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Let’s Endorse These Three Out-of-State Libertarians! Holloway in Utah, Oakes in SD and Daoud in MT!

Three more great LP candidates from around the nation and they all can WIN in November!

Daniel Holloway – running for Utah House (District 47 – near St. George) and it starts with a great story from the LP,org website:

Daniel Holloway’s introduction to politics was watching his mother take principled stands as a member of their local city council. He particularly remembers that she was the one city councilman who opposed an eminent domain abuse in their community. Daniel says, “She taught me from an early age that personal property rights should be protected by the government, not exploited.”

He is running against a GOP incumbent who had no opponent in the last election!

Holloway’s issue list is this:

My pledges to you when I’m elected

I will not vote for any tax increases

I will work diligently to pass legislation to end asset forfeiture

I will defend our 2nd Amendment rights

I will introduce more repeal bills then new bills

I will vote to protect an individual’s right to life

I will seek to reduce government spending and return surpluses to the people

I will protect our public resources against mismanagement and irresponsible neglect

I will work to repeal S.B. 54, aka Count My Vote

I will defend against Federal overreach into our state

I will champion free-market capitalism and fight over-regulation at every level

I will stand up for the rights of all Utahns, not just those who look, think or pray like me

I will demonstrate that the message of Liberty does not stop at any one party’s bounds

I will ALWAYS put principle over party

Not bad!  Daniel can use my name in support.

Gideon Oakes – running for SD State Senate (District 30 – the very district where Mt. Rushmore and probably the Crazy Horse Memorial) and he is running against a Democrat and Republican.  The district is not favorable for a Democrat and the GOP candidate is sort of the incumbent.  He had decided not to run for re-election so he could rub for state AG but he lost the battle for that nomination so he “un-withdrew” from the state senate race and was put back on the ballot in district 30.  (I would think this would not sit well with the voters!)

I blogged on Gideon and I said I would vote for him BUT he can now officially say so – I support Oakes!

Finally, in Montana’s House District 8, Sid Daoud is running against a non-incumbent Republican.  Daoud was a veteran and also involved in his community (from his website):

I’ve volunteered with many outstanding organizations, such as Kalispell’s Cancer Support Community and Habitat for Humanity to deepen my connections in the Valley and give back to the community I love.

His issue statement is perhaps too simple:

Small Government – is a Big Deal!

Government should be small and responsive – I’ll consolidate where I can, and remove fraud, waste, and abuse

Championing Equality in Montana

I will protect EVERYONE’s natural, inalienable rights. People first – Government works for us

Taking Aim at Property Tax

I will work to reform regressive property tax to lower the overall tax burden for Montanans

Guarding Property Rights

I will fight to protect your private property rights, so you can use your property as you see fit

Defending our Veterans

I will support Montana veterans and make sure we care for them as promised

But I like what I read (from


  • Montanans for Limited Government picked him as the candidate to support, and not his Republican opponent.
  • The Montana Shooting Sports Association (much more influential than the NRA in Montana and the source for most of the 2nd Amendment supporting legislation) endorsed him over his Republican opponent.


Here is the endorsement from the Shooting Sports Association (and note that they only endorse LPers who will not “spoil” it for the more pro-gun Republicans) and here is the MLG nod.  (Again only one other LPer got this endorsement.)

There’s one more little nugget from the LP post:

One of the national party’s two field teams is helping Sid’s campaign right now.

To date, our field teams, Sid, and the rest of his campaign team, have knocked on 3,216 doors! They finished their first round through the district and are now knocking on doors a second time.

Excellent!  Sid can add one more nod to his basket of endorsements:  Sandy the blogger from Virginia!




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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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