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There’s more calls for war in Syria.  The usual do-gooder reasons.  Here‘s Exhibit A – Senator McCain:

Yesterday, several top Republican politicians declined to go along with McCain’s call for airstrikes on Syria now, including House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

In a short interview Tuesday, McCain said that didn’t bother him one bit.

“I couldn’t care less,” McCain said. “I know the difference between right and wrong. I know that people are being slaughtered as we speak.”

“I refer back to Bosnia and Kosovo. Under President Clinton, we acted although there were Republicans strongly opposed to that. I think it turned out well.”

So, its okay for our soldiers to be slaughtered (not to mention the Syrian Christians!) but not for Syrians to be slaughtered in a internal matter none of our business!  No way!  No more goody-goody wars like Kosovo.

Let’s recall what Kosovo was:  A deliberate attack by NATO (read US) forces against Yugoslavia (now Serbia) and a deliberate intervention into an internal matter for goody-goody reasons.  Let’s start with the person I voted for (and saw speak here in Richmond) in the 2000 GOP primary – Ambassador Alan Keyes:

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton have said that the NATO action in Yugoslavia is just the beginning. They view this war as a precedent for a new internationalism, and expect similar interventions to happen regularly. Our “victory” in Yugoslavia, should it occur, will be worse than hollow — it will be ripe with the seeds of greater evil to come, now that America has begun to teach the world that the end justifies the means.

Sen. McCain has proven that Keyes in 1999 was right (Alas, Keyes has committed apostasy on intervention, denouncing Ron Paul for not being sufficiently warlike enough).

Here is Pat Buchanan.  He says why did we go to war in Kosovo?  Good question!

“Either we get in there with a NATO force, or we get the hell out,” said an exasperated Sen. John Warner after Yugoslav strong man Slobodan Milosevic showed two NATO generals the door.

Warner advocates intervention. But Americans sense that, despite our disgust at the latest massacre and Milosevic’s thuggery, no vital U.S. interest exists there. The Serbs do not threaten NATO; they have not attacked Americans; they are fighting to hold onto a province that is the birthplace of Serbian nationhood. Whose flag flies over Kosovo’s capital has never been critical to us.

Finally, Ron Paul was against the Kosovo war and the U.S. House of Representatives voted to deny authority to expand the Kosovo war to the ground troops!

Our more immediate problem is the financing of the ongoing war in Yugoslavia. On February 9 of this year I introduced legislation to deny
funds to the President to wage war in Yugoslavia. The Congress chose to ignore this suggestion and missed an opportunity to prevent the fiasco
now ongoing in Yugoslavia.

The President, as so many other presidents have done since World War II, took it upon himself to wage an illegal war against Yugoslavia under
NATO’s authority, and Congress again chose to do nothing. By ignoring our constitutional responsibility with regards to war power, the Congress
implicitly endorsed the President’s participation in NATO’s illegal war against Yugoslavia. We neither declared war nor told the President to
cease and desist.

By the way, Sen. McCain supported the sending of ground troops to Yugoslavia if necessary.

“Although I can speak only for myself, I believe the sponsors of this resolution offered it to encourage the President to do what almost every experienced statesmen has said he should do – prepare for the use of ground troops in Kosovo if they are necessary to achieve victory.

Give Sen. McCain credit:  He’s no flip flopper.  Thank the Lord the Yugoslavian dictator surrendered first.  Otherwise hundreds if not thousands of US troops would have become casualties in a invasion of another nation’s homeland to take away one of their most sacred sites.  Invasion for no reason.  The streets in our nation should have been filled with protests over the Kosovo war.  I am sorry it wasn’t.  (I did not do more because I was the Appellate Defender at the time and the AD needs to be careful on public political protest.)

And of course Senators Lieberman and Graham agreed:  Go to war!  Exhibit B!

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who joined McCain’s call for airstrikes along with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), told The Cable Tuesday that he preferred a multilateral military intervention in Syria over a unilateral strike.

“The Arab League is the right vehicle,” said Graham. “If they request air support I’m willing to be part of the team. But I want the Arab League and the international community to be deeply involved and I want it to be to stop the slaughter.”

Let’s be clear:  Air strikes on Syria IS WAR.  Congress must authorize it.  It ought not do so.  There is no American interest here.  (It actually is in our interest for a stable Syria regime due to its chemical and biological weapons!)  The Christians in Syria don’t want regime change; but they’ll probably get it – thanks to interventionists like Senators Graham/McCain/Lieberman.  When the followers of Christ in Syria are slaughtered by the new government, there will be moral responsibility to bear.

But not on my conscience.  My position is clear:  NO WAR IN SYRIA!  Period.

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