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I am not sure what to call this post yet.

First, I always appreciate those who care enough to comment.  I have rejected a couple of comments as being inappropriate and Virginia Right gets thousands of spam posts that do not reach the blog due to the blockers by the blogging service.  But these posts, although close to the limits of acceptable discourse, are not to be rejected.  I thank Mr. Green Jeans and Anita Hile for coming by and saying how they feel.  I had to respect their views and observations.

Both Mr. Green Jeans and Anita Hile asked me to “stay in my own lane”; with all due respect I will decline.  I have spoken on foreign elections (especially the UK), elections in other states (Ask Senator Lindsey Graham), and in other districts in Virginia (I endorsed Del. Les Adams from Pittsylvania County and Sen. Ben Chafin in far Southwest Virginia for example).  It is inappropriate for a blogger to “stay in his own lane”.

In fact, I have more reason to be involved in the race in the 12th – it covers most of western Hanover County.  What concerns Hanover County – any part of it – concerns me.  I also work downtown, too.  I am also a member of the Richmond (City) Crusade for Voters.  I was asked to help.  It is a high honor to be asked to help.  It is important for activists to get together as the crusade is doing and hold their elected and appointed officials accountable.

(BTW, Mr. Green Jeans seems to be in the same senate district I am in – the Fourth – Ryan McDougle and thus he is out of his lane telling me to stay in mine!)

So I reject that.  But I also reject the idea that one radio show caused me to jump to Janis.  I in fact in my post refute that in that I got to know Bill Janis from an event I went to in 2011.  I also considered his independent run for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2013.  He gave up a safe seat to do it.  Why?  Well, I think we all know that there were serious issues with the incumbent and I think Janis sought to do the right thing without regard for a safe seat or assurance of victory.  Obviously he had support but it is a shame Janis did not win (I thought he would actually and was surprised he did not.)  I actually spoke to Janis (he called me) after the post and the Green Jeans/Hile comments and he said it was important in that race to do what was right – not necessarily what was safe politically.  That impressed me.  Someone who will sacrifice to do the right is rare in politics.

The event in 2011 affected me.  Janis gave that powerful statement about Jesus and his faith.  His outreach to the African-American community was moving to me, too.  Now Janis DID say in that radio show exactly what I told legislators when I ran for judge:  Better to be faithful than be successful.  That was consistent with the 2011 event.

Could I be being played by Janis?  Sure.  Anyone can be played.  He could have studied me and found out stuff to hit my strong points.  But first it is not likely.  Why me?  I am just a little ol’ blogger from Eastern Hanover.  If I had the influence to affect the election would I not have had five free lunches already from the other hopefuls as well as Janis?  I don’t see others dropping out and saying:  Well, Sandy’s for Bill, guess it’s time to pack it in, folks, I can’t win now!  Second, I do not sense that I am being played by Janis.  His character from his his four years and degree from VMI (I wouldn’t last a week there)and his service to his nation (Warning: from Janis’ campaign webpage) and my sense of the person:

In May 1984, Bill answered the call of duty and entered the United States Navy as a Commissioned Officer, serving as a Russian Linguist and Special Intelligence Officer in a variety of difficult and demanding assignments ashore and afloat. A veteran of the Persian Gulf War, Bill served at sea in submarines and destroyers, as well as in staff assignments at the National Security Agency and Commander Naval Surface Forces Atlantic Fleet.

Now I know a Navy submariner (he goes to my church) and I can tell you I have heard lost of submarine stories.  I am impressed with the courage of anyone who would be in harm’s way in an object beneath the ocean!  At least two of those submarines (The Thresher and the Scorpion) never came back.  And I took Russian for a year in high school and I can tell you:  It’s not an easy language to master.  The funny symbols (actually Cyrillic writing – Saints Cyril and Methodius took the oral Russian language and wrote it out so the Bible could be translated into their language!) are bad enough but Russian has six types of noun inflections!  SIX!  (English has two and they are hardly inflected at all.)

Now let me say that a person in politics I admire very much spoke to me (It’s not Tom White, BTW) and said don’t help Bill Janis. This person gave me some reasons.  I respect that viewpoint.  It gave me pause for thought.  Also, many I know like Vince Haley.  Look, I admire few in politics more than former Speaker Newt Gingrich.  If Newt comes to VA to campaign for Vince Haley, I’d try to go and meet Gingrich.  Haley working for Newt is impressive.  (BTW, the Chairman of the Board of Janis’ new company is former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson!)  But here I am and I had to choose:  Stay with Bill or help another candidate or “stay in my own lane.”  It’s hardly 1521 or anything but I had to take a stand.  I respect the others running but I feel it is right to help Bill Janis and I will do so best I can.  I do not have a formal title or position in his campaign and if I formally join the campaign, I’ll let you know right here at this blog.  But I can help Janis and I will do so!  I urge my readers, especially in the 12th district, to ponder Janis for their vote and support.  Here is his website.


About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

11 Responses to “I WILL NOT STAY IN MY OWN LANE!”

  1. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    Mr. Sanders- if you don’t know why Bill Janis gave up his “safe” Delegate seat in Henrico County so Tom Farrell, CEO of Dominion Power, could get his son Peter elected to the House of Delegates with the help of the Cantor Shadow Government that ran the 7th District then you aren’t up to speed. Thus, the comment, “stay in your lane.”

    The Farrell- Dominion Power machine is worse than the O’Bannon duo and that little piece of conflict in Henrico politics.

    Janis- by the way- is very much a part of that shadow government which is why no one wants him elected to the Senate seat in Henrico County- purging all of them is critical now that Cantor has left the building, except for the Cantor- Jeb Bush Fundraiser at the Jefferson on the 16th –

    • DurianGrey says:

      Since I’ve been involved in politics some years ago, I have heard some zany conspiracy theories. This one about Bill Janis resigning a safe seat with upward mobility towards the speakership as part of some cabal in a spooky shadow government envisaged by the previous speaker almost made me choke on my porridge! Isn’t it just possible that Bill Janis sought to try to do the right thing regardless of the consequences by stepping out of his comfort zone to try to save the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race? Bill Janis does not strike me as the sort to go along with such a cabal (if it ever existed) and deny himself the opportunity to advance in the House leadership. Let’s take off our tinfoil hats, people, and get real!

  2. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    Mr. Sanders-
    If you need more evidence that the Henrico GOP establishment ( Bill Janis being one of them) is working to destroy the very conservative candidates you support on this website- Senator Tom Garrett was asked by the Shadow Government to primary Congressman Dave Brat in 2016.

    Remember when Eric Cantor’s long time political advisor Ray Allen said he would destroy the Republican Party- well they have pulled the pin from the grenade and are now trying to defeat the conservative Republican Congressman who won in a landslide-

    Everyone who reads VA Right should be at the Jefferson Hotel Feb 16th for the Eric Cantor fundraiser for Jeb Bush for a front row seat to see who is behind defeating our Republican Congressman Dave Brat. They will be wearing the long dresses and suits with the long knives.

    Mr. Green Jeans

    • Tom Garrett

      I can say a few things, first, I have no axe to grind against any candidate in the 12th. Second, I wholeheartedly and unequivocally support Bill Janis as the only PROVEN Constitutional Conservative in the field… Janis was quoting Jefferson and applying the Founders’ ideals and Constitutional principles before the Tea Party as we know it existed. Finally, I can say without reservation that no person has approached me nor would I be interested in primarying my friend, Congressman Brat… My respect and admiration for the Congressman not withstanding, I am not even currently a resident of the district… And I know all of this because I am Tom Garrett.

    • DurianGrey says:

      I’m sorry. I thought this thread dealing with the 12th senate district. It’s very telling that in order to double down on the writer’s conspiracy theory it has to go into an entirely different campaign altogether (and a bygone one at that), completely forsaking the one at hand.

  3. Mr Green Jeans

    How would you snag an initiation to the Cantor Bush fun raiser on the Feb 16th?
    Looking for the “pork”.

  4. Anita Hile

    Mr. Sanders….you said “Janis gave that powerful statement about Jesus and his faith.”
    It’s easy to talk the talk(especially on the campaign trail), but to walk the walk, well that’s another story.
    It seems to me that there is a lot of that going around, like Mike Thomas, who prayed last year at a State Central Meeting, that “we all be like Jesus”, and yet was instrumental in the slating efforts across the state. And how about Ray Allen, who teaches Sunday School at his church, who with his company Creative Direct spearheaded the lies(bearing false witness) said about Dave Brat during the primary and who continues to work against REAL Conservatives, Libertarians and TEA Party folks in removing us from the Party(he too was instrumental in slating). How about Linwood Cobb who boastfully shared that he was recently made a lifetime Deacon in his church, who aggressively “handled” a friend of mine and removed him from attending a meeting of “Conservatives” who want to “Move OUR Party Forward”.
    I, like many others in the 12th District have seen Mr. Janis in action. If you want to know the real truth about Bill Janis, look deep, and I mean deep into the 2011 Matt Geary Commonwealth Attorney Race. You will learn more than you ever wanted to know.
    Readers, do your own digging rather than relying on the campaign platitudes of someone who wants to regain lost power.

  5. Tricia Stall

    Agree with Green J
    eans and AnitaHile. Shadow government players care more about power than people. I have personally witnessed a cigar smoking rude Bill Janis at a R. event with Delegate Tom Gear, after defeating insider Marty Williams in 2007!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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