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Here’s my email interview with my latest hero, Spartanburg (SC) County Council member, Roger Nutt.  He is a fascinating elected official who was successful in getting ICLEI OUT of his county.  (The City of Spartanburg is STILL an ICLEI member but that may change!  I’ll keep you posted!)  Here’s Roger Nutt:

How did you get into politics?

I’ve been in the Civil Engineering, land design business for about 20 years and have seen for a very long time how government tends to put regulatory burdens on the very people who are trying to help the community and the economy grow.  I decided about 4 years ago that I wanted to do something and not just sit back and complain and beg my representatives to help these taxpayers out.  Last year I decided to run for a seat on County Council and after a tough primary against the incumbent, won a decisive victory in the general election.  Generally, it was my love and passion for less government and more freedoms that prompted me to get so heavily involved.

What positions are crucial to you?

Property rights, reducing the regulatory burdens on small businesses, spending priorities, and tax reduction.

How did you find out about ICLEI?  What research were you able to do?  How did you persuade your colleagues to vote yes?  How were the citizens helpful in that regard?

Although I have been fighting what I thought was a segmented, local attack on property rights and over-regulation for many years, I learned that most of this ‘movement’ was the work of a much larger problem.  Some very astute taxpayers brought ICLEI to my attention and I was able to then put it all together and see the bigger picture.  I was able to read much of what they gave to me, but mostly I decided to research what ICLEI said about themselves.  I looked online mostly at all of their own propaganda and realized that it wasn’t a conspiracy after all.  When a group tells you what they’re going to do, and then they do it — well, that’s not a conspiracy, that’s a reality.  I just presented to my fellow council members the basic fact that we were a member of a group that felt that private property use and control was not considered ‘sustainable’ and that they felt government can and should control it through many different methods to ensure its best use.  All of our council are from very conservative to somewhat conservative districts, so none could take the other position when having it put that clearly.  The citizens really started me out on the right track and were well versed on this issue.  Before and after the vote they wrote letters and notes to their reps and let them know how they feel about the issue.

I think it’s good to know that for the most part, your rep will probably not give you much consideration if you come at them with ‘the sky is falling’ approach (even if it is), but yet they will have a hard time betraying their constituents when having an easy out – like private property rights – to hang their hat on.  Our council is very in tune and listened to me and others very carefully – they even did their own research, however I don’t feel that if it had been presented in a ‘global conspiracy’ way they would have been as eager to act.  That’s just my opinion.

What other things would our readers like to know about you?.

I really am just a man who decided to get in and get something done.  I have decided to just get in and vote my principles like I told the voters I would and let the chips fall where they may.  Too often people get in and start over thinking every decision as to how it will affect reelection.  I’m just going to vote as a true conservative and defend our rights and freedoms and watch how we spend our money.  I really don’t think people expect anything else.

The people of District 6, Spartanburg County SC are well served by this patriotic, liberty minded, public servant.  I may follow up on the election of 2010, where Nutt defeated an incumbent in the primary and had another tough opponent in the general election.  One person can make a difference.  Be that person in your community!
I also would add the comments about how to persuade your local officials:  Try to tie it in to something concrete like private property rights.
A PS:  I thought when I read Roger’s resume that he was a Soil and Water Commissioner and he was not:  He was an appointed SWJD (Startex-Jackson-Wellford-Duncan) Water District Commissioner.

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  1. It is nice to see the represenatives of the people making a stand for what is right and not what is expedient at the moment or what is conveinent for their own agendas at the expense of all others.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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