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If the GOP Is Going to Cave on Gun Control, Let’s At Least Get Some Muslim Control

Lois Lerner Watch ListThe Democrats are thumping Republican’s asses again. The weak minded and weak kneed GOP is apparently caving in to Democrats demands for more gun control to “stop the killings”. Such sentiments are ludicrous and ridiculous. France has the world’s toughest gun laws and what good did they do?


Now no one in their right mind would oppose more gun legislation supposedly aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of people under investigation by the FBI or on the “No Fly” list. But we all know that Democrats aim is not preventing murders, but at chipping away at guns themselves and the 2nd Amendment in particular.

We all know that the government, under the direction of the Obama Administration, is intentionally dropping the ball on these so called investigations if the “investigatee” is a Muslim. So it would stand to reason that the majority of Muslims who are under suspicion will see their investigations dropped just like the Orlando Islamic Terrorist. And their names will never be added to any type of list.

And what about due process?

As we have seen time and again, knee jerk legislation is a tool of the Democrats. How many names of people will be added to the “No Fly” list because they are a member of a Patriot or TEA Party group. Or simply a Republican?

And how do you go about getting off these lists? There is no provision to challenge the decision in front of a court. There is no legal proceeding to black ball anyone. Just some bureaucrat at a computer terminal. Or some idiot with a pen and a phone.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

And Democrats can always count on Republicans to be their bitches. And then these wimps wonder why Donald Trump won the Primary by a landslide.


The GOP Invertebrate Class is oh so willing to trash our rights with a wonderful sounding bill that promises to end gun violence forever.  Only we know it will not save one single life. If a gun free zone is ignored by the killers, what will more laws do?


So how about this time you make sure Muslims are not given a free pass. And that the rest of us who become targets of the left for our non-violent political views who become targets and are added to these lists have a way to challenge the infringement on our liberties.

How about this time you read the freaking bill and let the public read it and comment on it before you pass more ineffective “feel good” legislation?

There is a huge appetite for dumping career politicians. And anyone that votes for this will surely hear about it again come your next election.

And remember. The Orlando Police set outside for 3 hours doing nothing. The killer did not need – and he didn’t have for that matter – an “assault” rifle. We simply cannot count on police to keep us safe. We are truly on our own.

What the Islamic Terrorist did was horrible. But what the government is about to do to our liberty and right to protect ourselves is far worse.

And let’s all remember, the Orlando Terrorist was a peaceful Muslim right up until about 2AM on Sunday morning.

Saturday night Barack Obama would have totally gone to bat for this murderer. I’m not sure that sentiment has changed.

And while we are at it, the weapon used by the killer was not an AR-15 rifle. From Bearing Arms:

The anti-gun politimedia wasted no time at all demonizing the most common rifle in the United States as being the real villain of the Islamic terrorist attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando.


Judd Legume of Think Progress squeaked, “The NRA’s Love Affair With The AR-15, Weapon Of Choice For Mass Murderers, In 22 Tweets.”

Always wrong Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post whined, “The gun used in the Orlando shooting is becoming mass shooters’ weapon of choice.”

Here’s the thing.

The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was not an AR-15.

sig suaer mcx

The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was instead a Sig Sauer MCX carbine, a modular, multi-caliber (able to swap to different calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and 7.62×39) rifle system that sometimes utilizes STANAG magazines common to more than 60 different firearms, but otherwise has no major parts that interface with AR-15s in any way, shape or form.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “If the GOP Is Going to Cave on Gun Control, Let’s At Least Get Some Muslim Control”

  1. I do not agree to an general anti-Muslim policy but I do not have an answer for this issue of national security.


    • Fed UP and FED EXED OUT of the GOP says:

      Mr. Sanders:

      The government has lied to American Citizens. They have parachuted in hundreds of thousands of refugees all over the country not 10,000. UNVETTED- no ID, nothing. They are Jihadist Muslim refugees.

      Welcome to our summer of TERROR.

      Trump knows this- Alex Jones is reporting this each day on

      This is the reason Trump is telling the American People the TRUTH and that something has to be DONE- the government is lying about how many of these potential terrorists they’ve brought into American cities and towns.

  2. Old Geezer says:

    Mr. White:

    The Republican leadership in Washington has spent the past 72 hours railing against Trump saying he is causing the Republican Brand to lose favorability in the polls. Trump received more votes than any Republican candidate in history but the GOP in their echo chambers in Washington DC can’t wrap their heads around that. Reminds me of Eric Cantor thinking he was going to beat Dave Brat by 34% in 2014.

    The GOP members of Congress have capitulated to the Democrats on every issue- They DO NOTHING- and now the Blame Game has begun….


    Clean out those MOSQUES and shut them down and cut off their income.

    • GOP GAL says:

      Old Geezer:

      Note in the WAPO article link below, Cantor is no longer a “Conservative Republican” but a “MODERATE REPUBLICAN”

      Wonder what his VCN Pac thinks of this change? The VCN Cantorites all falsely claim to be conservatives in Virginia but vote like Democrats —- look at Barbara Comstock- she might as well have a “D” next to her name on the ballot in November.

    • 85 M.D. says:

      America needs to wake up to who is actually funding the US MOSQUES from within. IT’s not JUST SAUDI OIL MONEY funding the MOSQUES.

      Wealthy FMGs ( Foreign Medical Graduates) were flooded into this country during the past 30 years.

      These are the Muslim Doctors from Persia ( Iraq), Iran, Pakistan, India and other Islamic States that have milked the US MediCare system for millions who support and BUILD these Mosques of Terror.
      The radical IMAMS in these US Mosques are supported by wealthy Islamic 7-11 Franchise owners, Dunkin Donuts owners, and DOCTORS- many in high paying specialties such as Gastroenterology, Oncology, Cardiology, Nephrology, and Surgery There are hundreds of thousands of them in the US.

      If your doctor’s name is Ahmed, Mohammed, Khan, Siddiqui, Qureshi, etc. YOU can stop funding US Terror by FINDING A NEW PHYSICIAN.

  3. Tad Gates says:

    Thanks Tom.

    We all know where the Terrorist Watch List and NO FLY LIST is going- the same place as the IRS audits for Tea Party Patriots and activists did in 2009.

    The marxists who run DHS will create a list of enemies of their agenda and they will find themselves on the LISTS with no way OFF THE LISTS and unable to purchase guns…

    Compliments of the GOP.

  4. Freddy Boisseau says:

    I am just going to point out that the person leading the charge to cave to the Gun Grabbers on this is Mr. Trump. Just saying.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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