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I am pleased to see UKIP being taken more seriously in the UK.  It is now for all intents and purposes a major British political party.

Here is a Sky News report on how the recent Maria Miller expenses scandal (which I do not understand but it appears she misreported certain things to get an advantage based on her parliamentary status.  She resigned as Culture Secretary, which is a job that ought to be abolished it seems to me, but is still an MP.  The former Young Turk Savid Javid has been tapped as Miller’s replacement.  I’ll blog on that tonight or early next week!) has helped UKIP as the anti-politics party.  And the EU elections are May 22!

Nigel Farage’s UKIP has been given a boost in a new poll which puts support for the party at 20%, four points higher than last month.

It comes after he was said to have come out top in the head-to-head clashes with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg over Britain’s future in Europe.

It is UKIP’s highest rating in a ComRes survey, while the Conservatives have scored their lowest rating so far this year at 29%, down three.


Sky News Political Correspondent Anushka Asthana said: “We’re only a few weeks out from the European elections and UKIP are kind of what the Lib Dems used to be – the party that stands against the establishment.

“They used to just talk about Europe – now it is local, popular issues such as HS2.

“The Conservatives are really badly hit by UKIP rising because that tends to split the right.

Sky News reports that another poll has UKIP at 18%.  I would recommend the video report – I shy away from placing videos up here due to copyright issues.  But I would listen to this one.  It shows how frustrated the voters are, how UKIP is broadening their base and ideas, and that they are the anti-politics party.

I would also add that the claims by Deputy PM and LibDem Leader Nick Clegg that leaving the EU is bad for business and that only 7% of UK laws are from Brussels took two powerful hits.

First, we have this award-winning economist, Iain Mansfield, who won an award of 82,000 pounds (about $125,oo0 or so) with his thesis that the UK would be able to leave the EU, still have free trade with Europe and would save 1.2 billion pounds a year!

Leaving the EU would leave Britain better off by £1.3 billion a year, with losses more than made up by a cut in red tape and increased trade with the USA and the Far East, a senior trade diplomat has said.

In a blueprint for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, Iain Mansfield, director of trade and investment at the British Embassy in Manila, claims a “positive economic future”.

He won £82,000 for his entry in the Institute of Economic Affairs’ “Brexit” – British exit” – competition, suggesting that an independent Britain should negotiate membership of the European Free Trade Association (Efta) in an effort to keep zero trade tariffs but remain outside the European Economic Area to avoid being hit by regulation from Brussels.

The UK government’s reaction?  A gag order on interviews!  Here’s a report from Reason magazine.
Attempting to silence Mansfield is understandable but will backfire.  Here’s UKIP’s take on this development:
“It is ludicrous that William Hague and the Foreign Office are hounding this man and censoring his voice simply because he put forward a case for Britain to leave the EU.
You cannot silence the award or the paper.  Advantage Farage.
Now we have the EU leader Viviane Reding stating again that 75% of the laws in EU nations come from Brussels.  Here is UKIP’s report and video and here is the same video from another source.  This so-called factchecker says the number is much lower – 15.5% in the UK for example.  That is still too many.  But she did say some large number like that.  Advantage again Farage.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Icini says:

    UKIP are not a right wing party. We don’t believe in “wings” and have demonstrated we can fly without them. We do care about small government, free trade, ethical capitalism, democracy and genuine representation. About one third of our members are ex conservatives (Tories), the rest come from other parties, floating voters and abstainers. There is much that unites us, Europe of course figures highly but a deep distrust of our political establishment (the Westminster bubble) is perhaps the most significant. These highly privileged professional politicians and their supporting journalists have little real life experience, an inflated sense of their own importance and huge contempt for the opinions of the electorate.
    I have no idea how we will fare in the 2015 parliamentary Westminster elections, the system is heavily stacked against new parties. A win in the EU elections in late May, now clearly quite likely, will add a big boost to our campaign, if the money ( we have little, being largely self funded) holds out and membership continues to grow, we could at least hold the balance of power. Given that we’ve been driving Tory policy for the past year and have even influenced the socialists, we could do a lot with just a few MPs.
    The UKIP phenomena, in British Terms, is nothing less than a democratic revolt by the people against the ruling consensus. It’s been 100 years since anything remotely like this has happened. New territory for our political classes who are struggling to understand and cope. WATCH THIS SPACE. Viva UKIP.

    • Sandy Sanders

      I am thrilled to get a comment from a UKIP supporter in the UK! UKIP is a better party for your support.

      Icini, come back again and consider writing a guest post on our blog! Would be delighted to know more about you, too. Perhaps you ought to consider being a candidate for at least a local office!


  2. Icini says:

    Now and then, I go fishing, on the net, to see what our American cousins think of my political party. I’ve visited the States several times, enjoyed my stay greatly and have received a warm welcome. I try to keep clear of your politics, perhaps because I don’t properly understand them. Our countries share a great deal of culture most of a language and yet, are very different.
    I am a low level elected UKIP Councillor, representing part of my town and a Branch official. I need to take care who I talk to and what I say. My party has dared to challenge the establishment and they don’t much care for it. The national press are in the midst of a smear campaign unprecedented in recent British history and as our independent broadcasting regulator has recently ruled we are now big enough to be given the same TV time as the older parties ( you can’t just buy as much time as you can afford here), they are desperate to discredit us any way they can. Fortunately, they’ve gone so over the top most people now see through the ploy and prefer to talk about policy rather than personalities. We had a 2 and a half party system here, now it’s a 4 way split and UKIP, a grass roots run and financed party has changed the playing field and politics is suddenly uncertain and interesting again. It’s fun, if a little nerve racking.
    Being a party originally formed from the right wing Tory party but now comprising many former left and center voters, and considering we are mainly political amateurs, we don’t fit into one of the usual boxes. It makes for interesting internal debates on policy but there is huge agreement on what we consider to be the most important issues. Perhaps the main ones being the extent that our old parties have lost touch with those they were elected to represent and ignore public opinion and the loss of our sovereignty to the unelected officials of the European Union. We don’t trust them any more, so we’re going to try and do it ourselves.
    It’s a bit like what might happen if every member of your Tea Party left the Republicans, attracted a load of Democrats and set up an new party together. I don’t see that happening in the US but somehow, to the great shock of the political elite, it has happened here.

    • I sometimes wish the Tea Party and Ron Paul wings of the GOP DID form their own party. But they did not, you are right. It is a great honor to have an elected UKIP member here on our blog. Feel free to send in comments and guest blogs, too at any time. I would be curious: Am I helping or hurting UKIP?

      Elwood “Sandy” Sanders recently posted…Virginia Right! Named to Top 150 Conservative WebsitesMy Profile

      • Icini says:

        Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I think you help us.
        The British political scene has changed in 18 months, this is of course new for everyone here. We suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly have a tiger by the tail. Similar things are happening in most of “old” Europe. The establishments don’t know what to do about it and the insurgents are somewhat shocked at their own success.
        The same sort of thing happened in Canada a few years back, with their Reform party.
        To what extent this could apply to the US, I don’t know. One of the advantages of a constitutional monarchy is that you can be deeply insulting about the government without attacking the head of state.
        The value of the monarch is not in what he/she does, rather what her existence prevents someone else from doing. I digress. That’s another story.
        I will look in from time to time, if you’ll allow me, to let you know how we are doing and see what I can learn about your own activities.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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