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John Hardy Willson – You Were Fired LAST SPRING, Snowflake!

Most of us realized a while back that John Hardy Willson was a RINO – Republican in Name Only – a good while back.

Willson recently published a letter in the Herald Progress telling the world he is “a lifelong Republican who is supporting Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat — to be Virginia’s next governor.”

He then goes on a bloviating, self puffing rant about how great a Republican he really is and has been all his life.

And then he signed the letter “Vice Chair of the Hanover Republican Party”.

Just one problem with this. He was replaced last Spring as Vice Chair (along with the chairman that put him in the position) and subsequently missed three consecutive meetings without sending in a proxy. And according to the bylaws of the Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia, he was no longer a member at that point.

The current Chairman, Russ Wright set the record straight in a followup letter to the editor of the Herald Progress published January 5, 2017.

Wright stated that Willson is not a member of the Republican Committee, nor is he Vice Chair. And his views are his own, not those of the Committee nor those of the Republican Party.

Wright’s best line in his response letter is “Furthermore, if Mr. Willson chose to use false credentials when signing his letter to the editor, a reasonable person should think hard on the veracity
of his further claims“.

So think about it. John Hardy Willson loses his position as Vice Chair in an election, stops attending meetings, fails to send a proxy and is cast out of the Republican Party. Shortly after that he writes a letter, signing the letter as if he were still a member of the Hanover Republican Committee and the Vice Chair as well supporting a Democrat for Governor. Supporting a non Republican is yet another offense with a multi year ban from the Republican Party.

Rather than appear as a life long Republican, most reasonable thinking people would see this as sour grapes from a sore loser after a free and fair election.

Who else was it that recently acted the same way after a free and honest election? Oh, yea. The Democrats. So Willson is a good fit for his new party – the Democrats. And the only thing life long that can now be associated with Willson is a lifelong ban from the Republican Party. While not a rule set in stone, one Willson deserves for his traitorous actions.

John Hardy Willson and the Democrats are a good fit. And they so deserve each other.

The Republican Party is much better off without him.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

17 Responses to “John Hardy Willson – You Were Fired LAST SPRING, Snowflake!”

  1. Alexandria Tea Party says:

    Odd that while bragging he omitted his tenure as a fundraiser on the Board of the Middle Resolution Pac, a left leaning RINO political arm of the Republican Party supporting such agendas as Criminal Justice Reform, Convention of States, and Transgendered Rights demonstrated best by their financial support of candidates who support these issues.

    This is the second former Middle Resolution board member in as many weeks to come under fire from the RIGHT for support of a “non Republican.”

    • GOP Gal says:

      JHW ran for Chairman of the Hanover County Republican committee a few years ago and his CV stated then he was on the board of directors of Middle Resolution Pac as a fundraiser.

      Bob Bailie Founder of the Middle Resolution Pac says of JHW ” I find him to be a very serious young man.”

      Ruh Roh

  2. Anonymous 2.0 says:

    The ChamberCrat Republicans ( Angela Kelly-Wiecke, Nancy Russell, John Hardy Willson, Bob Nelson et al) who controlled the executive committee and mag chairs were summarily rejected in 2016 by Republicans in Hanover County. This manifesto is retribution by Hardy Willson, pure and simple. Good riddance. You were never a good Republican.

    Following the takeover by the conservatives, the meetings are “Happy Happy Happy.” No blow ups and in fighting associated with the former leadership of the political ruling class.

  3. Baptism by Fire says:

    JHW is Mormon just like LDS Traitor to the Republican Party Mittens Romney.

    • James says:

      appears that Hanover County Republicans are reading the tea leaves in permanent Blue Virginia and making their moves to switch parties. Hanover Delegate Chris Peace now living in his condo in City of Richmond after making a campaign donation to newly elected Mayor Levar Stoney reported in Times Dispatch and John Hardy Willson endorsing Democrat Ralph Northam for Governor. Part of Eric Cantor VCN. Go figure.

    • Newport News gossip says:

      Add Bill Bolling’s former chief of staff Pugmire and her husband John Findlay, executiive director of the RPV, to that list of Mormon traitors to the Republican Party.

      We can thank them for four long years of Terry McAuliffe. What’s up with the LDS? following their cult leader Glenn Beck these days are they?

  4. Adorable Dora the Deplorable says:

    and don’t forget it was JHW who promoted Delegate Scott Taylor from VA Beach as the Hanover County Reagan Day Dinner distinguished speaker in 2015 passing over former Speaker of the US House Newt Gingrich to promote the VCN candidate Scott Taylor for Congress.

    People at the beach should closely scrutinize Scott Taylor and his endorsement by JHW after this little

  5. The Resistance says:

    Has anyone checked Russ Moulton’s pulse today? Seriously. Anybody?

  6. Mary S. says:

    Willson seems like he would be the perfect person to set the precedent of “lifelong bans” of RINOs directly behind the likes of Cantor, Bolling, & Peace, etc.

  7. mr green jeans

    Half truth and misleading information is the signature of a well groomed political hack. I am very reluctant to mention the name of the honorable men who founded this “great experiment” in the same discussion with JHW. But I will do so in hopes that recovery of Wilson and countless others is possible.
    Benjamin Rush wrote to John Adams both being Founding Patriots discussed the need to preserve “Our Sacred Honor”. I look forward to JHW being restored.

    • Karl M. says:


      JHW will never be restored to the Hanover Republican Committee. He crossed over to the Dark Side and he can stay there until he rots. The days where the Eric Cantor- Bill Janis- Bill Bolling traitors to the Party who cross over and support Democrats and Independents and then beg to be voted back into the Party at the very next meeting are over. Those VCN Chamber Rats were voted off the ISLAND.

  8. robert shannon

    I hope to have ready in the coming days an expose on Del Chris Peace and his very savvy exploitation of low information voters, many of whom still buy into his self claims of being a “conservative”

    If Peace qualifies as a conservative in any meaningful sense of the word then my insistence of the last 6 years has been correct all along, namely that the word has lost it’s original intent.

    As for the PAc in Hanover, it should be clear now that the co-opting of the Hanover TEA Party groups and the Federation illustrate the horrific influence of money on grass root groups, the money ultimately destroys them, or at least what they started out to be.

    Bob Shannon King William

    • VA Beach Tea Party says:

      Mr. Shannon,

      The time has come for all tea party members to call for the resignation of Rick Buchanan, the current president of the VTPPF. He is a self proclaimed stockholder in Middle Resolution Pac’s Rvotes LLC, believes voters are too stupid to vote in primaries and supports Conventions for our party’s nomination process, and has endorsed Ed Gillespie aka EnRon Ed, a Lobbyist who has never held public office, for Governor of Virginia.

      We can all agree Mr. Buchanan was a Trojan Horse when put up for Tea Party leadership in Virginia.

      When the leadership team of the VTPPF endorsed a RINO GOPe Lobbyist for Governor it was the signal it was time to take back the Federation from the Middle Resolution Pac and Nancy Smith which controls it.

  9. robert shannon

    Those of you who personally know me also know I have called for years to stand up and be counted. The Federation was morally bankrupt beginning in 2011 and has only dropped the façade of being a grass roots organization since it was obvious it was and continues to be a vehicle for the RPV and the PAC’s.

    Standing up includes using your name and halting this silly practice of hiding your identity. Anything I write always has my full name. What do we have to fear from these scoundrels anyway ?

    I resigned from VTPP Executive Committee in 2010 and pulled both the KW and Mechanicsville groups out of the Federation shortly afterwards.

    Bob Shannon King William Founder King William & Mechanicsville TEA Party groups, and past Board member of the VTPP

  10. Paul Thiel says:

    I fully support Bob Shannon and encourage like minded true conservatives to start following and attending
    Bob’s King William Tea Party Meetings. They are truly a breath of fresh air !

    Thank’s Bob Shannon

  11. Tea Party Gal says:

    The next person on the short list for removal from office is Rusty Ward of the Mechanicsville Tea Party who has run that organization completely into the ground since his installment as a Republican apologist.


    Good Grief. Bring back Bob Shannon and some leadership to fight over development and property tax increases in Hanover County.

  12. robert shannon

    I had entertained the idea of getting a new Board in the MTP but after discussing this in great detail with a group from Hanover and no one stepping up to lead the effort I abandoned it. I never intended to serve again on the Board myself for a host of reasons, but had hoped to replicate what we are doing here in King William with great effect.

    I issued a cautionary warning at the end of 2013 when I presided over one of my last meetings telling those in attendance that night
    “we are a grass roots civic/political organization. we are not a religious organization, we are not an education or Veterans organization, but the last voice of opposition to government that is now clearly out of control. The moment you forget this important distinction, is the moment this group will begin it’s decline”

    Sadly my warning was not heeded and the corrosive influence of the PAC’s and RPV establishment sunk their hooks into the once proud and effective group.

    Hanoverians will learn soon enough of the damage quietly being done by what is in my humble opinion one of the most corrupt local governments in Virginia. The continuing tax shifting, the never ending issuing of more bonds, the too clever by half squandering of tax dollars will soon come home to roost and homeowners in particular are going to get pounded.

    I lived in Hanover for 17 years and still fondly recall my children growing up there.The growth of local government, the total capitulation by the B.O.S in regards to the Sheriff’s Department and the Schools is a sad testament to what happens to any locality that has ZERO opposition.

    The longer it takes until a effective opposition is formed, the worse it gets and the steeper the climb will be to fix it. I watch with genuine hope that some local leadership emerges, willing to publically and forcefully take on the fight. As an Old Marine I stand also at the ready to join the battle.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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