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Iowa Straw Poll: Bachmann #1 – Paul #2. Here are the results!

Finally, the voting is over and the results have been tabulated. Michele Bachmann took first place and Ron Paul took second152 votes behind!

And there was actually a great turnout, which shows that even in Iowa the voters are energized against the current failed occupant of the White House. Some 16,892 paid the $30 to cast a vote – although most had the fee paid by the various candidates.

Here are the results and my opinion follows the table:

Iowa Straw Poll Results

Michele Bachmann482328.55%
Ron Paul467127.65%
Tim Pawlenty229313.57%
Rick Santorum16579.81%
Herman Cain14568.62%
Rick Perry (Write In)7183.62%
Mitt Romney5673.36%
Newt Gingrich3852.28
John Huntsman69.41%
Thaddeus McCotter 35.21%
The results of the Iowa Straw Poll for 2011


Michelle Bachmann worked hard for this victory. According to the news, Ron Paul brought in the most buses, but spent far less per vote than did Bachmann. The viability of a Michele Bachmann candidacy was proven in this Straw Poll. This will energize her campaign and her donors.

Ron Paul came in second, but just barely, down by less than a single percent. Not a bad showing for the small amount of money spent.

Tim Pawlenty will be the first and highest placing disappointment. Third might be enough to keep T-Paw hanging in the race, but the fact that he received less than half the votes of Bachmann or Paul means this was a distant third place finish. The reality is, this is bad news for Pawlenty and his supporters. Had he been a bit closer to Bachmann it might have made a little bit of difference. But this is the beginning of the end for the former Minnesota governor.

Rick Santorum might have been the most pleased of everyone except Bachmann. He had been polling at 2% in the national polls, so this is the first glimmer of a spark from this campaign. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to convince the former Senator that he should drop out as he will glam onto the false hope that he is making progress – and he is still far behind.

Herman Cain had his best days after the South Carolina debate and it has been down hill ever since. If Cain had really good sense he would go ahead and bow out. But he won’t. Yet.

Rick Perry had an amazingly good showing grabbing 718 votes (3.62%) and he did not even announce until this afternoon his intention to run. While he had some unofficial supporters organizing in Iowa, he did not have any official effort. And the fact that 718 people took the extra time to write in his name is a good start for this soon to be leading candidate.

Mitt Romney managed just 567 votes, but did not campaign in Iowa. However, he was on the ballot and came in behind the write in vote for Perry. If Mitt wants to remain the front runner he no longer has the luxury of ignoring the likes of Bachmann and Perry.

Newt Gingrich. Just 385 votes. Most of those were probably family. This may be his final appearance, but the man does have a huge ego and he is a massive narcissist. Besides, he can always fire his staff and blame them. Unless they all walk out. This was an embarrassment.

John Huntsman – got far more votes than this Obama supporter deserved. 69. Time to pack it in.

Thaddeus McCotter is actually a pretty interesting guy. He just got in the race and only managed 35 votes, but he may actually be running for Vice President. He does not stand a chance for President, and he knows that.But this gives him some exposure for a Veep selection. And he would be a good choice. But probably not the best #2 ticket mate.

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