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I have contended for some time that ICLEI has a foreign policy.  The Constitution forbids states and local governments from conducting foreign policy goals. And as the Lord Jesus once said, “…for by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”  (Matthew 12:37 [KJV])  Here it is from ICLEI USA’s own blog!  (Michael Schmitz is the Executive Director of ICLEI USA)

International Engagement and the State Department

Over the past several months, ICLEI has been invited to several meetings with senior State Department officials, interested in how they can support local governments and ICLEI’s mission. Michael Schmitz has met with Jonathan Pershing, Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change (recently appointed to be the Department of Energy’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Change Policy and Technology) on how U.S. local governments can become more integrally involved in upcoming international climate change negotiations and proceedings. A February 2013 meeting with Under Secretary of State Robert B. Hormats continued the conversation on State Department support and collaboration on local climate initiatives. We’ll keep you updated as these conversations continue.  (Emphasis added)

So Schmitz is meeting with officials from our own State Department to coordinate involvement in “international climate change negotiations and proceedings”!  What the State Department ought to be telling ICLEI USA is obey the Constitution – stay out of foreign policy!  May my readers in Texas or Kentucky send this blog to Senators Cruz and Paul!  Defund the Climate Change Policy section at State – maybe the sequester could do some good!

Want more?  How about over 90 former heads of state met in Little Rock, that’s right Little Rock, Arkansas (of course, Hope’s former head of state was there) and so was ICLEI USA!

This week [December 2012] former heads of state, including President Bill Clinton, met in Little Rock, AR, for the Club de Madrid’s annual conference, and signed a partnership intended to help direct what could amount to a major new influx of private investment toward sustainable technology and climate change solutions. ICLEI USA leadership attended the meeting and provided consultation throughout the process. North Little Rock Mayor and ICLEI USA Chair of the Board Patrick Henry Hays played a key role the event.

The Little Rock Accord is an action plan to help direct private sector finance, such as pensions, toward actions and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote climate resilience and sustainability. The Accord formalizes a partnership between the Club de Madrid, a non-profit organization composed of more than 90 democratic former heads of state from over 60 countries, and the P80 Foundation.

Also, ICLEI USA likes to say, we are not that ICLEI over there doing that climate stuff!  We are just a harmless little domestic fuzzball (apologies to Rush on this) ICLEI USA, trying to help cities save energy and reduce carbon emissions.  But now they are out in the open!  Yes, this appears to be the same Don Knapp who sent a letter to a pro-ICLEI columnist in Roanoke!  And Mayor Patrick Henry Hays is the same one who told a James City County supervisor that ICLEI has no relationship with Agenda 21!  (Hays needs to be voted out of office!  I may call the local tea party group and get a report!)

Try this gem from Schmitz (blogger’s note – COP17 is the Waste of Time in Durbin):

3. Engaging in High-Level Negotiations

COP17 marked the first time that local governments were officially recognized by the UNFCCC as official “government stakeholders” with a seat at the table for negotiations. After years of advocacy, ICLEI helped local governments win this designation at the previous meeting, COP16 in Cancun.

ICLEI negotiated and advocated at a UN climate conference before a UN agency for the right of local governments to have a “seat at the table” with other foreign governments and UN agencies!  That’s patently unconstitutional:  “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation…No State shall, without the Consent of Congress,…, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power,…”  Article I, Section 10.

A constitutionalist President would, on his or her first day in office, have his or her Attorney General in the Oval Office with this order:  Tell the cities in ICLEI that they have 30 days to  GET OUT of ICLEI or be sued for violating the Constitution!

Don’t wait for a constitutionalist President!  If your city, town or municipality is in ICLEI, let your elected officials know:  It’s not constitutional for your city to be conducting foreign policy.  Remember, handle it respectfully; God did place those in authority, whether we like them or not!  But we still have freedom to influence policy!  To paraphrase the Bible again, Time to come out from among them!  (See II Corinthians 6:17[KJV])  Get out of ICLEI today.

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