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Janet ‘the NAP’ NAPolitino Sleeping On The Job – Again!

Janet “I put the NAP in” Napolitano has discovered a possible link to Pakistani Taliban terrorists in the Times Square bombing case. When the SUV was first discovered packed with gasoline, propane tanks, fire crackers and fertilizer, Homeland Security fixated on the fertilizer, claiming the bomb maker was really stupid. That was not how you make a fertilizer bomb.

Soon, some of the highly trained minds realized that if the firecrackers, propane and gasoline exploded, it would still result in a large and deadly explosion, no matter the lack of sophistication.

A few  hours after a Pakistani Taliban group claimed responsibility , the astute Napolitano deduced that this could, just possibly, be some sort of terrorism, although she discounted the possibility of a Pakistani Taliban connection in favor of the Tea Party Movement.

And they began looking for a “white male in his 40’s.”

Meanwhile, Faisal Shahzad, the bomber in question, slipped into his seat on a UAE flight to Dubai, where he was apprehended moments before the doors closed.

And it only took 55 hours from bomb drop to apprehension.

Pretty good?

Actually, no. This was a total breakdown in the Homeland Security system.

So, how did the Keystone Cops put this all together in 2 and 1/2 days?

The following time-line was compiled from numerous sources including CBS and Newsweek.

Here’s what was found in the Pathfinder that failed to blow up:

  • A key to an Isuzu Rodeo
  • A house key
  • The VIN number of the Pathfinder

So, armed with only that information, our Homeland Security, FBI and NYPD traced the Pathfinder to a 19 year old female in nearby Connecticut, interviewed her and found that she had sold the car to an unknown person three weeks earlier. Shahzad left his 1998 Rodeo in a nearby supermarket parking lot and drove off with the Pathfinder. The Rodeo key found in the Pathfinder fit the Rodeo, which was traced to Shahzad. It turned out that the house key found in the Pathfinder fit the front door to Shahzad’s Connecticut home.

So, at this point, if you recall, we were still looking for a white male in his 40’s.

Turns out, Shahzad had called the young lady about the Pathfinder from a Pre-paid “burn” phone. Tracing the calls made from the “burn” phone, it seems that there were 4 calls from Pakistan and one call made to a Pennsylvania fireworks dealer. You remember the fireworks in the Pathfinder, right?

At this point, as you recall, there was no connection to international terrorists, especially the Pakistani Taliban.

How long did it take to gather this information? About two days. Pretty slow when you consider the vast resources at the disposal if Homeland Security, the FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies. All of this detective work should have been done in a few hours.

Nevertheless, at 12:30 PM on Monday, May 3, 2010, Faisal Shahzad’s name was added to the “no fly” list. The much maligned TSA issued an emergency order to “check all passenger lists”, but unfortunately, several reports say “this was not done in a timely manner.” Perhaps nap time interfered?

As a result, Shahzad managed to saunter into JFK Airport 7 hours after he was identified as the terrorist, purchase a ticket with cash to Dubai. He hung around JFK for three hours and boarded the flight, settling into his seat.

After the boarding process was underway, the airline sent the passenger manifest to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) bureau, who actually did their job and put out the call for Shahzad’s arrest.

And at this point, the Administration still claimed he was a “lone wolf”, acting alone. Perhaps a poor victim of a bank foreclosure that sent him over the edge.

Now, it turns out that Sherlock Napolitano thinks that maybe, just maybe, the Pakistani Taliban are behind this after all.

Then there is the matter of Shahzad already being on the Homeland Security watch list because he brought in $80,000 cash from Pakistan.

Terrorists will eventually perfect their techniques. The Obama Administration already believes themselves to be perfect.

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