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Live Blogging With VerizonWireless Droid From GOP Inauguration Events

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid

The Inauguration of Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell a week from today spawned a number of events leading up to the big day. Prayer breakfasts, several balls and the Inauguration itself.

For a political blogger, the opportunity to blog in real time is both an adventure and a challenge. The GOP realized this year that the “New Media” was not just a fun thing to dabble in, but a potential tool, if used correctly. Another parallel media tool to help get the message to the voters. One that can be used for a relatively small investment in both time and money.

As a participant in “Bloggers Row” at the Republican Convention in Richmond last year, the Party went all out to make sure we all had what we needed to cover the Convention. Power, WiFi, a good view and a constant flow of politicians, current and aspiring. Subsequent events also made provisions for live blogging when possible.

Lugging a Laptop, finding an internet connection and an out of the way – but still in the action place to blog is not always an easy task.

Enter the Droid. Google created an operating system that runs on cell phones (and other gadgets as well). It has a slide out keyboard, large screen for a phone, and fits in my shirt pocket. Similar to the iPhone, the Droid has one major advantage. You are not locked in to AT&T wireless service only. While VerizonWireless has the Droid by Motorola, the same operating system is available on a number of other platforms from most carriers.

I plan to test it out at the events I will be attending, including the Inauguration itself. There are a couple of apps available to do your blogging, and I will be using WPtoGo. It is a free app and allows you to attach pictures that you take with the 5 Mega Pixel camera.

While a long post is out of the question, a few lines and a photo should be a snap!

I have been a long time Blackberry user, dating back to the days before Blackberries had phones. It took a lot to pry my Blackberry out of my hands. In my opinion, the Motorola Droid has the potential to be both a Blackberry killer and an iPhone killer.

If iPhone hopes to keep up with Android devices, they better hope the secret exclusive deal with AT&T is close to expiring. Word in the Geekosphere is they still have a lock with AT&T for a while to come.

The image below is a QR-Code that is readable by a number of smart phones. This one will take you to the Virginia Right! mobile site using the bar-code reader on many of these phones.

The Motorola Droid rates a 4.75 Stars (out of 5) on my Geek Scale. Blackberry would be around a 4.

Note: The above is an unpaid, unsolicited opinion.

QR Code for VirginiaRight! mobile site

QR Code for VirginiaRight! mobile site

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