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There was a time, when National Review was edited by William F. Buckley, Jr., that his/its pronouncements were authoritative.  Bill Buckley was a bit like a secular pope for young conservatives like me.  If Buckley said it, it was ex cathedra and spoken with the magisterium.  But, the pope is dead and his successors are beginning to practice heresy.  It’s bad enough that they do not understand Ron Paul’s positions, but now we see NR allowing this type of article:  Defending our elections to be watched over by foreigners, that’s very disappointing.

John Fund argues that it’s okay because their conclusion will put liberals in their place:

Given the hyper-partisan rhetoric of the ACLU, the NAACP, and the Advancement Project in denouncing sensible steps to clean up our election process, I’ll take my chances on having foreign observers come in and look at things dispassionately. But if they don’t find evidence of “voter suppression,” don’t expect to hear much about their conclusions in the mainstream media.

What if they do not?  I have already shown they disdain federalism, the Tea Party and Citizens United.  So they don’t always agree with our values.  But Fund even criticizes our elections and compares them to Mexico:

Representative Mack claims that election monitoring “should be reserved for third-world countries, banana republics, and fledging democracies.”

Well, no. The 2000 Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case exposed to the rest of the world the fact that Florida and some other U.S. states have sloppy election systems that are far less advanced than, say, countries such as Mexico.

Ever since the emergence of multiparty democracy in Mexico in 2000, that country has required voters to present a photo ID, write a signature, and give a thumbprint. The ID that voters carry includes a picture with a hologram covering it, a magnetic strip, and a serial number to guard against tampering. To cast a ballot, voters must present the card and be certified by a thumbprint scanner.

Well, I am for a reasonable ID law for voting but I am not for a biometric ID for all voters!  Why give liberals aid and comfort by citing Bush v. Gore?  Rep. Mack (who should be Senator Mack) is right.  It’s outrageous for foreigners to watch our elections and more outrageous for us to give a report or answer to a foreign body.  The Constitution does not authorize it.  We need leaders who will stand up and call out these ridiculous UN treaties and specious and unconstitutional obligations.  Bill Buckley once said true conservatives cannot cavort with the John Birch Society.  I followed along at the time.  But it seems today, the JBS is better on sovereignty than NRO:

Analysts and activists across the country promptly showered praise on the state of Texas and its officials for standing up to the controversial international scheme while protecting state sovereignty, constitutional values, and the rule of law. However, more than a few experts also warned that the UN and its affiliates were becoming increasingly threatening. If America hopes to maintain its freedom and sovereignty, it must continue to resist any and all efforts to impose or even legitimize purported international “authority” over the American people.

That is bothersome.  No more foreign election observers in the USA.  We do not answer to foreigners.  Period.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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