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Local Conservative Activist Responds to SOTU Address

By Bob Shannon

   The Presidents SOTU address of Monday January 19 2015 left me pondering how any elected official , let alone the U.S. President gets away with the things he said last Monday night.   While one expects certain liberties to be used for political purpose, rarely do we hear such blatant duplicity on full display.

I listened to, and then read the full transcript twice, taking notes to narrow down the most egregious examples. What this particular politician does with words should serve as a  training manual for ambitious up & comers in the political arena. What is troubling however is the major news medias willingness to allow it to pass as serious discourse on matters so grave.  The following observations should serve as conclusive proof of how far this President can go without  challenge from his subservient media lapdogs.

  Beginning with the obvious,  not a single mention in his speech of any spending cuts, or programs that should be eliminated, a few agencies that could be consolidated. Apparently President Obama has concluded after 6 years ( 8 if you include his brief stint in the U.S. Senate) that DC operates as efficiently as it could . Let’s not hound the man to be something other than what he is.  Suffice to say his progressive nature serves to only promote more spending, more programs, more decision making in DC that would remedy ( in his world ) anything that ails us, individually or as a nation. Give him points for consistency.
“Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well” ? he asked…… The President left out that increasingly who does well are the folks who show up on the top of the campaign donor list , and has little to do with the “invisible hand of the free market ” , intellect ,or hard work for that matter.    He continued…. ” Will we allow ourselves to be sorted into factions and turned against one another” ?  It isn’t the words themselves,…… but his ability to deliver them with a straight face that floored me.  Historians might just one day revise this guys nickname to President Faction, given his predisposition to see everything in class and race.  No politician has done more to divide the citizenry of this nation into “factions” than has this man.
” And today our younger students have earned the highest math and reading scores on record,  more Americans finish college than ever before”………  Perhaps the “younger students” he refers to all attend Atlanta area pre-schools, or he ignores the international test scores showing American students falling further behind in Math,  Science and Reading Comprehension. As to the graduating rate of college students, at least according to my sources here in Virginia it is around 53%—after—-6 years.   Let’s give him another “A” for putting the best spin on some rather dismal realities.  He stated that ” more of our kids are graduating than ever before”, apparently from increasing numbers of public high schools where, when dumbing down of standards don’t suffice, you can always rely on the tactics of the school administrators in Atlanta and elsewhere fudging the numbers, or rewriting entire grade transcripts to improve graduation rates. Some achievement.
  The President touts the new tools to stop tax payer funded bailouts  except of course for higher education , institutions that would never survive in a market based education setting where outcomes would close down around a quarter of them.   He takes another shot at the “predatory lending ” and goes a step further with making mention of the abusive credit card practices.
Which is it Mr. President, the math and reading scores are at an “all time high”  or we are a nation of idiots that can’t read the terms of a lending agreement we sign–can’t have it both ways Sir. The real predators are the likes of politicians like you who attempt to portray any private sector business as a wolf, and government as the attending benevolent sheepherder.  I can walk away from freely engaging in a private contract that doesn’t serve my needs, but I can’t escape the noose gently placed around my throat by manipulative politicians  who’s cleverly misleading words conceal their true intent, which is to control my every action, thought and deed.  I do not fear the mortgage brokers or the credit card lenders, I fear men like you who see no harm or perversion  of my liberty in attempting to control ever  increasing aspects of my daily existence.
  Where else would you hear of the debt he laments concerning  student loans, while ignoring the burden the U.S National debt imposes on every American . How one debt is different than another ? The student loan is at least a voluntary arrangement, while no American child chose to incur $154,000 of debt in their name.
 Free Community College,  free for whom Mr. President ? It is the continued flow of tax dollars to higher education , the total absence of any market based pricing that led to the staggering 505% increase in college tuition from 1982–2012. He tells us that childcare is now a ” national economic priority”. Thousands of years of families making personal and private arrangements for the care for their own children……and now it is the federal governments business to inject themselves in what was the domain of private decisions made at the family level. How many of you out there moonlighted for years to support your family while your spouse stayed home to care for children you chose to have ? Now, of course in this nanny state mentality it is a “national economic priority”.  In a few short years it will mysteriously morph into the new “civil right” .
 One of the more disturbing claims he made was to tout….. ” since 2010 , America has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan and all advanced economies combined”…….  while ( in the same speech )  he insists Congress promote new policies requiring paid sick leave and paid maternity leave, the very policies adopted all over Europe which has placed their private sector at a economic disadvantage, evidenced by his own boasts of how the U.S has outperformed all of them since 2010.  When and where will the media point out his inconsistencies ?
  ”  But for far too long , lobbyists have rigged the tax code with loopholes that let some corporations pay nothing while others pay full freight” , the President stated…… if lobbyists  actually write the tax code. The tax code has become the “dirty currency” of elected officials, including President Obama.  I seem to remember not that long ago billions of TARP/Stimulus dollars going, with this same mans blessings, to  Congress,  with instructions steering the money to  political cronies of his own, but heh, I am probably nitpicking a bit by now.
  He reminds us once again of how hard it is to support a family on $15,000 a year, the annual earnings of someone making minimum wage. By now I hope readers are aware of two economic facts the President is, but choses to obscure since it won’t forward his clumsy false narrative on economic truth.  First of all , very few people earn minimum wage for very long, statistically it is a tiny number, let alone anyone raising a family on it. Equally important is that anyone with a family earning minimum wage would surely be taking advantage of housing assistance, Medicaid, free school meals, SNAP ( food stamps ) and the myriad of other available programs intended to serve as a safety net for those truly in need.  Benefits worth tens of thousands of dollars as anyone who pays for these things themselves knows all too well.  It just helps to paint a picture using half truths and misleading data when one is advancing the more noble calling of progressive government.
  Wages can grow only when supply begins to slip behind actual demand for labor . Business then competes for the shrinking pool of labor by enticing them to leave their current employer for higher wages. It is only in the world of government distortion that any other method of artificially increasing wages exist.  As a side note, if not for the easy government financing ( student loans ) students and families would borrow with much more discretion, and chosen college majors would be much more aligned with private sector demand.  34% of  employed college graduates today in 2015 are working in fields that would have only required a high school education.  Yeah, let’s throw some more money down that rat hole. Bad economic outcomes never deter ambitious politicians from insisting we just spend some more of someone else’s money.
  Not so long ago the government invoked itself in matters that were very broad based, often national and state wide matters , where government was indeed best suited to administer remedies on issues that our Founders intended government to have a hand in. Providing a national defense has now become “providing babysitter services”,  providing a solid public school primary education has now become a education lobby that consumes ever increasing amounts of our resources, with scant evidence that it is paying off.  What was once a government that refrained from interference in our private business, who we borrowed from and why, has now become our own personal  government C.P.A , injecting itself into private matters never intended to be overseen by government at any level.
  Living as a free man entails certain risks that accompany the rewards that come along with that freedom. Our system of freedom and individual responsibility worked so well it built the strongest most powerful nation ever know to man, both in personal liberty and wealth.   Each of us as citizens assumed certain responsibility for ourselves and our families, extending often to our local communities as well.  We simultaneously reaped the rewards and satisfaction of those individual liberties along with the assumption of certain personal risks.  We were citizens of America, a diverse and hearty collection of folks who for the most part came from elsewhere, places that restricted it’s own people of the liberty we so craved that we willingly uprooted our families, often crossing oceans to come to this wonderful land of opportunity called America.
  Today those of us aware of this American uniqueness are saddened by the things that have and continue to take place that will remove the label “free man” and be replaced with something else. While this “something else ” may indeed provide what appears a removal of certain risks, the trade off is unacceptable, or should be to free men. We are fast becoming “subjects” to be looked after. I implore each of you to understand the difference between free men and subjects, and pray it isn’t already too late.
Bob Shannon  King William

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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