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Indivisible the Movie: Might it Make Followers of JESUS Turn Against Endless Wars and the Neo-cons who Want us to Fight Them? I Hope So!

Exciting news:   David G. Evans, the Nazarene layperson from Memphis who produced The Grace Card, is back!  He’s doing another faith-based movie:  Indivisible

Indivisible is based on a true testimony of a Army Chaplain (Darren Turner) who serves in Iraq but comes home to find his home life in a mess and needs God’s power to restore his marriage (Heather Turner).  Here is a preview from the Christian Post.  I do not know much about Gray’s Anatomy the TV show but I am so encouraged to know there are committed followers of Jesus in Hollywood!

And here is the website for the movie!

Now I am SO excited to see a fellow Nazarene doing something like this – thirty years ago, this might have been frowned on in our denomination.  Even going to the movies was discouraged years ago.  (Ironically the movies were generally cleaner then!)  Now here is one of our General Superintendents (Dr. David Graves) introducing the trailer for the movie for the Nazarene News.  And no I do not know David Evans – never met or spoke with him.  And he might not agree with me on the Iraq War.  But I admire and respect Evans for his willingness to make movies that glorify Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  He was, before The Grace Card movie, writing and leading the Easter pageant at his church [Calvary Church of the Nazarene] near Memphis, Tennessee.

(If a reader wants to know more about the Nazarene Church, go here and if you want to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, go here!)

But here’s the other thing I observed in the trailer: The anti-war message.  And it got me excited!

Let’s start with the searing scene where the chaplain is handed an accordion folder full of legal papers of all the men in Turner’s unit in Iraq divorcing in last three months.  The senior officer says something like this:

“…soldiers losing families and having nothing to go home to is not the stabilizing force we need around here…”

OOPS!  Send the message to all of those who supported the war!  And our own Senator – Tim Kaine who’s resolution brings about potential for endless war!  Endless wars will result in loss of liberty!

Then there is this searing line when two women speak, one is obviously Heather Turner and the other is a friend.  One woman (I think Heather Turner) says something like:  I think there something more that is happening between [me and my husband].

The other woman replies something like this:

It’s not between the two of you, its between the two of you and that war!

Oh my!  How many families were separated by the Iraq War?  The empty chair at the table might not be caused by death in war.

A third searing scene in the trailer is where Heather complains that Darren cares more about his men than his family.

But that’s what war does and we had no business there in the first place!  People have not talked much about the effect of the War in Iraq (and the continuing war in Afghanistan) on marriages.

Yet another searing scene!  I think it is the chaplain who cries out:  Why didn’t God protect those men?  I want to know why!  The senior chaplain (I think) says what I think is a Biblical answer.

This is not what the senior chaplain said but I would say now no one knows what God knows but it would be better if we had not been there in the first place!

Now here’s the BIG question?

Will this movie turn Christians against endless wars and the neo-cons who want to start them? 

It can.  If this Nazarene has anything to say about it, it will!

I remember taking some mild grief at church when I supported Ron Paul.  Few evangelicals at the time appreciated his anti-war stance.  Some booed Cong. Paul.  But now we at least have a skeptic on war in the White House.  I think Paul’s campaign helped this to happen.

More excitement:  The movie is allowing pastors, ministry leaders and business people to sign up to be one of the first 500 to see the film in August (It comes out in theaters October 26 and it’s a GREAT alternative to Halloween.  One more thing I LOVE about this movie!) at home and I leaped at the chance.  Let me one of those first 500!  I think I got in (I am VP of global outreach at my church, Hope Community COTN – of course there is NO endorsement implied by my church of my positions – I just thought you should know how, if I got the preview as my readers know I am not a pastor) on time and should be one of the first 500!  (Unless they read this blog post and take it away!)

Yes I want faith-based films that glorify Jesus.  Movies are a powerful message to share the Gospel.  And the Gospel is eternal.  It tells the Greatest Story Ever Told:  Jesus, who is God, died for all people to believe in Him and obey Him and have eternal life.

BUT the thing I saw in the trailer that made me want to sign up for the first 500 was the chance to see this as the turning point for evangelicals:  No more endless meddling in other nations with military force unless it is in the clear national interest.  No more Kosovos.  No more Iraqs.  No more continuous presence in Afghanistan.  No more Libyas or Syrias.  Let’s just mind our own business unless the national interest requires military action and I would prefer Congress authorize it first.

Watch the trailer at the Indivisible website.  Today.  Covenant to go and take people to the movie – and don’t forget the (probably) unintended message:  No more useless, endless, unnecessary wars for Americans to die in.  Don’t vote for those who took us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

And you’ll get a nice review of Indivisible the movie after I get a sneak peek!  If I get one.

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