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My Doctor is a Flaming Pro-ObamaCare Liberal – Time to Change Doctors!

Physicians are supposed to be smart people. It takes a lot of time and study to reach the point that you can call yourself a Doctor. Not to mention the expense of Medical School.

You would at least think someone with all that time and money invested in their education would be a bit self protective of their livelihood, wouldn’t you?

Well, apparently, liberal ideology overrides self economic preservation among the Kool-Aid drinkers.

On Wednesday, the day before the ObamaCare decision came down I had an appointment with my doctor because I needed to refill the  two prescriptions I take for my blood pressure.

First off, let me say – I hate going to see a doctor. Especially when I am not sick. And I have to be pretty darn sick to go to a doctor or hospital.

But my doctor refuses to refill a prescription without an expensive office visit. She has to pay back those student loans and make that BMW payment after all, right?

There has been some consideration of allowing pharmacies to sell some medications over the counter – no prescription needed – including Blood Pressure Medications.

If they do, I can promise you that unless a body part breaks or falls off, I will never go back to a doctor. I have always been a strong proponent of self medicating, a craft I learned in College in the early 1970’s.

So when my doctor walks in the examining room a full 30 minutes after my appointment time (which is fairly good for this practice) and after the usual “How have you been doing?” inquiry, I casually mentioned that I am hoping the Supreme Court will strike down the Health Care Law on Thursday. I told her I had seen my costs rise as a result of all the newly mandatory “free stuff” people love so much. Somebody has to pay for it and society apparently decided I was one of the lucky few. I was thinking, but wisely decided not to voice “I get to foot the bill for people like Sandra Fluke so that she might go out and enjoy wild, unprotected sex with the “free” birth control pills I am providing for her. And I suppose I will also have to pay for her STD treatment and the abortion when this irresponsible woman “forgets” to take the birth control pills I so generously donated for her sexual pleasure.”

Well, even without the Sandra Fluke comment, that brought out the flaming liberal in this otherwise reasonable intelligent physician. Thank God I didn’t call Fluke a slut! There were sharp implements all over that examining room, not to mention the vinal gloves and lubricant prominently displayed on the metal table!

“Everyone is entitled to good, descent Health Care. It is a right,” she said.

Holy crap. She’s out of the closet now. Progressive Alert! Progressive Alert! I think I even saw the faint outline of gills next to the protruding veins in her neck!

She spouted on about how much we all have to pay in higher premiums because those without insurance go to the doctor or hospital and are unable to pay.

“So, let me get this straight,” I said. “My premiums have gone up 30% since the “Affordable” health Care law went into effect and you are saying I was already footing the bill for the uninsured? Why did my costs go up if this law is so great?”

“Well, now more people have coverage than ever before,” she retorted.

“Didn’t you just say the uninsured already got free health care before the law and I was footing the bill? And now, they have insurance and pay nothing, yet my premiums have gone up. How is that helping? What exactly is better? Because my bottom line is worse off. I am being punished financially because I have insurance!”

Obviously that line of thought wasn’t going the way her Progressive ideology infected mind expected.

“Do you have any idea how much the CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield makes,” she snorted?

I think I muttered something like “Probably not enough for such an important job”.

SIX MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR,” she announced. “That is OBSCENE!”

I asked her if she was aware of how insurance companies make money.

“They gouge customers like you on premiums,” she shot back.

“Did you know that it is often the case that Insurance Companies collect less in premium than they pay out in claims and still make a profit,” I inquired?

She refused to believe me. “That’s impossible,” she said.

I told her she needs to do the research and stop believing everything the Left tells her. I told her she should Google “Warren Buffett” and the word “float”. (Here is a link to NPR where this is all explained.)

“Insurance Companies take in billions and billions in premiums and pay most of it back out. But they get their money from the customer first, hold it for a while, and then pay it out. Savvy investing allows them to make a ton of money during the short time they hold the insured’s money. Even a tiny return on investment is huge because of the volume of money flowing in and out. Can you name a single government program that can do that,” I asked?

“Medicare,” she replied. “The recipient doesn’t pay premiums and gets the benefits.”

I cast a wary eye over to the table with the gloves and lube and tried to answer as carefully as possible to attempt to preserve my fleeting shot at leaving that exam room with my dignity intact.

“Medicare is bankrupt. It is a failed program. And the ObamaCare bill took out half a trillion dollars as part of the smoke and mirror accounting gimmick to make it look like ObamaCare was funded. And I am paying the Medicare Premiums for those on Medicare now, in addition to higher costs for my own insurance,” I told her.

“And as far as the $6 Million salary for the CEO of Blue Cross,” I said as I pulled up the BCBS website on my SmartPhone, “they have 100 million subscribers, so his salary works out to one half of a penny per month per subscriber. If we took away his salary and made him work for free, my premiums would drop 6 cents per year. Athletes make a lot more money than this CEO, but do they also employ hundreds of thousands of people and provide good benefits for them? And a safe working environment? As well as paying you $125 for your office visit in addition to my $25? I would say my 6 cents a year is money well spent. What I find obscene is the fact that I have to come in here every 6 months and pay you all this money just to write two prescriptions because you refuse to simple call in another 6 months of refills without without extorting $150 from me.”

I’m pretty sure that at that point my blood pressure was approaching stroke levels, but I had to go on.

“ObamaCare attacks the wrong target. Insurance premiums are simply a reflection of greedy doctors who demand $150 for a prescription from a healthy patient as a way to make money and pay their Malpractice Insurance which demands that the doctors run unnecessary tests to cover the doctor’s ass, and I have to pay for them. Insurance is the symptom. The disease is doctors like you that are all too willing to place the blame on the insurance providers while running up the cost for people like me with unnecessary tests and office visits. ObamaCare is designed to put Insurance Companies out of business, plain and simple. Which will leave the government the only source of medical care. While Obama is attacking the Insurance Companies today, rest assured that once they are gone, he will come for you next. The days of $150 payments in your pocket for an office visit will end. Your reimbursement from the government will not be sweetened by investment “float” and will come directly from tax dollars. Obama’s idea of social justice is when a Wal-Mart greeter finally makes the same thing as a physician. And believe me, the salary for a greeter is not going to come up to your salary level. Yours will go down.”

“Now can you write the damn prescriptions and let me get over to the lab area so they can draw my blood for the unnecessary tests that will put even more money in your pocket?”

She got quiet, wrote the prescriptions, handed me the paperwork for the blood vampire profit station down the hall and walked out without another word.

After a few minutes wait, I was called for my blood work. The nurse put the tourniquet above my elbow, tapped the vein and rubbed the area with alcohol.

“Little stick,” she muttered as she jabbed the needle in.

“The doctor probably thought I used a pretty big stick,” I replied.

“Pardon me,” she said?

“Oh, nothing. Just talking to myself,” I said.

She pulled out the needle and put a strip of tape over the gauze and I headed to my car.

Checking the prescriptions, I noticed she circled “12” refills, which means I have 13 months to find another doctor who will write me a couple of prescriptions instead of the usual 6 months.

But in the back of my mind, I wonder. Did I get through to her? Or did the prescription form just not have an “unlimited” option so she would never have to put up with my Conservative mouth again?

If she’s a Progressive, then it’s the latter. If she’s a reasonable thinker, there may be hope for her future as a doctor.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

40 Responses to “My Doctor is a Flaming Pro-ObamaCare Liberal – Time to Change Doctors!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a great read. Far better than those abstract criticisms of ObamaCare because you actually reference real things and directly point out the flaws.

    • Tom White says:

      Thanks. Actually true, too. I am hoping my company does not decide to drop insurance at the end of the year because of this law. I’m too young for Medicare, make too much for Medicaid and can’t afford to pay a penalty. And at 57, I really have to have coverage. I am one of those who was better off without ObamaCare.

      • T O'Coileain says:

        Dear Mr White,I am a physician way on the other side. You are the type of patient I like. In the last few years I have taken care of some union types and very liberal wealthy people getting other subsidies, and they are very demanding. They come in at the drop of a hat-3 bug bites-they’re in my office-because somebody else is paying.There is an organization of more conservative physicians, who sued and derailed Hillary care, and who still have a case in court on BlamaTaxCare. Go to

      • President says:

        Please do stop gong to the doctor, even if you get sick.

  2. Sara says:

    It’s all idiocy. If a person doesn’t have a job to pay for insurance, but is mandated to have insurance, the money will have to come from somewhere. As the economy tanks, more people will be out of work. The idea that wage earners still in the workforce will see premiums go down long term is absurd under any scenario.

    Obamacare is bound to fail so we all end up being groped and probed by ill-trained TSA type bureaucrats doing a “decent” job. Notice she didn’t say we were entitled to “great” or even “good” healthcare. Because anything other than barely passable is too high a standard for government work. And that’s our future.

  3. Jack Lee says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for your willingness to take the time and do the HARD work of educating brainwashed people. Your efforts are VERY valuable and GREATLY appreciated! Keep at it my friend, more and more reinforcements are joining the Campaign for Liberty on a daily basis. Freedom is NOT FREE!

  4. Kathy Alward says:

    From this day forward, I have made myself a promise not to hand over even ONE PENNY–NOT ONE PENNY–of my hard-earned money to a clerk or a business owner without asking this question of them first, “Will you vote for candidates this November who will do everything in their power to repeal Obamacare in its entirety?”

    If they weasel around doing the “Politically Correct Dance” so they don’t have to answer my question OR if they say “NO…or any variation of NO”, I will…slowly and deliberately (so that my actions register with them)…put back whatever I was going to purchase. Then, as I put my money back in my purse or my pocket, I will very clearly explain my actions to them so they understand:

    1. why I will no longer frequent their place of business, AND
    2. why I will tell everyone I know why they should not support that specific business.

    I am a local Insurance Broker. My business is helping other locally-owned businesses (between 2-50 employees in size) save money on their insurance premiums. I take pride in what I do, because, in many cases, the money I save my business owners helps these entrepreneurs offset sky-rocketing operating costs.

    The bottom line is if I can help them save money on their group premiums, that might be the difference they need to be able to keep their doors open, make payroll, and God willing, expand their businesses in this toilet-bowl-economy. I give small, locally-owned business owners one more arrow in their quiver to keep up the fight and do what they can do to grow and prosper.

    Am I plugging me and my business? As Sarah Palin would say, “You Betcha!” Because I am going to ask you to do exactly what I’ve decided I’m going to do:



    –If they are not willing to voice their support protecting the Founding Father’s view of America, FIRE THEM & spend your money with someone who shares your values!

    –If they are not willing to step up and support candidates who publicly promise to promote fiscal reform and protect constitutional principles, FIRE THEM & spend your money with someone who shares your values!

    Hire and work with people–like you and me–people who want to expand every opportunity we have to reclaim this One Nation, Under God!

    ps> If you know someone who will be needing a good Insurance Broker, my email is [email protected] and my phone number is: 804-512-2521. If you share my views, please know that I welcome and cherish each opportunity I have to serve you and anyone you ever refer to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you want to force business owners to stake out a political position and risk alienating customers? I don’t look to my neighborhood grocery store as a political machine, so why would you put businesses in that position when most of them simply wouldn’t want to offend their clients by taking positions like that?

      Also, where does the notion that a business has to share my values come from? The idea of a free-market economy is that those with the best products rise to the top (“Is Rearden Metal Good or Not?!”; Atlas Shrugged) and don’t get propped up by some artificial emotional sympathies.

      • Walt Fitzhugh says:

        Kinda like the same way ObamaCare utilizes the Free Market economy to make the World’s best Health Care system more efficient and cost effective?

        If ObamaCare sticks, God Help Us, because the entire system will be politicized!

        Personally, I do everything reasonably possible to only do business with Conservative Christian people. That way, I know the probability is VERY high that I am not getting ripped off and will not have any problems.

        Interesting enough, there are gobs and gobs of businesses working with our HA based Multi-million dollar Super PAC. Working on getting Conservative Christian candidates elected. Won 10/11 in the 2010 elections! and plan to win many more in 2012!

      • Kathy Alward says:

        Interesting response…

        NOWHERE in my post did I suggest that I would “force business owners to stake out a political position and risk alienating customers,” as you suggested in your reply.

        If one of my customers or clients chooses not to do business with me because I hold strong positions about protecting our Constitution, fiscal reform, personal liberty (and a host of other ideas and values that are important to me), then I’d suggest that they probably need to start doing business with some left-leaning-liberal business owner. At that point, it becomes my job to REPLACE them with other people who share my beliefs and values and who want to work with me because of who I am and how I do business.

        You’ll notice I SIGN my real name to anything I every post. “Anonymous” is so wiggly, isn’t it? Do I risk losing some business because I take a stand? Maybe, but I have the greatest, most honest and loyal clients; I’m proud to serve each and every one of them…and I’m perfectly fine losing the “wiggly” ones.

        I believe in freedom and personal liberty to my core. So, I would not presume to introduce “force” into a discussion about choosing where and how and with whom I will be spending my hard-earned money.

        I have very simply shared my personal opinion that I am in lock-step with the “Time to Change My Doctor” post. In the past, I was willing to support any local business or retailer, many times just because their physical business location is convenient and close to my home, or for a variety of other simple, insignificant reasons. That stops now.

        I will now be very, very selective about choosing NOT to put my money in the pockets of liberal-leaning service providers or retailers who, in turn, use that money to support causes that are diametrically opposed to the values I hold dear (like Obamacare!).

        Furthermore, I’ve already heard from a good many of my friends & business associates since I posted today to tell me they will be doing exactly the same thing. Isn’t that exciting! So we’ll be walking and talking with our dollars.

        God Bless America — THAT’S THE FREEE MARKET WORKING AT IT’S FINEST! It’s not just about producing a good product…the people behind the product make all the difference in the world.

        • Glenn L. says:

          Beautifully stated. I love your passion and love of Country! I like your suggestions of being more choosy about doing business only w/ those that espouse my views. Count me in!

    • T O'Coileain says:

      Good idea. And guess what, Anonymous; force is not involved here. Only choice is involved.We have to stop enabling the non-producers. Thank goodness more people who do real work understand what you mean, Ms Alward, so you are likely to run into a lot of business people who agree with you.

  5. W.s. Wright says:

    Who is this MD if you don’t mind me asking sir? I want to make sure none of my family or friends get stuck w/ her or help out her practice in anyway!

  6. James says:

    Well done Tom , made may day.

  7. Once again, Tom White did it – a hugely popular article on a timely subject! Rah for him. (Meanwhile, I slog about the Olympics and nobody cares!)

    Sandy Sanders

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