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I cannot improve upon the excellent coverage at the Guardian (UK) so go there for results.


As bandwidth allows I will comment.

About 4:21 am EDT:  I had a frustrating evening with the computer competing with very worthy items such as SOL review.  But a few observations (based largely on the tremendous coverage at the Guardian UK):
It looks like it may be a Conservative majority of a few seats.  My hat’s off to the PM – he’ll be a Tory hero for years to come.  And in a two party race between Labour and the Tories, I’ll take Margaret Thatcher’s party every day.
UKIP did both well and terrible.  They increased their popular vote tremendously.  It was about 11 or 12% and that is important in spite of the fears of a hung parliament (which now seems unlikely) that is a small victory.  But UKIP lost Mark Reckless in his seat which will discourage any further defections at the MP level (Thankfully Douglas Carswell DID win his seat and it has not been announced if Nigel Farage wins in Thanet South.  But no other breakthroughs, although it is reported in the Guardian that UKIP came in second in over 90 seats so far.  (I have not heard about councillor races and UKIP may post solid gains)
The Liberal Democrats lost many of their seats.  Serves them right – disloyal in coalition and pro-EU to a fault, when you do not stand for Britain, you should lose.
The SNP won a stunning victory in Scotland winning 56 of 59 seats.  I am not sure it is an independence vote but it was a clear sign that Scotland will either get more powers devolved to it or may seek independence again.  I will say it again, knowing that it will not be heard in the corridors of power in the UK:  Make Scotland a dominion like Canada – let them have their pound (they already make banknotes that look different but are pound notes), their seat in the UN, their own Olympic team but a free trade zone with the UK, the Queen as the Head of State and offer to allow the UK diplomatic offices to administer Scottish citizens’ issues.  The issue will not go away and leadership must be exercised to hold the Union together.
I do not favor proportional representation but I could be persuaded that a hybrid – maybe some MPs elected in PR and some in districts.  I think it is important for MPs to have a constituency.  Otherwise party leaders get power at the expense of the people through manipulation of the party list.

I will adjourn back to bed again.  I will do a separate article about what should happen but I think UKIP could have done better.  Maybe Friday AM or PM for that analysis.  Hats off again to Andrew Sparrow and Claire Phipps at the Guardian.

One more thing before I go to bed:  Here is the UKIP results page which might have been better for me!

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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