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MY HERO: Senator MIKE LEE of UTAH – he STOPPED a SNEAKY ATTEMPT to pass the DISABILITIES TREATY and CAME UP with 35 other senators who WILL NOT VOTE YES THIS SESSION! reported and The Hill confirms that there was first a sneaky attempt to pass the sovereignty-killing, unnecessary, dangerous (especially to parental rights and homeschoolers) Convention to Protect the Rights of the Disabled (CPRD) stopped by Utah Senator Mike Lee and then the wonderful “round robin” letter Lee then produced, signed by enough Senators to block any treaty during the remaining “lame duck” session.  For that, Senator Lee is my hero this week maybe this month!

First, the sneaky stuff:

From’s email that comes to me (and thousands of others!):

Last Wednesday when Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois proposed that the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) be adopted by the Senate by unanimous consent (UC), it looked for a brief moment like the battle might be lost and our freedoms signed away. But a “unanimous consent” motion means any one objection is enough to halt it. We are grateful to know several senators who would have come to our defense, but on Wednesday Senator Mike Lee of Utah was that “one.” He spoke up boldly in opposition to adopting something as significant as an international treaty that dictates domestic law, without even so much as discussion and a vote.

I am sorry but not surprised that Senator Durbin is involved in something like this.  It is sneaky and devious.  No law, especially a treaty binding on every judge in this nation, should be passed in such a manner.  Thanks to Senator Lee for stopping this attempt.  Moral:  Watch liberals carefully.

Now we have The Hill’s version, with the “round robin”  (The “Round Robin” was a document produced by a Louisiana state senator to prevent the Kingfish’s impeachment in 1929, signed by enough senators to stop impeachment; probably all the senators and Long, too should have been impeached!) attached:

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) tried Thursday to pass by unanimous consent a treaty that recognizes the rights of people with disabilities worldwide.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) objected to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a treaty proposed by the United Nations that would require approval from two-thirds of the Senate.

Lee said he and 36 other senators, who’ve signed a letter, need more time to look at the treaty, which wouldn’t require any changes to U.S. laws or cost the government any money. The treaty requires countries that sign on to be more accessible for people with disabilities as well as dealing with education and hiring issues — things already under U.S. law through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

There is an insidious lie in The Hill’s coverage.  This treaty WOULD change US law and might probably cost more money, to boot!  See this blog entry for details.  Suffice it to say, no homeschooling parent should support this treaty:  The government can come in and say you must send your “disabled” (special needs) child needs government school (read indoctrination) programs!  (Even the title of the article implies some sort of evil obstruction by Republicans:  GOP blocks vote on treaty recognizing rights of people with disabilities)  Also there is reporting to foreign committees which I (and the Constitution) can never abide!

Just to show how foolish Senator Durbin and Senator Harkin are, they want US to be bound by this treaty so that disabled people can go to other nations and have access!

Durbin and Harkin stressed that the bill would benefit Americans with disabilities who travel to other countries that don’t have the same ADA standards.

“We live in a very mobile society,” Harkin said. “People with disabilities should be able to live, travel, study abroad freely just as they do here in the United States.”

So, I say, let the other nations agree to lose their sovereignty and sacrifice parental rights so that our people can have access then!  Don’t take away ours!  More aspirational nonsense:

“I don’t know what it would take to satisfy my colleague from Utah,” Harkin said. “It took agencies more than a year to go through and make sure there is no conflict … I don’t know what would satisfy him … it’s an almost impossible barrier.

Senator Harkin might trust the Obama administration but I certainly don’t!  So, I think we need to first thank Senator Lee (go here!) and also watch out for the 35 Senators who have said no to this treaty in the lame duck session.  (What we need is a ban on lame duck sessions unless there is war or the President certifies to Congress that it is in the national interest – that is a useful Constitutional Amendment!)  Let us remember that elections matter!

Also here‘s the letter from Senator Lee!  It’s a beautiful thing!





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