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I’m A Bit Displeased with the President Today, BUT…

President Trump Ought NOT to Have Fired John Bolton!

I sincerely do not think the President should have fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. It was the worst thing Trump has done since he got elected. Bolton, who I have supported for President and VP and Secretary of State, is ae excellent foreign policy adviser who believes in US sovereignty and made that wonderful pronouncement against the International Criminal Court! Although the former UN Ambassador is a bit on the hawkish side. Lew Rockwell’s blog was practically ecstatic today!

However, this news MIGHT mean that this President is determined to pursue peace and not intervene where not necessary for the national interest.

Perhaps this column calls for some blogger hits:

From the speech on the ICC, given a year ago today:

This is a Day of Victory!  A day of a Victory Lap in the Office!  A Day that I did not think would happen.  Ever.  And you can bet President Hillary Clinton would not have done anything like this.  Praise Jesus for this moment!

And I was actually (along with thousands of others) invited to attend!  I knew Ambassador John Bolton, now the National Security Adviser for President Trump, was speaking in DC to a Federalist Society (the conservative lawyers’ organization that vetted the judicial candidates for Trump, including Judge Brett Kavanaugh) meeting on Monday, September 10 at noon.

I wanted to go.  Really did.  Maybe I had a hunch about it.  And I’ve met Amb. Bolton (Ambassador is one of those terms you keep after you finish service) and supported him for the top office in the land!  (And took heat for it, too!  Nice to get the last laugh perhaps today!)  But I didn’t go.  That decision is right up there with not leaving early enough in SC for the 2017 eclipse!

From Bolton’s speech:

First, the International Criminal Court threatens American sovereignty and US national security interests unacceptably. The prosecutor in the Hague claims unfettered discretion to research essentially, charge, and prosecute individuals, of whether their countries have acceded to the Rome Statute regardless.


Americans can be confident that America won’t provide any type of legitimacy or support to the body. We shall not cooperate, engage, fund, or assist the ICC in virtually any real way. This elected president won’t allow Americans to be prosecuted by foreign bureaucrats, and he shall not allow other nations to dictate our method of self-defense.


We will respond contrary to the ICC and its own personnel to the extent permitted by US law. We shall ban its prosecutors and judges from entering America. We will sanction their funds in America financial system, and we will prosecute them in America criminal system. We shall do exactly the same for just about any ongoing company or state that assists an ICC investigation of Americans.

We will need note if any countries cooperate with ICC investigations of America and its own allies, and we will understand that cooperation when setting US foreign assistance, military assistance, and intelligence sharing levels.

We will consider taking steps in the UN Security Council to constrain the court’s sweeping powers, including making certain the ICC will not exercise jurisdiction over Americans and the nationals of our allies which have not ratified the Rome Statute.

And finally the cherry on top!

No committee of foreign nations shall reveal how exactly to govern ourselves and defend our freedom. We shall operate for the United States Constitution abroad, once we do in the home just.

From one of my many columns on Bolton for President:

The Obama administration is engaged in a “spiral of declining American influence” and its Libya policy is a “source of continuing national embarrassment”, Bolton told the standing room only crowd of nearly 100.  Bolton believes that Obama should have simply stated we are seeking to remove Gaddafi from power and sought Congressional approval for the incursion.  Gaddafi has been implicated in terrorism against the US.  Bolton argued that the War Powers Act is unconstitutional.  But President Obama has done a service to the nation by making the Act ridiculous.  His argument that he is not engaged in “hostilities” would seem laughable to the Libyan regime.  Obama’s argument that he had to enforce a UN Security Council resolution would have been a “novel notion” to the Framers of the Constitution.  But if he fails to force Gaddafi out of power, it would be a catastrophic defeat for American interests.

The problem is that President Obama’s focus is almost entirely domestic and he would prefer to simply not engage with the world.  However, as Ambassador Bolton put it, “A President has to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.” 

Ambassador Bolton has a libertarian streak (from my analysis of his interview with Reason):

1. He calls for actual CUTS in spending!  He has a useful, although politically dangerous idea about entitlement programs – by block granting Medicaid and Medicare back to the states.  I would use this to show:  Bolton will tell you straight – even if it isn’t politically wise – and after years of Bush and Obama lies (not to mention Congressional lies) a truthteller will be refreshing.

2.  Bolton’s for gay marriage and says something somewhat Sandyesque about it:  Marriage is a religious issue and the churches can define it as they see fit.  He’s not crazy about it but feels a civil union for gays is acceptable.  It appears Bolton also favored gays in the military.

3.  Bolton praised President Calvin Coolidge (one of my favorites – thanks to Ronald Reagan for showing the nation the truth about Coolidge) for cutting the budget and ties the size of government to the amount of personal freedom.

4.  Bolton make have joked about it, but he’s willing to listen to libertarians and go to them.

5.  Bolton exposes the Agenda 21 goal:  Impoverish the Western powers like the USA and Bolton believes in American Exceptionalism!

Who knows? Bolton is only a youthful 70 – he would be younger in 2024 than Senator Bernie Sanders is now! Sandy will help…in the meantime, Ambassador Bolton, all the best blessings in Jesus. I doubt he’ll be unemployed long.

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