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Might There Be A First in 2019? First LP Elected to a state representative body in the South? Meet Vicky Rose from the 37th District in Mississippi

She’s Got Lots of Ideas and is Running Against an Incumbent Unopposed since 2011!

I found Vicky Rose yesterday when I looked at the Rachel Mace FB page and found this story about signs being taken down:

A candidate running for the Mississippi House of Representatives is dealing with the added stress of having campaign signs vandalized in the days leading up to the Nov. 5 General Election.

Vicky Rose, a West Point Libertarian, is running against…[incumbent Gary Chism]

From the Daily Times Leader but I could not find the article

I thought that the article in the Daily Times Leader was great: Above the fold, on page 1 and with a picture! Rose briefly corresponded with me on FB and said even some of the Republicans thought she might win.

That would be a daunting goal: No LP candidate has been elected to a state house seat (either house) in the Old Confederacy. Ever. But Rose has a few things going for her:

The incumbent has not had an opponent since 2011 (Reps in Mississippi run for four year terms) and there is not a lot of money spent on the races in some of these elections. Rose is also a great candidate and has several excellent ideas in her issue area of her website:

Gun control laws have their roots in racism, and if we add more we will only see more minorities behind bars. Education, safety, local mental health support and de-escalation education will go much further than control.

The Magnolia State is ready for a mindset change, the end of crony capitalism, and for an economic turn-around. If the Journal of Economic Growth has estimated that federal regulations alone have slowed US Growth by 2 percentage points every year since 1949, how much has Mississippi’s growth been slowed by its own regulations? Mississippi has enough regulations coming down from DC, it doesn’t need to continue to add to the burden.

Mississippi needs to follow the rest of the country and remove certificate of need regulations, as they have been found to drive up the cost of healthcare in some capacities. If a practice wants to open in an area, they should not need to ask the state for permission to create opportunity and jobs.

I recommend reading in detail Rose’s position on regulation (it’s right here); Rose even cites the Mercatus Center (A fellow named Sarvis once worked there!) that 117,000 restrictive words exist in the Mississippi administrative code. Rose cites an admitted example of those in power using their power to restrict the market (in this case a ban on food trucks):

In Tupelo, Councilman Willie Jennings admitted his proposal to eliminate food trucks was to protect established business, and that he believed the government should act on behalf of select business interests.

Like many to come to third parties, Vicky Rose was appalled by the cynicism of the two major parties:

For Mississippi House of Representatives District 37 candidate Vicky Rose, joining the Libertarian Party came from her own apathy with the political system. After working with the GOP for several years, she felt party elites selected the winners and did not listen to what the people wanted.

It gets better:

Rose said that as a third party candidate, she doesn’t have to worry about party leadership holding her back and can do the work of the people rather than the work of the party.

What the LP needs is a part-time wonky fellow or gal who could play with her or her laptop and research races where LPers can win and then the Party promote them when they run. Ten or fifteen grand a year ought to do it.

Rose probably will not win because too many feel they have no real choices outside the major parties. But there is a chance here because many voters are cynical at the system. Maybe stealing the LP candidate’s signs is the last straw. (I am sure the incumbent is not doing it, by the way, more likely an over-zealous campaign supporter.) If I were in this district, I would be helping Rose and definitely voting for her. Best to her in Jesus!

UPDATE: Just spoke with Vicky – excellent candidate. Honored to hear from her! We’ll see how well she does on Tuesday…

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

5 Responses to “Might There Be A First in 2019? First LP Elected to a state representative body in the South? Meet Vicky Rose from the 37th District in Mississippi”

  1. Just the Facts says:

    Sanford, are the rumors true that you said in a speech that people on welfare should not be allowed to vote in elections?

  2. Just the Facts says:

    Well, I’ll take your silence as a yes. Consider this. Since 2008, American corporations have received TRILLIONS in welfare. But its called a “bailout” when a greed based American corporation gets a government welfare check due to its own greed. Could Amazon even exist without the massive government subsidization by the US Postal service, and the massive tax breaks that it receives? My understanding is that Amazon pays ZERO in Federal Taxes. And yet, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the worlds richest man, even after paying out $37 BILLION to his ex wife for his infidelity. And what about the $85 BILLION PER MONTH, called QE, that the government sent to the big banks for years to buy up their own phony home mortgage loans? Over $1 TRILLION per year for years in corporate welfare for a mortgage problem that was actually created by the lobbyists, using our bribery based form of government, to legally bribe politicians to lower the standards for a government backed home loan. And you, you choose to focus on the lowly poor. How screwed up can you actually be inside?

    And you claim knowledge of the Bible? Matthew 7:15-20, seems it may just tell us about you.

    • Let’s reply to both: Yes I cited either Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell who did say exactly that. I also said I am not sure I’d go that far. But there is wisdom in not creating a welfare system that allows the majority to vote for more goodies.

      You know as a faithful reader of this blog that I oppose the government picking winners and losers in the market. So I largely agree with you actually.

      I do try to be true to Jesus and myself as much as possible. We’ll see at the Final Inspection on the Last Day if I am found faithful.


      • Just the Facts says:

        I appreciate the clear up. But let’s remember that the American corporation kicks back a very small amount of their government subsidies in order to ensure they continue. Just look at last summers Amazon follies in Virginia. This country is collapsing under the weight of its own continued corruption.

        Our welfare system to a very large extent was created due to the results of slavery. However, Medicaid now allows even young white couples to not get married, have multiple children, work and get a paycheck, and get Medicaid benefits that include healthcare benefits. If they get married, well, they lose their Medicaid. So, they don’t get married. Don’t blame welfare and Medicaid on just the minority’s. Nursing homes and hospitals would most likely collapse without Medicaid and Medicare money.

        • I do not know where you get the tie-in between welfare and slavery. Slavery was abolished in 1865 and the welfare state really began with the New Deal in the 30s.

          I did not bring up minorities. You did. The issue that Williams/Sowell sought to deal with is that aphorism that democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. If the majority of the people are on welfare and similar programs and they then vote, they’ll vote to elect politicians who will raise taxes to keep and expand those programs and that is something like theft. I recommend reading Bastiat’s The Law.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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