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IT’S NOT TOO LATE: Let Ron Paul be nominated for President…STOP the DISRESPECT!

I heard last week on the same evening that Lance Armstrong giving up the fight and that the RNC took 20 of Ron Paul’s hard-earned delegates away, presumably to deny him the five delegations ot place his name in nomination.  This caused the Governor of Maine, a tea-party favorite, Paul LaPage, to indicate his unhappiness by boycotting the convention:

LePage announced Friday morning that he will skip the convention due to the delegates dispute, even though the governor has said he supports Romney. LePage said he would, instead, pass the week focusing on “state business and spending some time with family.”

“I made it clear, when the challenge was issued, that I felt the Maine delegates selected at the Maine convention should be seated in Tampa,” LePage said in a statement. “It is unfortunate that not all of these delegates will be seated.”

I salute the Maine Governor!  Here’s a new delegate who represents a area where Paul won:

Hayes Gahagan, chairman of the Aroostook County Republican Committee, was among the new Maine delegates making plans for Tampa. Although his county caucus went for Paul, Gahagan said delegates supporting the congressman should play by the rules set forth by the RNC and focus on the “prime directive” of defeating President Obama.

“We need to unify and we should accept this compromise,” Gahagan said. “Send 10 Paul delegates, send 10 Romney delegates and let’s get on with this convention and beat Barack Obama.”

That ought to encourage party unity!  Rather than Rhodesia, we ought to have representative government.

Instead of trying to reach out to the mainly young people who jammed college campuses throughout the nation to see/hear Paul, the GOP/RNC has treated them with disrespect.  Just to illustrate the hazard Mitt Romney faces, guess who was at the counter pro-Paul rally in Tampa this weekend?  Former NM Governor Gary Johnson.  He urged the ralliers to protest the disrespect by voting for him!

One surprise speaker at the Paul event who received a hero’s welcome Saturday was the only other candidate on the ballot in all fifty states this November aside from Romney and Barack Obama: former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party nominee for president.

“I have two words for Ron Paul: Thank you!” Johnson told the wildly cheering crowd at the Sun Dome. “Be Libertarian with me for one election. Together, we’ll show the world and the nation that what Ron Paul has stood for is not a fluke — it’s the future!”

(I slightly corrected the spelling of Paul’s name in the article; I know Governor Johnson knows how to spell Paul’s name!)  Here’s more examples of potential disrespect to the Paul delegates:  Bad seating!

TAMPA — The GOP is shoving the Ron Paul Revolution to the margins — of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

The Republican National Convention seating chart, obtained by POLITICO Sunday, shows the delegations from Nevada, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota and Oklahoma all located on the outer fringe of the convention floor. Each are states with significant Paul followings.

Even Romney alternates got better seats than Paul delegates:

“I’m not surprised,” said Sue Lowden, a former Nevada GOP chairwoman whose tenure was marred in 2008 by efforts by Paul supporters to control the delegation despite Romney’s easy triumph in that year’s Nevada caucuses. “Many [Paul delegates] have stated that they are not voting for Romney. We Nevada alternates have great seats.”

Indeed, the alternates — in most cases for Nevada, Romney backers who did not get selected at the state convention — sit in a section slightly raised with a perfect view eye-level with the podium.

I am aware there will be a tribute video to Paul but I think the Romney campaign could have reached out to the Paul followers.  Instead we have something like the old separate but equal, which was always separate but never equal.  I admit, I am angry enough to vote for either Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) or Johnson (Libertarian – how do you like this pro-Paul video here!) as a protest but I cannot see President Obama winning again.  I urge all my fellow Paul supporters to get into the party apparatus and elect pro-liberty candidates at the local and state levels and get ready because 2016 or 2020 is coming!  (If the Lord tarries!)  I also urge the Ron Paul people to find their local tea party group and get involved.
It would be a shame if we had four more years of the European socialist Obama because the Romney people disrespected Ron Paul and his followers.  And it could happen.  It’s not too late:  Have Paul’s name placed in nomination, have a demonstration, have nominating and seconding speeches and let Paul speak for 15 minutes.  If Romney is so afraid he might lose, he’s too weak to be President.  At least in 2008 President Obama allowed Hillary Clinton’s name placed in nomination.  Should the Republican National Convention look like the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party?  NO!  Show people true respectful dissent.  Now the Paul forces are mad and will just try to embarrass Romney at key moments.  Let’s hope Romney does not lose by one percent while Goode and Johnson get two percent combined.  It’s not too late, Governor Romney.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

6 Responses to “IT’S NOT TOO LATE: Let Ron Paul be nominated for President…STOP the DISRESPECT!”

  1. Ed says:

    Do you want Gary Johnson to be your President?

  2. Phaerisee says:

    What has been done to Dr Paul is wrong. Conservatives have been brushed aside. I am voting for independent candidate Gary Johnson. People need to research what Mitt Romney is really all about.

  3. PAFreedom says:

    A great article and a story that needs to be said.

    If they would have let Paul speak for 15 minutes and come up for nomination, many would have considered it to be more than fair. Instead, they said no and then moved forward to pass terrible bylaw changes that will make it an elitist party that will not have to hear from the grassroots.

    Keep up the great work and I understand if you vote for Goode or Romney.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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