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UKIP is reporting that their newly chosen MP candidate for the Newark by-election, MEP Roger Helmer, was received in his first campaign effort a few days ago:

“On Wednesday, I went for the first time (as a declared by-election candidate) to Newark, and walked around the market square with twenty or so UKIP activists, carrying placards and rosettes (and my thanks to all of them for coming).  We were surrounded by reporters and cameramen.  And I was simply astonished by the reaction of stallholders and the public in the square.  They shouted.  They cheered.  They roared approval.  It was (as a colleague said) “seismic beyond words”.

“A Guardian journalist who was covering the event affirmed in astonishment “I’ve covered a lot of by-elections, and I’ve simply never seen a reaction like that!”  I’ve been in politics (and representing Newark in the European parliament) for fifteen years, and I’ve never seen anything like it, either.

I decided to try to find the Guardian’s coverage.  And I found it:

Ukip’s Newark byelection candidate Roger Helmer was greeted like a celebrity as he launched his campaign to be the party’s first MP – in a sign his controversial comments about rape and homosexuality appear to have had little effect on the electorate.

The 70-year-old was cheered by market traders as he visited the Nottinghamshire seat, which was vacated by former Tory Patrick Mercer after a lobbying scandal.

This might be a good time for a bit of schooling from Clarence the Farage Labourite on electioneering in the UK (slightly edited):

Phone banking is not a widely active practise in the UK. Britons do not take kindly to a Political Parties rep phoning them up and intruding on their time. Its a big no no.

As a party branch, like all others. We do do a lot of door to door canvassing. Posting of party leaflets. Looking at these European elections… my home, I have received no leaflets from any other party, yet I have received 2 leaflets from UKIP. And there is still time.  I’m not sure if the other parties are fearing the worst and are not putting the effort in. Polls are showing a battering for the 3 main parties.

All UKIP branches also hold STOP AND TALK days where we visit busy shopping centres with a stall and talk to passers by. Never hassle the public. No need. The amount of people stopping to talk always keeps us busy.

The party also hold local hustings meetings in Town halls and such so that the general public can listen to a speech and ask questions. These are very popular. No other Party holds these meetings at the moment. Its all about taking politics back to the people. Again this is where the main 3 parties are so distant from the people they wish to gain a vote.

I like no phone banking!  Can I run for MP as a UKIP member?  🙂  But I hate door-to-door campaigning too!  I’ll just stay here and blog…

I especially like the Sky News poll but complacency brings defeat!  We’ll see.  Is it May 22 yet?



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