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More good news from the New York Times!  Here is an article on German politics.  Chancellor Merkel was trying to decide if she should attend a soccer game as a guest of its owner, under investigation for tax evasion (maybe he used Uebertax!) and it is hardly salad days for her governing coalition:

But for first time in many months, the conservative bloc has fallen below 40 percent. This has rattled the coalition.

“The polls show that Merkel’s Christian Democrats are vulnerable,” said Niels Annen, an analyst at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is affiliated with the Social Democrats.

Ignore the “conservative” label; no true conservative junks a perfectly good currency like the Deutschmark without some sort of popular support or referendum.  It’s Tweedledee.  But Tweedledum is not doing much better:

Yet the scandals have not benefited the Social Democrats. The latest polls give them only 24 percent.

There are two other parties, the Free Democrats, a pro business and somewhat libertarian party, and the Greens, the environmental wacko party.  More Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  But there is a new gunslinger in town – the Alternative for Germany.  They are worrisome to Merkel and her coalition.  I cannot understand why Germans find Merkel so popular.  She has used the Germans for a piggy bank to bail out the other euro nations.  However, the AfD are coming on strong:

The AfD leadership, consisting largely of middle-aged professionals and former Christian Democrats, wants Germany to give up the euro. They are convinced that euro zone is economically and financially too diverse to hold together. They are also critical of the bailout packages in which Germany is the main guarantor.

“The AfD damages Merkel’s conservatives,” said Mr. Spreng. This euro-skeptical party could take as much as 4 percent of the votes from the conservatives but also the opposition, according to Allensbach, a polling institute.

The Jedi Knights for liberty in Europe might be outnumbered and outgunnned by the Galactic Empire but remember, it was the little Ewoks that make it possible to destroy the Death Star and thus the Empire.



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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