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I’m Heartbroken. RINO Bill Bolling UNFRIENDED Me on Facebook

Our former do nothing Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who whined and cried because he was afraid to face Ken Cuccinelli in a Convention and even considered a third party run (like Donald Trump has considered) has unfriended me on Facebook.

I was quite surprised it took him so long because he has been purging Conservatives from his page for quite a while. I guess he finally got around to purging me. Most of my friends had already been purged by Billy Boy.

Of course this is part of the GOP War on Conservatives raging in Hanover County, Va. Nancy Russell had no problem with Bill Bolling supporting an Independent against a Republican in the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney race 4 years ago and couldn’t wait to consider Bolling a member again without a vote. And certainly without mentioning his name. She didn’t want to embarrass the poor boy. Although I recall very well the vitriolic diatribe that then Hanover Republican Committee Chairman Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Shultz” Wiecek went on at a Committee meeting when another member of the committee, Nathan Cox, supported a candidate running against then Congressman Eric Cantor.

“Nathan Cox is kicked out of the committee,” she asserted. And she went on and on about this transgression. However, according to the bylaws, he was not “kicked out” as she said. He simply is considered to have resigned.

So fast forward to Bill Bolling doing the same thing, along with several other members of the committee. What happened was Shannon Taylor, the Democrat won and is currently serving as the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney. Thanks to Bill Bolling and his cohorts. Party defectors all.

A few days before the election that year, I was down in Tidewater and the GOP had a rally in Newport News which my wife and I both attended.

I spoke to Bill Bolling, then Lt. Governor, and reminded him that I was the Mechanicsville Magisterial District Chairman at the time and I would be happy to submit his name into nomination after the election to rejoin the Hanover Committee.

“I don’t know if I even want to rejoin the Committee,” Bolling snapped. My wife and I were both shocked. And Bolling said that with such venom.

So, after the election Nancy Russell expressed her intent to just consider everyone that supported the Independent over the Republican to be back in the Committee. Emails flew back and forth and a number of Executive Committee members said they would resign if she sweeps this under the rug. Most members demanded a vote by the whole Committee.

It was my position that Bill Bolling, having expressed a desire to me, a Magisterial District Chairman, NOT be a member should be contacted and asked if he wanted to come back.

But of course, there are different rules for RINO’s in this committee. And at the next meeting, Russell made a motion to readmit “everyone that supported an Independent” in  the last election. Without mentioning a single name. No “calling out” as Angela Kelly “Wasserman-Schultz” Wiecek had done with Nathan Cox. Not even a hint at who had defected.

So Bill Bolling has a history of supporting non Republicans. And threatening to run as an Independent. And in the last Governor’s race, Bolling, full of sour grapes, allied himself with Terry McAuliffe. Remember this?

On Friday, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, an association of leading businesses in the vote-rich area of the Commonwealth, was scheduled to endorse GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli, through its PAC. The Washington Postreports, however, that the announcement was delayed after furious behind-the-scenes lobbying by the McAuliffe campaign to have the endorsement rescinded. Most surprising, however, is that GOP Lt. Gov Bill Bolling was among those lobbying the trade group on McAuliffe’s behalf, against his fellow Republican.

The Post reported that the move “was the first public indication that Bolling, the Republican lieutenant governor who said he would not endorse Cuccinelli after being outmaneuvered by him in the primary fight, is actively pulling for McAuliffe.”

Bolling, who had considered running as an Independent after realizing he couldn’t win a GOP primary, is more “moderate” on issues than the conservative Cuccinelli. That said, it is still surprising that he would actively interfere in a group’s political endorsements.

So RINO Bill is making noises again. The Gollum want’s his precious. The Governor’s mansion.

There are a lot of back-stabbing people in Virginia calling themselves Republicans. I think Bill Bolling leads the pack as the most despicable traitor of the bunch.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

22 Responses to “I’m Heartbroken. RINO Bill Bolling UNFRIENDED Me on Facebook”

  1. Larry says:

    F Bolling; he’s a has been loser just like Cantor.

  2. Fire Nancy Russell says:

    Hanover GOP members Robert Bailie ( Founder of Middle Resolution) and Brenda Eggleston
    ( Developer and Middle Resolution Board member) supported an Independent turned Democratic candidate for Supervisor over the Republican in South Anna in 2011 and Todd and Jill Vander Pol
    ( Middle Resolution donors/supporters/Cantorphiles) supported Bill Janis for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney

    and Nancy Russell admitted these traitors back into the GOP so fast after the election, heads were spinning. She’a real piece of work- that one. Loyalty Oaths are only meant to keep Tea Party Patriots and Conservatives off the GOP commmittee. IF you support non GOP CANDIDATES for the November Ballot in Hanover County- keep your mouth shut and stay under the radar.

  3. Connect the Dots says:

    Pay very close attention:

    Randy Marcus, son of former GOP political consultant to Middle Resolution and Congressman Eric Cantor- Boyd Marcus, was a former aid to Lt. Governor Bill Bolling ( R) and is now senior political advisor to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. >After Bolling and Marcus ( the old man Boyd) defecated on the GOP and Cuccinelli ( R) and helped McAuliffe (D) win the Governor’s seat< Marcus recently appeared on the leaked Ashley Madison user website. Mama always said these kind of people were WHORES…….. Mama was a very bright lady.

  4. Gina Rossi says:

    Memo to Chickahominy Voters and the Hanover Republican Women’s Committee operated by Angela Kelly-Wiecek and her Liberal sycophants:

    Bill Bolling is Never going to be Governor of Virginia. It’s OVER.

  5. Juris Doctored says:

    Also, Governor McAuliffe’s Senior Policy director Randy Marcus ( Son of Boyd) is in the Ashley Madison credit card transactions database. 5 transactions between 1/13/2013 and 5/29/2013 of $68, $79, $19, $19 and $19.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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