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Former UN Ambassador JOHN BOLTON says EU has undemocratic aspects to it!

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton, who should have run for President and who I have suggested as Ron Paul’s running mate, says much of the same things about Europe I have been saying (perhaps in a more scholarly way!) in this article in the Washington Times!

Very little media attention, however, is focused on a very different, but even more important, EU problem, namely its “democratic deficit.” This large, growing gap between remote EU institutions in Brussels and citizens of its member states dramatically highlights the rising frustration and impotence felt by individual voters. To combat the euro crisis, EU elites are ignoring or overriding popular opposition to harsh austerity measures and imposing on fellow democracies the policies demanded by leaders of other, more powerful EU countries.  (Emphasis added)

Very little media attention?  Sandy to the rescue!  (We may have to have a EU button added to the blog!)

Bolton suggests that both Greece AND Italy have had governments in effect imposed on them by the EU leaders:

In Greece, for example, former Prime Minister George Papandreou, after agreeing to harsh financial austerity measures to secure EU aid to meet his country’s sovereign debt obligations, suggested a national referendum on the final deal. Howls of outrage from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy squashed the foolish idea that the people might actually have a voice. EU leaders even insisted that the main opposition party, New Democracy (a quaint name in present circumstances), also sign the deal, rather than vote freely in Greece’s parliament.

In Italy, there was a veritable EU-led coup d’etat against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. While many had long seen his personal behavior as an embarrassment, and his successive governments had done little to halt Italy’s slide into crisis, he and his coalition partners had, inconveniently, won the last election. Because Mr. Berlusconi and the voters who supported him were in the way, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, following German-French orders, appointed Mario Monti “senator for life” to become prime minister when Mr. Berlusconi resigned. Even if Mr. Berlusconi was likely to fall in any case, Mr. Monti’s “technocratic government” would never have come to power without outside interference in Italy’s political system.

Bolton also suggests that Tweedledee and Tweedledum questions are all that’s left for the national governments:

If democracy can be supplanted easily when “big issues” are at stake and actual voters are allowed to select governments only for unimportant questions, the vitality and longevity of democracy itself are at issue.

Ambassador Bolton is right.  the EU cannot continue to impose its will on national governments.  It has to seek democratic consensus.  No more Brezhnev tactics!  Time to return the EU to be a free trade zone it was meant to do originally.  That should be US policy.

A future administration could use the sage advice of John Bolton.  I do disagree with him on wars and interventions.  But he can’t start the war as either Secretary of State or National Security Advisor or even VP.  And on sovereignty, Bolton is superb.  And on the EU, it’s great to have supporting authority for my ideas from one respected as John Bolton.

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