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Liberals Move from Aids Panic to Ebola Denial

Liberals are odd creatures.

When Aids was identified as a disease that mostly afflicts gay men and IV drug users the Liberals hit the panic button and reports flooded the media that this was not just a gay disease. And the “scientists” predicted that heterosexuals would soon see massive infection rates, far greater than the homosexual community. We were bombarded by promises that every family would be hit hard by Aids as it crossed the gay “barrier”.

And, of course, this never happened.


Because Aids requires an extremely invasive entry into the human body in order to contract the disease. Either a needle contaminated with blood from infected users or the abrasive action of gay sex. Blood (or semen) must be introduced into the individual from an infected person in order to transmit the disease.

Because of the nature of gay sex and the inherent roughness of the act, tearing of the tissue often occurs and that allows the infection to enter the bloodstream. And to put this as politely as possible, the “recipient” partner is at greater risk (1 in 71 chance) of developing Aids than the “donor” (1 in 161). While in “normal” heterosexual sex the male is at very low risk (1 in 2,500) of being infected from a female with Aids while the female has a greater (1 in 1,250) chance of developing the infection from an infected partner. (Source).

Yet the Liberals have been fanning the flames of Aids panic for decades in an effort to raise money to combat the disease. A bit of panic can overcome the lack of priority perceived because Aids is a “gay” disease. So in the early days, the Liberal media did their best to make Americans believe that this deadly infection would spread to everyone, even children that had never had sex. And of course this was a two edged sword. The panic was necessary to raise money, yet the panic caused all gays to be shunned and ostracized as if they were Lepers of centuries past.

And even though Aids has remained primarily a gay disease, the government has a laughable web page dedicated to Aids awareness in every ethnic group they can think of like “Aids and Aging” for seniors and “Caribbean American” Aids awareness. And let’s not forget the Native Americans Awareness days and the children’s awareness. An Aids government panic plan for every ethnic group a Liberal mind can concoct.

And all for a disease that can be 100% prevented by practicing either abstention or safe sex in the gay community or abstention or clean needles in the druggie culture.

And of course the Liberals had to wait for Barack Obama to tell them how they should act about Ebola. Should they panic, like with Aids, or should they all be Ebola deniers?

When Obama decided that it was more important to protect the economy of African nations teeming with the Ebola infection than the life and health of Americans, the Liberals had their marching orders.

Yesterday I watched a few minutes of FoxNew’s Shepard Smith, the token gay Liberal on Fox, as he pushed Obama’s agenda and told people it was impossible to catch Ebola. And any of the guests that came close to being Ebola Deniers, Smith purred and fawned over them as if they were little fluffy kittens.

I only wish that one of the guests had mentioned the past Aids panic and noted that Aids is pretty much a non issue. Of course Smith would have gone on th eoffensive.

I turned the TV off after a few minutes of Shepard Smith. I simply couldn’t take anymore.

And then I tuned in to “The 5 at 5” only to listen to Bob Beckel, the token moron on the show, echo the Ebola Denier’s mantra. I had to turn that off too.

And now, MSNBC claims that anyone that criticizes Obama and the Ebola Deniers are racists. Seriously, the self-important Liberal ignoramuses actually said that.

Ebola can spread as easy as the common flu. The nurse that flew to Cleveland from Dallas and back was infected. She told the CDC she had a fever and asked if it was OK to fly and was told “sure”. Only now the CDC says the woman may have not been 100% truthful in her disclosure. (And it is interesting that the CDC has implemented a program at some airports where the potentially risky arrivals are asked about their exposure. If we can’t trust a RN, can we really trust someone infected with a deadly disease to be truthful?)

How would you like to be the person that sat beside this infected nurse on the flights? Or even the person who sat in her seat on the next segment of the airplane after she got off. Did she rub her eyes, cover her mouth when she coughed or get saliva on her fingers as she ate a snack and then touched the arm of the seat? Did you use the toilet after her? How about the next few flights?

Aids requires a lot of stupidity and effort to catch. Ebola has infected 2 nurses that wore protective coverings and treated the irresponsible idiot that flew here (and also lied on his paperwork) because he knew he would get first class treatment for free.

Compared to Ebola, Aids is the JV virus. Yet the government and the Liberal community works every day to keep the panic over Aids at a low simmer delicately balancing the panic and the repulsion factor to maximize the flow of money.

And ironically, every one of these Ebola deniers that are taking marching orders from Obama and want to deny Ebola is a danger would attack anyone who dares to downplay Aids. Despite the massive differences in transmission risk.

Well, dig this Ebola Deniers. We must take Ebola seriously and a bit of cautious panic is in order. In fact, a massive outpouring of anger and panic is the only thing this extremist administration will listen to. And it is wise to stock up on food, water, and masks and even weapons and ammunition. The Ebola Deniers are wrong on this. There is a massive potential that hundreds or even thousands of people are infected. Obama’s track record is one of welcoming diseases into America starting with his 2009 lifting of the Aids travel ban and going through his immigration support for diseased illegals and now, Ebola.

The unseriousness of this president, the CDC and the government in general to this and every potential threat to Americans is unprecedented. Americans usually err on the side of caution.

Thomas Frieden, the head of the CDC was New York Nannie Bloomburg’s point man on the left wing agenda to ban large drinks, trans-fats, sugar, salt and just about anything that tastes good. Friedan was a regular Barron of Banning in New York, even pushing to ban patient consent to force HIV testing on everyone. He has been caught in lies, given misinformation and proven to be totally incompetent at anything important and a far left radical on Liberal agenda items.

And Obama is taking a massive hit in the polls for refusing to ban travel from African countries with Ebola epidemics 3 weeks from the mid term elections. Democrats are denying voting for Obama and not even getting 30 pieces of silver. And as the polls come out, Obama will see the fall in approval and will eventually ban travel from Africa and accept Freiden’s resignation. Both of these are inevitable and predictable.

So let’s just fire Freiden today and ban flights from Africa. And get tough on Visa’s. And while we are at it, let’s close the Southern border and deport illegals. We have a serious disease in America and the only thing that makes Ebola look like a JV disease is the diseased thinking of Barack Obama and the left wing Liberals.

Folks, it is time to panic ann prepare before it is too late. That is the only thing Obama listens to.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

4 Responses to “Liberals Move from Aids Panic to Ebola Denial”

  1. Walt Fitzhugh says:

    Mr. White gets it Right, AGAIN! Thx for all your good work my good and faithful servant.

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    You know Tom , you never cease to amaze me. How many backhoes do you have to dig yourself out of your own BS?

    It is stations like Richmond’s own WRPVA, with the likes of Beck, Hannity, and Limbaughloney who have saturated the air waves with Ebola fear mongering.

    Do you ever not spin anything?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if this post is designed to be offensive or just stupid. First of all, AIDS has killed 21.8 million people worldwide. By comparison, the current Ebola outbreak has killed less than 2,000. Ebola has infected something like less than a dozen people in the States, making it even less than that Swine Flu epidemic everyone lost their shit over. And also, since when did Liberals freak out on AIDS unjustifiably. If I recall, AIDS prevention and treatment was President George W. Bush’s greatest legacy and Bush is still widely revered in Africa for PEPFAR.

    But honestly, when did the Conservatives become the party of wimps that gets scared when a dozen people start sneezing? Does it matter that health experts conclude that a travel ban is dumb? Doe sit matter that almost all cases of Ebola have been brought into isolation> Does it matter that you actually are 100% incorrect when you state Ebola and the Flu are just as easy to catch?

  4. man, this was so interesting to read


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