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Naming Names: Virginia Republicans Supporting Agenda 21 Power Grab in the Commonwealth

Virginia House Bill 2048 stinks to high heaven.

Agenda 21 – the United Nation’s plan to control land, sea and air is now well on the way to becoming law as it passed the “Conservative” House of Delegates.

Consolidation of water quality programs. Moves several water quality programs currently administered by the Department of Conservation and Recreation to the Department of Environmental Quality. The Department of Environmental Quality and the State Water Control Board will have oversight of water quality planning and laws dealing with stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, and the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas. The Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board will have continuing responsibility for oversight of the soil and water conservation districts and of resource management planning. The Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board will continue to be responsible for administration of the flood prevention and dam safety laws. The Board will continue to be staffed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

So which Republicans screwed us?

The list is long, my friends. And the knives are sunk deep in our backs as well as our wallets. And I am ashamed to say I have – in the past – supported some of these traitors.

This is going to cost all of us! It should cost these Republican Delegates their seats.

If your delegate is not on this list, consider yourself lucky. 50 Republicans voted to take away your property rights.


Member NameDistrictPartyCapitol PhoneDistrict Phone
Albo, David B.42ndR(804) 698-1042(703) 451-3555
Anderson, Richard L.51stR(804) 698-1051(571) 264-9983
Byron, Kathy J.22ndR(804) 698-1022(434) 582-1592
Cole, Mark L.88thR(804) 698-1088(540) 786-3402
Comstock, Barbara J.34thR(804) 698-1034(703) 772-7168
Cosgrove, John A.78thR(804) 698-1078(757) 547-3422
Cox, M. Kirkland66thR(804) 698-1066(804) 526-5135
Crockett-Stark, Anne B.6thR(804) 698-1006(276) 227-0247
Dudenhefer, L. Mark2ndR(804) 698-1002(703) 403-9710
Edmunds, James E., II60thR(804) 698-1060(434) 476-0077
Fariss, C. Matthew59thR(804) 698-1059(434) 821-5929
Gilbert, C. Todd15thR(804) 698-1015(540) 459-7550
Greason, Thomas A.32ndR(804) 698-1032(703) 203-3203
Head, Christopher T.17thR(804) 698-1017(540) 283-2839
Helsel, Gordon C., Jr.91stR(804) 698-1091(757) 969-9036
Howell, William J.28thR(804) 698-1028(540) 371-1612
Iaquinto, Salvatore R.84thR(804) 698-1084(757) 430-0102
Ingram, Riley E.62ndR(804) 698-1062(804) 458-9873
Jones, S. Chris76thR(804) 698-1076(757) 483-6242
Knight, Barry D.81stR(804) 698-1081(757) 426-6387
Landes, R. Steven25thR(804) 698-1025(540) 255-5335
LeMunyon, James M.67thR(804) 698-1067(703) 264-1432
Lingamfelter, L. Scott31stR(804) 698-1031(703) 580-1294
Loupassi, G. M. (Manoli)68thR(804) 698-1068(804) 440-6223
Marshall, Daniel W., III14thR(804) 698-1014(434) 797-5861
Massie, James P. (Jimmie), III72ndR(804) 698-1072(804) 377-0100
May, Joe T.33rdR(804) 698-1033(703) 777-1191
Merricks, Donald W.16thR(804) 698-1016(434) 432-3370
Miller, Jackson H.50thR(804) 698-1050(703) 244-6172
Morris, Richard L.64thR(804) 698-1064(757) 912-1644
O'Bannon, John M., III73rdR(804) 698-1073(804) 282-8640
Orrock, Robert D., Sr.54thR(804) 698-1054(540) 891-1322
Pogge, Brenda L.96thR(804) 698-1096(757) 223-9690
Poindexter, Charles D.9thR(804) 698-1009(540) 576-2600
Purkey, Harry R.82ndR(804) 698-1082(757) 481-1493
Ramadan, David I.87thR(804) 698-1087(703) 348-7015
Ransone, Margaret B.99thR(804) 698-1099(804) 493-8484
Robinson, Roxann L.27thR(804) 698-1027(804) 308-1534
Rust, Thomas Davis86thR(804) 698-1086(703) 437-9400
Scott, Edward T.30thR(804) 698-1030(540) 825-6400
Sherwood, Beverly J.29thR(804) 698-1029(540) 667-8947
Stolle, Christopher P.83rdR(804) 698-1083(757) 633-2080
Surovell, Scott A.44thD(804) 698-1044(571) 249-4484
Tata, Robert85thR(804) 698-1085(757) 340-3510
Villanueva, Ronald A.21stR(804) 698-1021(757) 216-3883
Ware, R. Lee, Jr.65thR(804) 698-1065(804) 598-6696
Webert, Michael J.18thR(804) 698-1018(540) 999-8218
Wilt, Tony O.26thR(804) 698-1026(540) 437-1450
Wright, Thomas C., Jr.61stR(804) 698-1061(434) 696-3061
Yost, Joseph R.12thR(804) 698-1012(540) 577-4984



About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

13 Responses to “Naming Names: Virginia Republicans Supporting Agenda 21 Power Grab in the Commonwealth”

  1. Rick Sincere says:

    It’s not clear from the summary text of the bill that you posted (1) why it is bad legislation or (2) how it is related to Agenda 21.

    Both might be true. But neither point is obvious from the text you provided.

    • Tom White says:

      This bill gives unprecedented powers to the DEQ to regulate any and all rain runoff and impose fines. Does rain run off your roof? They will now control that. It’s about property rights and the powers being granted to unelected officials. And if you look at who is behind this bill: Va Assoc. of Counties, Va Municipal League, Sierra Club, Planners, Planning District Commissions and more. All proponents of Agenda 21. Most of the readers here are well educated in Agenda 21 and placing this much power in the hands of the DEQ will not bode well for Virginians and their property.

  2. JOHANNE says:

    Dear God, Please Tell Me This Is Not True! How can this happen? It doesn’t take a lot of “due diligence” to put “Stop U.N. Agenda 21” in the Google search engine to see 10 pages of articles about communities and states fighting this Anti American terrorism in the United States, talking about the devastation being caused to individuals, families, businesses, cities and states. Furthermore, didn’t the Governor of Virginia head the Republican Platform committee, whose Platform specifically spoke against Agenda 21? There’s a lot more that the citizens of Virginia, the United States and their governing bodies need to know for their own survival.
    I am speaking from my own experience with Agenda 21 and from my heart for the future generations of the United States…..for the people, not the “common good earth worshipers”.

    • Tom White says:

      They all know. Every one.

      The problem is, the advocates of this garbage are quite good at morphing the message and hiding their sinister intent. We must be vigilant. Most Legislators don’t bother to ask the question “If we pass this bill giving the DEQ massive new powers, what’s the down side?”

      The down side is that we lose our property rights to the whims of a bureaucrat with a hidden agenda.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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