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LIVE BLOG 2011 STARTS NOW! 553 am in Hanover! UPDATE! REEVES ahead of HOUCK! Recount expected!

553am -Sandy the blogger is out to support his supervisor candidate – Sean Davis – if you are in the Henry district – vote today for DAVIS!

Excitement occurs in the Sanders home every election day.  Gotta run.

Remember – vote for Mary Jones in James City County and Kenneth C. Boyd in Albemarle County!  That’s a vote against ICLEI!


In Orange County and other places with hot races, local or otherwise, the turnout seems higher.  Will Berger pull it out in the CA’s race?

I will finish the polls at my polling place (yes I voted!) and then an errand or two including Sean Davis’ victory party.  Will Sean win?

Be back about 745 or so…

UPDATE:  819 Pm


The unopposed races are 11 Rep and 3 Dem so far.

Now let’s turn to other races:

Dist 1 – Chohany v. John Miller – slight lead 53/46 for the Dem – too close to call

Dist 2 – Dem Locke seems to have a safe lead over GOP Harmon – now 11 to 4 GOP

Dist 6 – Dem Northan has a 1000 vote lead over Rep Loyola – Can’t call it

Dist 10 – In a surprise but still early Dem challenger Bernard has a 2/1 lead over incumbent Watkins but only about 20% of the vote is in

Dist 13 – In early returns, Republican Black has a lead of few hundred votes over Dem Mitchell

Dist 17 – Reeves v. Houck – Houck is a 200 vote leader with 21 of 69 precincts in’

Dist 19 – Rep Smith has a 2500 vote with about 33% – looking good but not for sure yet

Dist 20 – GOP Stanley has a 500 vote lead over Dem Reynolds.

Dist 21 – Looks like John Edwards is probably re-elected – so that is 11 GOP to 5 DEM

Dist 22 – A safe lead is developing for Tom Garrett (Yea Tom!) over Bert Dodson – about 4000 votes with 50 of 85 precincts in – 12 GOP to 5 Dem

Dist 23 – Incumbent Republican Newman is crushing his Dem opponent – 13 GOP to 5 DEM

Dist 25 – Looks like early returns with about one third of vote is in but Deeds is in good shape – 13 GOP to 6 DEM

Dist 27 – GOP Sen. Vogel is cruising to victory – 14 GOP to 6 DEM

Dist 29 – This is an interesting race – a favorite of mine from Prince William County, Senator Colgan is opposed by GOP Gordy and it’s too close to call with 21% in; Colgan has a 400 vote lead

Dist 30 – Dem Ebbin is going to win this one – 14 GOP to 6 DEM

Dist 31 – Dem Favola is also going to go to Richmond!  14 GOP and 7 DEM

Dist 32 – Dem Howell is coming to town as well – 14 GOP and 8 DEM

Dist 33 – Two close to call with early returns between GOP Phillips and Dem Herring

Dist 34 – Dem Petersen has a nice lead on his GOP opponent but not quite ready to call it yet

Dist 35 – Alas Senator Saslaw will win re-election – 14 GOP and 9 DEM

Dist 36 – Former GOP party chair Frederick has a slight lead on incumbent Dem “Toddy” Puller.  Only 19 % in

Dist 37 – Too close to call between Flanary (R) and Marsden (D)

Dist 38 – Puckett (D) has a close lead on Light (R)

Dist 39 – It’s still early but Dem Barker has a 2-1 lead over GOP Baker

Dist 40 – GOP Carrico is cruising to victory – GOP 15 – DEM 9.

Magic number is 20 for the GOP and 21 for the Dems (due to Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling)


Now let’s look at other races – Incumbent Diana Wheeler turned back my friend Gil Berger by about 2-1 vote.  I had the unenviable task of telling him that.  No fun!  🙁

Buchanan CA race:  Another friend running is ahead of his opponent:  Dem Gerald Arrington has a 400 vote lead over Tamara Neo with one precinct left.

Louisa CA race:  Still another friend has won CA in Louisa – 90% of the vote!  Congrats Rusty McGuire!

Albemarle Co:  Kenneth Boyd has a slight lead in his race with Cynthia Neff in a race with ICLEI implications!

James City County:  In another ICLEI-influnced race:  Mary Jones may have turned back her opponent – 400 vote lead with one precinct left to go.


So it is: 15 GOP and 9 DEM – now let’s go back to Senate races!

Dist 1 – DEM Miller looks like a winner over GOP Chohany – let’s say leans DEM

Dist 6 – Think we can call it for Northan – 15 GOP and 10 DEM

Dist 10 – Watkins GOP has a narrow lead over Bernard DEM

Dist 13 – Too early but Black has a narrow lead

Dist 17 – WAY WAY TOO CLOSE TO CALL between Houck and Reeves – Houck by FOUR votes with 9 precincts left

Dist 19 – GOP Smith appears to be the winner over DEM Ind Bell – 16 GOP and 10 DEM

Dist 29 – Sen. Colgan has about a 1000 vote lead with 20 precincts in

Dist 33 – Herring (D) has a small lead over GOP Phillips

Dist 34 – Petersen looks like a winner here – 16 GOP and 11 DEM

Dist 36 – Linda “Toddy” Puller is now ahead of Jeff Frederick

Dist 37 – It’s early but Dem Flanary is ahead of GOP Marsden

Dist 38 – Dem Puckett is beginning to pull a bit away from GOP Light but enough to call it

Dist 39 – DEM Barker is slightly ahead of GOP Baker

That brings us to 16 GOP and 11 DEM with 9 left to go.  If all trends go as expected – it will be 17 GOP and 22 DEM and one too close to call.  9 40 PM

Hanover BOCS races:

Via is winner in Ashland

Stanley is unopposed

Kelly-Wiecek wins in Chickahominy

Wade easily wins in Cold Harbor

Davis turned back Jackson in Henry

in a mild upset, Canova Petersen won over Debbie Winans (formerly Coats)

In a HUGE upset, incumbent Supervisor John Gordon was defeated by Wayne Hazzard.

Lots of new faces on Hanover BOCS!

Looks like the unions won in Ohio; but no word yet on the health care bill.


Back to senate races:  9 53pm

Dist 1 – DEM Miller is winner – 16 GOP to 12 DEM

Dist 10 – GOP Watkins is winner – 17 GOP to 12 DEM (only three left to get control!)

Dist 13 – GOP Black ahead of DEM Mitchell

Dist 17 – Edd Houck has a slight lead with three precincts to go.

Dist 29 – Looks like Sen Colgan should win – 17 GOP to 13 DEM

Dist 33 – DEM Herring is ahead in still early returns

Dist 36 – No change in Puller lead

Dist 37 – Still early but DEM Marsden ahead

Dist 38 – only 12 precincts left and DEM Puckett has 2000 vote lead.  He’s almost there, I am afraid

Dist 39 – DEM Barker is 1300 votes ahead of GOP Baker but still votes left.

Now – 17 GOP to 13 DEM with ten races left

Still not very good for GOP control.  We need a flip on Frederick (36) and Reeves (17) and hold Dist 13 or get some others to flip.  Not likely for 38 to flip.


Back – 1052 pm

Some good news:  Looking more like Dick Black should win in Dist 13 – let’s call it for GOP – 18 GOP and 13 DEM

Some not so good news:  Looking like Edd Houck will be reelected – let’s call it for DEMs – 18 GOP and 14 DEMs

Dist 33 – DEM Herring still has a narrow lead with plenty of votes left

Dist 36 – Looking bad for Jeff Frederick – I’m calling it for the DEMs – 18 GOP and 15 DEMs

Dist 37 – DEM Marsden has a growing lead on GOP Flanary

Dist 38 – DEM Puckett will go back to Richmond – 18 GOP and 16 DEMs

Dist 39 – DEM Barker still ahead of REP Baker with about 50% in.

( I forgot about Dists 16 and 20 – Sen Marsh is a winner in 16 and GOP Stanley in 20 – 19 GOP and 17 DEMs

Still remotely possible to get a tie and control but not likely.

UPDATE:  Bill Janis was defeated in his bid for Henrico CA by Democrat Shannon.  This was a shocking upset.

Arrington wins in Buchanan County!

Boyd turns back Neff in Albemarle (Rivanna Dist) – so even though the Dem won in the Scottsville race, ICLEI cannot be brought back unless one of the other two yes votes to dump ICLEI switches.

Mary Jones wins in James City County – so the ban on ICLEI is safe here, too.

Loudoun County BOCS is not clear on ICLEI but the GOP is about to sweep the BOCS with only Broad Run too close to call and the REP is ahead.  We’ll see if this new board will dump ICLEI.

Please feel free to comment on this election.  It is a disappointment that we did not flip the Senate but maybe we can do more this term.

Signing off until tomorrow!  Sandy the live blogger!


HUGE UPDATE!  Looks like maybe some bad numbers may have come in in the Reeves Houck race (Dist 17) and if the small lead (Reeves has 50.01 percent and Houck has 49.82%  – never say every conservative/libertarian vote counts!) holds up (86 votes!) the GOP will have 20 seats!

Other undecided races:

Dist 33 – Herring DEM is the apparent winner

Dist 36 – Puller DEM won

Dist 37 – Marsden DEM narrowly defeated the GOP Flanary

Dist 38 – DEM Puckett won

Dist 39 – DEM Barker won

So it is 20/20 or 21/19 DEMs!  The Times-Dispatch reports that if the Reeves win holds up – the GOP will CONTROL the Senate!

Here’s the RTD’s take on the House of Delegates:

Republicans also made strides in the House of Delegates, fattening their already healthy majority and knocking off its top Democrat — outspoken House Minority Leader Ward L. Armstrong, D-Henry.

Republicans now hold 66 seats in the House to the Democrats’ 32. One seat is held by a GOP-leaning independent and one House seat was too close to call.

Also, my old delegate, Bob Marshall (Dist 13) cruised to victory in his race.

On the Henrico BOCS, the same five had won election since 1995, the longest serving group of BOCS in Virginia (this has to be close to a national record but I do not know how to find that kind of record) but Varina Supervisor Donati was defeated by Dem Tyrone Nelson.

Nearly ten percent of the vote in Dist 9 (Sen. McEachin) voted a write in ballot.  That is a huge accomplishment considering; candidate recruitment should begin in earnest (and no I am not moving to run for Senate!) and that might be a winnable race.

Finally, we have a foreign election to report:  Whatcom County Washington:  pro-ICLEI former County executive Pete Kremen has a narrow 51/49 vote over ICLEI-skeptic Tony Larson.  In another County Council race, the incumbent has a similar lead over a more progressive challenger.  If Larson and the incumbent win, ICLEI may be OUT in Whatcom County!
















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