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I just read about this tweet from former UN ambassador John Bolton and I did agree to retweet it:

No President in post World War II era has cared less about foreign policy than Obama. Is Obama the worst President? 

I read that Bolton had a good week based on this tweet:

Last week alone, it was retweeted 50 times on Monday, 122 times on Tuesday and 105 times on Wednesday after being pretty dormant in April. Overall, the tweet has been retweeted more than 3,300 times and favorited more than 2,000. The reason for its popularity is most likely that the tweet was promoted, which is an advertising strategy the John Bolton Super PAC has used before.

Bolton is considering a White House run:

Bolton, who served as an ambassador to the United Nations during the  George W. Bush administration, said last month to Newsmax that “[the door is not] closed,” in regards to a presidential run.“What I’m doing now is focusing on the 2014 House and Senate elections.”

I think Bolton could unite the GOP:  National Security conservatives love Bolton. He’s their guy:

“We’ve elected a president back in 2008 who has zero national security experience,” Bolton said in the same interview. “Sadly, he demonstrates that he hasn’t learned even from on-the-job training. We cannot risk that again.”

No risk with a President Bolton of foreign policy naivete.

But Tea Party constitutionalists ought to like him based on his skepticism of the UN and its globalist schemes.  Ambassador Bolton once said his finest hour was rescinding the US signature (of Bill Clinton in 2000) to the Rome Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court.  I can agree.  That the UN would even consider citing the Vatican for torture shows how out of control these agencies established under these multilateral treaties are.  Consider new treaties like the UN Small Arms Treaty:  Bolton would almost surely say NO.  That would be his gun rights position right there.

Even some Ron Paul libertarians like me can be attracted to the pro-sovereignty, anti-UN attitudes of President John Bolton.  My reasons for supporting UKIP is their embrace of UK sovereignty against the EU superstate.

Also, Bolton’s early embrace of gay marriage would intrigue some libertarians, too.  That might hurt Bolton with some religious conservatives but perhaps they could be won with a good faith testimony or a showing that Bolton will forcibly protect US interests abroad, including fighting persecution of religious minorities (usually followers of Jesus).  But the gay marriage issue is alas very liable to be resolved by the courts by 2016.

The lesson here is:  Ambassador Bolton as the 2016 GOP standard-bearer could unite the party and provide a resounding win.  He could be the next Reagan.




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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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