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Iraq War Veteran Nathan Cox Ticketed for Exercising His Freedom of Speech

Nathan Cox is both a friend and neighbor and a fellow believer in freedom. He risked life and limb serving in Iraq defending America’s freedom – which includes freedom of speech.

The other day, Nathan was driving home from the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) area and passed a VCU police officer. What he did next is something most of us would not do. He took out a bull horn and told the cop to stop harassing people, that we pay his salary.

Let me say right off the bat, this was an unnecessary provocation and was a stupid thing to do. He was obviously looking for a fight, and this cop played right into Nathan’s hands.

My opinion is that they both acted stupidly. This was an unprovoked and unnecessary action on Nathan’s part. There are plenty of opportunities to confront “the man” on freedom of speech without searching out a fight. But this VCU Cop should have ignored the speech and continued doing his duty, whatever that may have been.

So, now that I have established the fact that my friend and neighbor acted stupidly and needlessly, and the cop responded unnecessarily, the bottom line here is that Nathan Cox has the right and freedom in America to say whatever he wanted to say, and however he wanted to say it.

I am personally a big fan and avid supporter of law enforcement. They have a tough job and we shouldn’t make it tougher. But this cop’s ego wouldn’t let him let this go. He was not professionally hindered in any way. He simply lost control and was obviously filed with rage. When Cox reminded this cop that this was a freedom of speech issue, this ego maniacal cop exposed his stupidity by suggesting that Cox was speeding or committing some moving offense – as justification for his own stupidity!

This officer should be suspended for illegally harassing Cox, if not dismissed from the VCU Police force. And this supervisor should be demoted for not properly supervising and advising an errant officer. Nathan Cox would be entirely within his rights to bring a civil suit against the VCU Police for depriving him of his right to free speech.

Over the years, the VCU Police force has suffered from “Barney Fife” syndrome. In the 70’s and 80’s they were perceived by most of the community as a joke. Recent improvements in the way things are done by VCU Police have turned that poor reputation around. I hope the top officials with the force will recognize this incident as a return to the old policies that made them a laughing stock.

These charges against Nathan Cox should be dropped and the VCU Police owe Nathan an apology. If that does not happen, I would urge Cox to file a civil suit, because they also owe him money for his time and detainment.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters told the TEA Party to “go to hell”. She should not have said that, I totally disagree with what she said, but I defend her right to say stupid things.

And I believe Nathan Cox to be equally as deserving his right to free speech, no matter how ill advised it may have been. And I shall defend his right to free speech as well, lest they deny us all that right.

And I thought the cop was going to be sick when Nathan offered them free pocket Constitutions. Apparently that brought the gravity of the situation into light.

Nathan’s account is of the incident here.

He is also trying to get as many people in court as possible, and if you are not busy, this is an opportunity to support free speech.

Here is the information from Nathan;s Facebook page:

If you can’t make this event please join in on making some calls for the Call Flood the WEEK BEFORE the trial! Event info here:

For more information about what happened check out my related blog and videos here:

For those of you who can’t attend the event but still want to help.. I encourage you to participate in the CALL FLOOD the week before the trial! More information here:

Remember, you don’t have to condone Nathan’s actions (and I definitely do not) to support his right to free speech.


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