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Mt Olivet Church Republican – African-American Meeting Summary by Terry Beatley

Speaker William Howell Urges Inner City Residents Be Informed and Engaged

Speaker William Howell is making history on two fronts, spearheading the Repeal Amendment and supporting Operation Street.  Thursday, January 13, 2011, Speaker Howell, along with six Republican delegates, John Cosgrove, Tim Hugo, Bill Jannis, Robert Marshall, Jimmie Massie, John O’Bannon ,  were  guest speakers at Mount Olivet Church, an inner city Richmond church on North 25th Street where Bishop Darryl Husband pastors.

Greeted with a warm welcome and a full room, Speaker Howell commented that every year there is pro-family legislation that gets voted down and strongly encouraged constituents to be informed and get involved in the legislative process.  Delegate Jimmie Massie shared the importance of passing the School Choice bill to a very confirming audience and Delegate Tim Hugo offered to take the children on a tour of the General Assembly building and help the Operation Street’s basketball team.

“Operation Street: Where the Rubber Meets the Road” is the fruit of an interesting politically conservative trio: 70 year-old Bishop Charles Arthur West from Reality Church of God, 47 year-old Terry Beatley from No Excuse Ministry and 30 year-old Sonnie Johnson from The Frederick Douglass Foundation.  Beatley jokingly called the trio, “The Oreo Team.”  Since having met at the Richmond Tea Party Convention in October, they began brainstorming on what could be done to help the inner city Richmond community.

“Family values have been destroyed by way of liberal government policies breeding government dependence, poverty and destruction. We want to re-teach biblical family values; help children discover their talents and set their goals high; teach about American Exceptionalism and the fundamentals of our Republic. Keeping them off of the street by investing in their lives and community sports teams with this community coalition is imperative,” Bishop West stated. A proud American, Marine and unapologetic conservative Republican,  West has focused on the youth for decades pouring his time, talent and money into keeping kids involved in sports and out of gangs.  Having been abandoned at 2 years old by his parents and joined a gang by his teen years, he claimed his personal motivation to help the children is because he sees his childhood in each one of the kids.  Proudly, he shared his testimony of raising eight college educated children of his own and passing on his conservative values and patriotism.

This trio team’s goal is to form a city-wide coalition to directly impact residents by forging relationships through a series of community family values educational endeavors including:


  • Knitted By Your Maker: Setting Life Goals and Discovering Talents
  • Understanding America: Fundamentals of our Republic and Duties of Enlightened Citizens
  • Legacy or Lottery: Financial Literacy
  • Frederick Douglass Teen Outreach: Teaching the Next Generation
  • Purity, Patience and Making Plans: Benefits of Sexual Purity

Terry Beatley’s organization, No Excuse Ministry, focuses on exposing black genocide through  federally funded  Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry; how this is a plank in advancing a Marxist worldview; and how so many of the social problems the inner city faces can be traced back to the federal funding of this organization.  “When black Americans awaken to the fact that their own race has been deliberately targeted for years by this organization, they will come to understand that voting pro-life is the most important issue.  Inner city crime, rampant promiscuity, and unwed mothers are just by-products of the social policies of Planned Parenthood.“ Terry will be presenting “When Truth Proliferates…Faith, Family and Freedom Do Too” at Richmond area churches, women’s clubs and political events.

“When I discovered my pro-abortion delegate, Albert Pollard (D), voted against parental consent on minor’s taking the abortion pill; voted against the ultra-sound bill, and the Marriage Amendment among many other egregious votes, I was determined to expose his record and others just like him.  These kinds of votes are destroying family and drive a wedge between parents and children.”  Beatley is also Virginia coordinator for and speaks all over Virginia on the importance of passing the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Sonnie Johnson, The Frederick Douglass Foundation’s Virginia chapter president, directed her talk on personal responsibility to the children and teenagers by reciting a self-authored poem which emphasized what she sees when she looks into the faces of impoverished children.  Inspiring the youth with visions of future doctors, artists, business owners, elected officials and more, she encouraged them by personal example. Sharing how she was born in Richmond to a drug addicted mother, public housing and hopelessness, she decided that that was not the life for her.

One year ago she made a decision to pursue the American dream and now she’s been in a documentary, Fire From The Heartland, guest speaker at Republican events and the Tea Party convention where she received three standing ovations (from nearly an all white audience, she likes to point out)    As Sonnie encouraged the youth to set their life bar higher than they’ve ever expected, all eyes sparkled with hope.  In a deliberate whiplash back to reality, Sonnie solidified her message with “You Have To Want It.” She distributed her business cards; suggested they call her if they have a dream… The oldest teenager has already contacted her.

If Operation Street’s introductory event is any indication, Richmond should brace itself for being a national template of transformation in more ways than one and Virginia’s Speaker of the House, Bill Howell, ushered in this new era in the dark of night, but in the light of day.

For more information on how you can support this endeavor, contact Terry Beatley, (804) 436-6877. [email protected]

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