense only if the person did not know which WiFi was which. Or possibly, that the person accessing the Gmail account was mobile or on foot and their device automatically flipped to a stronger open WiFi without their knowledge.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

8 Responses to “I Now Believe Lt. Governor Candidate Jill Vogel May Have Been Hacked. Here’s Why.”

  1. Lori Hoyt says:

    How do you explain Alex Vogel’s phone being used to validate the email address?

    • Patrick Siewert

      I have seen no evidence of cell carrier records indicating that the phone account belonged to anyone associated with this case. An outgoing voicemail message cannot be authenticated in a court of law without some outside corroborating evidence. I could state that I’m Alex Vogel on my voicemail, does that mean my number belongs to Alex Vogel?

      I respect your mission, Ms. Hoyt, but in reading your article on TBE, you do completely overlook the UTC/EDT time difference and in fact, you cite the times in the Google return as local, not UTC as indicated on the return. At one point in the article, you cite that someone logged in on 9/30/2016 at 4:46 PM, then go on to state that two people received the email at 12:49 and 12:51 PM respectively on the same day. How could people receive an email four hours before the login occurred? The time difference is a crucial detail to proving who may be responsible… and the devil is often in the details.

      Sen. Vogel appropriately pointed this out when she wrote her Op/Ed piece.

      Again, I don’t support either candidate in this race at this time. But the truth should be sought in a holistic analysis of ALL of the evidence. Absent that, we’re dealing with skewed facts, incomplete analysis and partial investigation.

  2. Patrick Siewert

    I have been an investigator for 10 years, concentrating on internet-based crime and digital forensics, both as a former member of law enforcement and as a private-sector digital forensic consultant and private investigator. I have testified in dozens of high-profile trials with regard to this and similar matters and have received extensive training at the local, state and federal levels on internet-based criminal investigation and digital forensics. I have also qualified as an expert witness in Circuit Courts in Virginia and Maryland with regard to Digital Forensics, Mobile Forensics and online undercover investigation, in both criminal and civil matters.

    Your “analysis” is the exact reason why I state in every presentation I give about this subject, “You can make a cop (investigator) a geek, but you can’t make a geek a cop (investigator)!” Your “analysis” assumes things that are not part of the evidence in this matter and it draws conclusions based upon people’s behavior as you see it from your perspective. That is not evidence, that is conjecture. Further, by drawing your conclusion from just one available source of evidence (the IP logs and court documents released), you fail to address the multitude of other potential areas of evidence that would fill in the holes, most notably the device(s) used, cellular call detail records, router logs, etc.
    I understand you are an accomplished IT professional and respect that experience. I also understand that you have dabbled in forensics at the “corporate” level, but conducting a thorough investigation about what happened is what’s needed here, not drawing conclusions from incomplete, sole-source evidence and overly-politicized statements by biased parties.
    For the record, I also support neither candidate. I support the truth… and opinion isn’t truth.

  3. Steve Albertson

    Tom, it’s my understanding that the Gables and Vogels had a shared WiFi network. Because they’re both on satellite internet (on which coverage can sometimes be spotty), they pool their bandwidth. If one satellite signal is weak, the other might be used, from either house. It’s a little unclear how that’s accomplished (Googling pooled satellite internet leads to a number of possible different network designs), but I think we might be looking at a single SSID between the two, and not necessarily a choice of distinct networks.

  4. Stacy McMahon says:

    I don’t know anything about this case, but non-tech savvy people are prone, in my experience, to just connect to any SSID that works if theirs is down or has a weak signal. So that is an interesting fact and good research, but doesn’t prove anything by itself.

  5. Ken Hoffman says:

    Anybody can create a fake Gmail with no phone verification from 95% of IPs. I work in InfoSec and Google only verifies from heavily-used connections like Starbucks and Airports. From a house? Almost never. They take the phone you give at face value.

    I am tired of all the FAKE NEWS in this race. Wake up Virginia! Our top two LG candidates are fighting with each other because the Democrats did this. They know they can only win when Republicans are fighting and not unified.

    Tom is on to something. What do I think happened? Democrats parked in the driveway of an empty house and sent a horrid email to cause the Republicans to fight. With open WiFi it is easy.

    Anyone who spreads fake news hurting either Reeves or Vogel is doing the bidding of the Democrats at the Washington Post.

    Wake up. Democrats put out bad stuff on two candidates at the same time. This whole thing hurt them both.

  6. Ken Hoffman says:

    Oh and one more thing. Tom hit the nail on the head. Someone went out of their way to make sure the Gmail account was connected with both IPs. Only someone framing the Vogels would do that. They had to connect to both four minutes apart to make sure the email would be traced back.

    Who wants the email traced back? Democrats.

  7. Mike Webb

    As a CI guy who was around when we started the ACERT, I completely understand what you said, and before May 2016, I considered my intelligence and comprehension skills mediocre. But, in a digital age, if it is not a hashtag or a gif file, anyone against your point of view will at least claim confusion, which may highlight or hide their ignorance.

    On infighting, I would only say, regardless of the source, it is a primary and intraparty fight. Even Madison tells us in the Federalist Papers that men are not angels, and “no, nor woman neither,” per the Bard. A blog claiming that I was not a major or a Ranger that was launched by a guy kicked out of the Ranger Regiment at the behest of his friend, a fellow Virginia Republican after inciting veteran groups during our nomination fight. The question is whether we can be adults after the fight and work together after. Change is inevitable like victors and losers, but growth is optional. Opt in.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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