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The Greek elections come up a week from today (May 5) and the people are wise to the fact the major parties, whether left or right, are the handmaidens of the EU elite:

He [another young Greek voter] and his friend Christos Spulas, 25, broke out in laughter when asked if they would vote for ND or PASOK.

“No way,” said Spulas. “They’re all the same, and none of these parties are good for Greece. I’m not going to vote for anyone. It’s a very hard time to be looking for a job in Greece. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in engineering or economics. We’re all unemployed.”

I hope Spulas will reconsider not voting.  But they do have it right.  The major parties are useless for Greece.  They are no longer a sovereign nation.  Their debt forces them to go along with what the EU elites require them to do.  (This is why we MUST get a handle on the debt in the USA.  We cannot be told what to do by other nations or international institutions.)

There are encouraging signs in this article; the young adults are looking for an alternative and so are their grandfathers:

Mass defections from the ruling parties by the elderly, once their most loyal voters, will lead to a crumbling of support on May 6, pollsters say. About 30 percent of Greece’s 9.85 million strong electorate – 2.8 million – is over 65.

At the other end of the spectrum, legions of young voters are also turning their back on the two parties that have taken turns ruling Greece for the last four decades. About 15 percent of the electorate – 1.4 million – is 18 to 29.

The unemployment rate for Greeks under the age of 25 tops 50 percent. Hordes of young Greeks who have seen their career hopes destroyed by the economic implosion are also expected to turn their backs on ND and PASOK, pollsters say.

Opinion polls show gains for small parties that oppose the steep wage and pension cuts imposed on Greece by the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in return for aid.

A recent poll indicates that anti-EU parties could win a majority:

New Democracy(ND) 14% (Conservative) PASOK 12% (Socialist) Independent Greeks 11% (Hard Right) SYRIZA 11% (Hard Left) KKE 9% (Communist) Golden Dawn 9% (Neo-Nazi) Democratic Left 8%.

Some of those parties are unacceptable to me.  Neo-Nazis, Communists, maybe the Hard Left and Right, too. But they all hate the EU:

“…the results of the poll indicate that an anti-bailout coalition, and thus anti-EU, could result. As the Slog notes, “it would take only SYRIZA to join with Independent Greeks and New Democracy to form a majority anti-Brussels coalition Government.”

But the EU elites can stop the hand wringing and look in the mirror on Monday, May 7 and blame themselves.  They took away liberty and sovereignty and replaced it with an empire that had no legitimacy.   At least when the states ratified the Constitution, there was some degree of popular sovereignty.  There was hard debate and the anti-Federalists almost won.  They might very well have won but for the promise of a Bill of Rights.

There may be a liberty alternative:  The new Pirate Party of Greece:

Officially recognized three months ago, the Pirate Party is the newest party in crisis-torn Greece. While the established parties in Greece have thousands of paid election staff, the Pirates have to make do with 150 volunteers. Their goal: to fight the dramatic economic crisis with Pirate ideals.

Sounds like the R3volution to me!  Of course like in the US, the establishment won’t make it easy:

There is a law that determines how much time each political party is entitled to for advertisements on national television. However, the Pirate Party of Greece is excluded from this process along with all  other new parties. Parliamentary democracy in Greece does its best to prevent any new effort and to thwart any attempt to change the situation in the country.


Eventually, we started printing. Deadlines are of course impossible to meet. The Ministry of Internal Affairs published a statement saying that due to  the“lack of time”, the prefectures are to receive the ballots even after the legal deadline, for a «reasonable period of time», without specifying, however, how much time is considered reasonable. So, every prefecture applies a different deadline!
Employees of the prefecture of Attica for example decided that a reasonable period of time is until Sunday, the 29th. The vice-prefect of the prefecture of Rhodes, on the other hand, has decided to strictly adhere to the legal deadlines and will not accept ballots past the official deadline, i.e. Friday the 27th.

Maybe the prefecture of Rhodes won’t decide the election.  But it appears the Pirates are on the ballot in 2/3s of the districts:
The Pirate Party of Greece is 3 months old, has 800 members and is competing in the same political arena as the parties above, bringing forward candidates in two-thirds of all Greek constituencies.
If the Pirates get 3%, they will have their first national parliament members outside of Scandinavia.  I would love to see an anti-EU coalition win but the EU elites will refuse to accept the results.  But its their own fault.  Maybe the Pirates can be acceptable but still anti-EU (which they are not really but they will have to be to accomplish their anti-copyright message) and pro-liberty certainly. That’s more than I can say about the commies and nazis!  We’ll see.


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