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Here is a fascinating article (in the WashPo of all places!) about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the secret trade agreement that has been reported to allow foreign multinational corporations to evade US law and be subject to unaccountable mediation/arbitration panels outside the US court system!  It is also a sovereignty killer.

The Post says the Obama administration wants so-called “fast-track” trade authority BEFORE the Congress can even SEE the terms!  Yes!  Read it right here:

At the White House, Obama heard an earful from from Reps. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), two outspoken liberals with close ties to the labor movement and other liberal constituencies.

Kaptur said she had a simple request for Obama: Let Congress and the public see the details of the TPP before Congress is asked to give him fast track authority.

“He did not say yes,” she said in a recent interview. “That means that we would be faced with a fast-track vote that would lock our ability to amend without even knowing what’s in the agreement. I can’t do that. Not when we have $9 trillion of accumulated trade deficit, which is the reason for our budget deficit, because we’re losing middle-class jobs in our country and we’ve outsourced millions of our jobs, a third of our manufacturing base is gone.”  (Emphasis added)

So we have to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it?  We tried that before and the nightmare of Obamacare continues like a bad horror movie marathon at the drive in!  Congress needs to stop this TPP in its tracks.  Otherwise, foreign corporations can defy US law and are essentially unaccountable – not to local governments nor to state governments nor to US courts.

I have blogged on this here, here and hereHere’s Senator Warner’s support for the TPP.  I do not know what Ed Gillespie’s position on it.  But the Tea Party and Constitutionalists are opposed to the TTP:

But this week, about 151 House Democrats and 23 Republicans—many of them tea partiers—wrote letters to the administration saying this time they are unwilling to give the president carte blanche to “diplomatically legislate.” If a couple dozen more lawmakers join the unlikely group of Dems and GOPers, the House could have enough votes to shoot down fast-track and derail the TPP. If Obama doesn’t get the special trade powers, Congress will likely try to make some changes to the final pact, which could cause other countries to drop out of the deal.

Join the fight:  Contact Congress today!

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