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dictionary photo A few years back I began to refer to the two major political parties as the republicrats and the democans, reflecting that no real major differences existed any longer, with the sole exception at election time when like salmon returning to where they were spawned they would begin to spout their usual campaign slogans and platitudes. Once elected or safely re-elected they both  return to their natural state…spend and grow government some more. New programs, expansion of existing programs and like a mother lion, settling down to allow the crony pal lobbyists to draw on mother’s milk…..our money.

The spending deal struck last week by Congress left me wondering if my language needed revised, a reflection of some 85 billion in additional defense spending, and to keep the other side feeling as if they were still part of the team, another 65 billion for some domestic largesse.  Think of it as the Eagles inviting the Patriots in for some Party chow after the win, showing a little graciousness .

The advances of the aging process is now in evidence, but cognitive faculties are still remarkably sharp, memory as clear as a bell. For example , I seem to recall something about the republimouths ( my new name) crying back in 2010…. “if only we gave them the House”… we did.  Remember the promises of some 300 billion in promised spending cuts that became 30 billion , resulting in….. no real actual cuts ?

Then I seem to recall in 2012, “if only we had the Senate”….so like the rubes we apparently are we gave them the Senate.  What happened then…..nothing, fat donut hole.

Around rolls 2016 , and we heard…..”if only we had the Presidency, we could really get something done”…… this week’s 2 year spending deal larded up with a new 150 billion ?  Is that what they meant when they said “they could really get something done “ ?

The republimouths control all of DC, much like former Governor Bob McDonnell back in 2009-13 controlled all of state government, and conservative principles of smaller government or reduced spending are nowhere to be found.

Upward pressure on interest rates , coming as certain as the sun rising in the East, coupled with the U.S now running annual deficits of 1 trillion dollars, throw in perhaps some inflation triggered by the pressure of wage growth, and for the cherry on top the Fed now offloading billions of their balance sheet, one doesn’t have to be a genius to see what is coming.

With a credit score of say 790-800 , one can borrow at prime +1 , while another with a credit score of say 620 borrows……but at 8%, reflecting the lenders recognition of risk, the lower credit score tells the lender , you better get compensated for a loan that might go south.

Lenders who buy our Treasuries  are now recognizing that America has a national debt that is mathematically impossible to pay off, given current spending levels. How much longer will creditor’s line up to buy Treasuries at these low rates is anyone’s guess, perhaps this week’s announcement that a treasury auction went unsubscribed is a hint of what is to come .  Throw in the reported additional trillions in unfunded liabilities from the entitlement benefits that have been promised and the picture should begin to come into focus. The nation can’t borrow or print its way out of this.

Republimouths can no longer be counted on to cut any spending, anyone believing to the contrary is a fool. Hell, we have republimouths pushing Medicaid Expansion here in Virginia across the finish line.

A decision must be made to fight, and I look across the spectrum and I only see enablers.

Bob Shannon  Founder  King William T.E.A Party


  1. Virginia Righteous says:

    Unfortunately Mittens Romney announced for US Senate today for the seat being vacated by US Senator Orin Hatch from Utah. ( the very same Orin Hatch who downloaded the wife beater Rob Porter to the Trump West Wing as Secretary to the President with a glowing recommendation BUT NO ONE IN THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA reports that. That is #Never Trumper Hatch’s dirty play of the year.

    Another RINO Unparty Globalist Mitt Romney will win that seat. It’s Utah and Romney is a Mormon.

  2. GeneThePopulist says:

    And now, the “teflon Don” wants a 25 cents per gallon gasoline tax. For infrasturcture teflon Don tells us. That is just code for political payoffs or paybacks.

  3. BigMamaTEA says:

    Nope. For years I’ve called them the Uniparty. If I need to delineate into R & D they are the Demon-rats, and the Republi-rats.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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