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It is amazing to hear the arrogance of the EU officials who are trying to save the superempire.  This scary article from the Christian Science Monitor is an example:

An end to sovereign control over European budgets. That was the big idea that Germany‘s Angela Merkel and France‘s Nicolas Sarkozy outlined in a letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy Wednesday.

The European leaders are meeting in Brussels over the looming Euro crisis.  They want to preserve the empire at any cost.  Nothing else matters.  The EC President Van Rompuy actually wrote a paper, that’s right a PAPER on the issue (Of course we cannot read the paper – it’s secret!):

The Brussels summit will debate a paper on “a genuine fiscal union” prepared by Herman Van Rompuy, the EU president.

The Daily Telegraph has seen the confidential paper, which suggests a “higher degree of surveillance and discipline in the conduct of national policies”.

Restoring the confidence of financial markets could “require more intrusive control of the national budgetary stance by the EU,” Mr Van Rompuy adds.

How on earth do they come up with these ideas?  But the CSM says, it will be difficult to amend Lisbon without messy referendums and national parliaments that might not play ball:

So it’s possible that treaty changes will be able to go through in this environment – though it’s hard to see that happening without an extended period of debate, revision and in many cases public referendums. Individual states are still, well, states, with different political cultures and different interests. Some politicians in the UK, not a member of the eurozone but part of the 27 member European Union, have already signaled unease over treaty changes that could effect the EU as a whole and said they’ll insist on a public referendum.

The crisis calls for centralization of power in Brussels argues Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy:

They go on to suggest that fiscal discipline should be maintained by “enforcement,” a role for the European Court of Justice in “verification” that legislation on balanced budgets and other matters have passed, and rules that would lead to “automatic consequences” if a eurozone member’s deficit grows to more than 3 percent of GDP. They’re also calling for greater integration of national tax, labor, and financial market policies.

Why bother with nations!  This is illegitimate.  No one voted for this kind of superempire.  Unlike the Constitutional Convention in 1787, where there was a concerned effort to involve all the state legislatures, there was tremendous debates and the stakes were high:  Would we be a nation at all.  There was esprit de corp.  Not the European Union.  It was all done with hidden agendas and fanciful promises.  Tweedledee and Tweedledum political parties.  Now the crisis is come and the failure to get the people on board is costing them.  But now the empire will be imposed by force.

The people of Europe need to wake up and demand national sovereignty and liberty or Brussels will be the new Holy Roman Empire.  And like the old one, it’ll be neither holy nor Roman but it will be an empire.  The US should stand with the national governments.



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