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Melody Scalley Holds Eastern Shore Events With Governor Allen

Melody Scally Talks To Voters

Melody Scally Talks To Voters

Republican Candidate for the 100th Va. House District candidate Melody Scalley held a pair of events on the Eastern Shore with former Virginia Governor and US Senator George Allen and Susan Allen. The first event was a pig roast at Baysys Technologies, Inc., one of the largest employers on the Eastern Shore.

After enjoying the food and refreshments provided by Baysys founder and CEO Steve Walton, Governor Allen took the microphone and spoke for a few minutes on the issues facing Virginia and the country. Governor Allen’s wit and wisdom, honed in both State and Federal government, reflected his unique perspective as he spoke.

One of Allen’s major concerns with the current administration in Washington is the irresponsible way in which the Obama Administration is running up the Federal debt. Of equal concern is the Cap and Trade bill, which he sees as the Administration’s move to control energy. He said many are poised to make huge profits from the bill, should it pass.

Governor Allen feels so strongly on this issue that he founded the American Energy Freedom Center to emphasize the resources that we have in Virginia that can be used to move us away from foreign oil.

Note: This is such an important foundation that we will have an in depth look at the American Energy Freedom Center in a soon to be posted blog.

Governor Allen then introduced the first female candidate ever for the 100th House seat, Melody Scalley. From his introduction, it is obvious he has spent a good bit of time with Ms. Scalley. Virginia Right! first posted an article on her in June of this year and we have remained up to date and excited about her campaign. Governor Allen described Melody Scalley as one that truly “get’s it”. She stands for smaller government, fiscal responsibility and providing an environment to encourage business growth.

After a round of applause from the nearly 100 supporters and those meeting her for the first time, Ms. Scalley showed why George Allen has faith and confidence in her.

She explained her vision for the 100th District, her passion for the Eastern Shore (and the bit of Norfolk in the district), but she spoke mostly on the issues.

Governor George Allen

Governor George Allen

The issues and concerns of the Eastern Shore residents are mostly shared with the rest of the Commonwealth, but it’s unique location and geography add some concerns not found in other areas. Route 13, the main road through the Eastern Shore is a main route for commerce and travel up and down the DelMarVa Peninsula. This topic was discussed at the Baysys event and also at the later Reception at the Parksley Fire House reception. The number of accidents and fatalities on Route 13 are one of the top concerns of residents. This is the route traveled to work and school, as well as the commerce and tourism traffic. People must merge onto this road, and inattention by drivers, who are often speeding has caused major problems.

The State Police are doing what they can, and are visible, but there are simply not enough to cover the area. Rumble strips at the traffic lights were turned down by Governor Tim Kaine’s VDOT administrators. Ms. Scalley has made this one of her top issues.

The event ended shortly after 4:00 PM, and several people traveled the few miles to Parksley, Va. for the second event of the day. Fortunately, Melody Scalley and George and Susan Allen were among them.

Parksley, Va. is the type of town that everyone says is the kind of place to raise your kids. When you see the small shops and rail through the center of town, you immediately know you have discovered a true Virginia treasure.

The Firehouse where the reception was held is a modern and well equipped facility. And busy. Three calls were heard while the meeting was ongoing. The meeting room was the perfect place for the Town Hall meeting and Reception. Speaking with the residents, you find a down home attitude and a spirit the I feared was long gone in Virginia. And a warm welcome to all. The sense of community and pride in the Eastern Shore is something you notice right away. This is not Northern Virginia, not by a long shot.

Billy Graham hosted the event and gave a glowing introduction to Governor Allen. (Mr. Graham is an engaging speaker, but is not related to the minister.) This crowd was smaller, perhaps 40 or so, and there were a number of different faces. Again, Governor Allen introduced Ms. Scalley, and she had a few points to make.

“I am not a politician, I am not politically correct, and I am not a lawyer”, Scalley exclaimed. This brought a thunder of applause and cheers. “The bills our State Legislature crafts are so long winded and complicated because they are written by lawyers who want job security”, she continued.

A number of topics were discussed, but Melody Scalley is especially passionate about Education. “Let the money follow the child” is her mantra on school choice and school vouchers. The Home Schoolers in the crowd were very impressed with what they heard, as was the rest of the crowd.

The voters of the 100th District have a choice this year. And Melody Scalley is a hard worker with a good grasp of the issues and the Constitution. And as Governor Allen said, she get’s it.

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