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If you are for an Independent Scotland – Need to Root for Brexit!

Let’s get my bona fides on Brexit (the UK leaves the EU) and an independent Scotland on the table first:

  1.  I’m for Brexit!
  2. I’m also for an independent Scotland!

So when I suggest that Scotland voters who want to keep independence on the table for the future (And BTW, the Scotland parliament does NOT need permission to have a non-binding referendum on independence – the UN recognizes the right of people groups to self-determination and the indy Scotland can use the pound if they choose without permission – which I said at least four times at the blog!) ought to support Brexit.

That’s right:  Vote No on the EU – even if you believe the EU is great.  If you want independence.

If the UK leaves the EU, then Scotland has a wonderful argument (remember that self-determination of peoples argument cited above) that it ought to determine its own destiny – in the EU – as an independent nation.  Don’t take my word on it:  Take the actual words of the Scotland first minister Nicola Sturgeon:

There would “almost certainly” be a second independence referendum if the UK votes to leave the EU and Scotland does not, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

The SNP leader said she hoped the situation did not arise, but said there would be “overwhelming” support for a second poll in the event of a Brexit.

We in the US would call this a “dog whistle” to the SNP:  Better vote NO on the EU if you want independence.  Let’s be nice:  I’ll call it a hint.

First on May 5, there is that election for the Scotland parliament in Holyrood.  The SNP needs to win that vote.  (It looks like they will win big.  I am rooting for UKIP, of course!  They are the party of liberty in Scotland!)  And a recent poll (thanks to Breitbart!) says that support for independence would only “slightly” rise but it is a significant “slightly”:

But Brexit would only push support for independence up slightly – from 47% to 50% – leaving Scotland split down the middle, a Panelbase poll for Heart and The Sunday Times has found.  (emphasis mine)
It is admittedly down from 52% – and the 60% Sturgeon would like to have to call a new vote.  But what will the polling numbers be if Brexit is defeated?  There’ll be no reason for a new poll on self-determination for a long time.  But most Scots are for the EU:
Support for the EU remains higher in Scotland than in England, with 63% supporting continued UK membership of the EU and 37% supporting withdrawal.
You want more hints from Sturgeon?  Try this:
The SNP leader has cited a UK vote to leave the EU against Scotland’s will as a material change of circumstances from 2014 which would “almost certainly” trigger another independence referendum.
From this BBC article:

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Scotland programme, Ms Sturgeon said that she would be “campaigning very hard” for a Remain vote in Scotland, but she said it was “very highly likely” there would be a fresh independence referendum if Scotland voted to remain while the UK voted to leave.

She said it would be a “democratic outrage” if Scotland were “dragged out of Europe against our will”, and said there would be “overwhelming demand” for a fresh referendum.

Want the material change of circumstances?  If you want independence in your lifetime (or at least mine) you need to take the hint from the SNP leader.
If I were against the EU in Scotland, I’d try to persuade my pro-indy friends – the ones who cried for days in September 2014 – to strategically vote:  Tell them NO on the EU.

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  1. Mr_Scotland says:

    Independent Scotland will NOT leave the EU, just sayin.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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