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#NeverTrump Complainers Resoundingly Crushed at GOP Convention in Cleveland

For all the noise and vibrato coming from a tiny minority of Republican voters who want to “Dump Trump” or whatever the “clever” hash tag of the day might be, the GOP Rules Committee sent them all packing with their tails between their legs last night during the Rules Committee meeting that marks the start of the GOP Convention.

The defeat was a humiliating 87-12 defeat.

The would be usurpers used several amendments to try to deny Donald Trump the nomination despite his winning 36 states and almost 14 million primary votes – a record by about 1.4 million votes!

They introduced amendments that would allow them to vote their “conscience” and another to unbind the delegates.

I am not too sure how conscience comes in to play. The voters of Virginia spoke and Trump won the primary, followed by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz a distant third. The Virginia Delegate count was allocated based on that result. Each of the delegates knew that before becoming delegates and pledged to uphold their duty to present the delegate allocation at the Convention. Yes several objected. Led by the chief antagonist Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia Delegation was stacked with Cruz supporters, a handful of whom refused to accept the will of Virginia voters, supporting the efforts to nullify the primary results. And also supporting the amendment to unbind the Delegates.

Most consider that a clear lack of conscience. Delegates are not there to vote their OWN vote, rather, they are elected to carry the predetermined proxy as the voters issued it. They accepted the terms and conditions of being bound in the first round and then decide they want to violate that pledge.

And to make matters even worse, Ken Cuccinelli whipped the Cruz-bots into a frenzy with some cockeyed scheme to grab some power for himself while ostensibly convincing his and Cruz’ disciples this was some kind of decentralization plan to give power to the people. Right on!

Fortunately, Cuccinelli’s hair brained plans, his unbinding efforts and “conscience” plot were soundly defeated.

Cuccinelli may have made the most erroneous calculations of the Presidential Election season. He chose to cast his lot with the guy that came in third place in the Commonwealth. And Cruz wasn’t even a close third. And when you add to the calculation that the vast majority of the former Cruz supporters have done what is expected of anyone calling themselves Republicans and decided to vote for Trump. Leaving Cuccinelli as the head of the coalition of the disgruntled Cruz supporters who are too bitter to accept the fact that Ted Cruz lost.

Most of the former Cruz supporters have done what we always do, decided to support the winner of the GOP Nomination process. It is no secret that not many of them are enthusiastic about their decision. And I hope that will change as their perspective changes. But even if it does not, their heart tells them that Hillary is a monster that must never be president. And the recent exhibit of her being above the law was a shining example that saw a number of former Cruz supporters to see the light. This woman will destroy what is left of America on her way to the Bank of Hillary.

But the fact is, a few of the Cruz supporters will remain anti-Trump and completely unconcerned about the consequences of their hatred of Trump and the fact that they are helping Hillary win the election. Fortunately, they are so few in number as to be inconsequential and they are dwindling fast. A few were clinging to the last ditch long-shot that was just defeated in Cleveland. So without any options at all now, the only logical move will be give up their failed Cruz campaign this year and help defeat Hillary, if only with their vote.

Others won’t follow that course, laying in a verbal siege with callous disregard of the outcome and absolutely no alternative path. These people we must write off as Hillary supporters. They hold no value to Republicans and no value to Americans who understand that we must stop Hillary.

I have to shake my head at the pompous self righteousness of a lot of those who will never support the Republican nominee. Most of these people consider themselves far right Christians and see Trump as imperfect in their eyes. Their favorite admonition of him is that he is a serial philanderer who was married several times. In their mind, God has to hate Donald Trump because they have judged him inferior morally.

Perhaps they should consider other “morally inferior” men that God has chosen to lead throughout history.

How would these people today have judged Abraham? Abraham had 8 wives and concubines (mistresses). Somehow I think we would have a #NeverAbraham hash tag going around and “Christian” people saying the same hateful things about him as they do about Trump.

Sorry about Cruz. The Republican Party rejected him. And they elected Trump. We can’t know God’s will, we can only pray it will be revealed. And if His will is not revealed, can you be sure that Donald Trump is not God’s plan?

Personally, I believe Trump is the man sent to fix this nation. I know many people would prefer to have someone who could double as a pastor, but the demographics of America has been changing under Barack Obama. In 2008, the top voting block in America was Catholics (23%) followed by White Evangelicals (20%) and White Protestants (19). In 4th place were those who have no religion with 14%. In 8 short years under Obama, the non Religious have gone from 14% to 21% and are now the largest voting block, overtaking the rest. (Source)

America is not going to elect a far right religious person like Ted Cruz. Not today. Hillary, with all her warts, will be preferable to what the Democrats and their lap dogs in the press will say about Cruz. It is the same campaign they have successfully run many times.

Trump is imperfect. But I truly believe he is the perfect man for this job in this time.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

4 Responses to “#NeverTrump Complainers Resoundingly Crushed at GOP Convention in Cleveland”

  1. Cuccinelli and his forces got crushed 99-12. After all that silly hype. Tom, you and I called this for what is was a month ago: a PR stunt with no chance of success. Thanks. John
    john Fredericks recently posted…REMINDER: District 4 Convention is May 21!My Profile

  2. lawrence wood says:

    The new spin from the Virginia delegation is that Cuccinelli and his band of merry “unbinders” were not really NeverTrumpers but rather just supporters of the other two rules amendments put forth before the Rules Committee regarding future primary process which were really all in the best and complete interest of the grassroots whom they so deeply care about, honest. In fact they are heartbroken that there fellow anti-Trump meanies caused their amendments to be thrown out with the rest of the anti-Trump trash.

    It’s difficult to even type this with a straight face but that is the cover story and they are going to stick to it, period. The sad part is many who don’t follow the media statements and blogging efforts of this crowd closely may actually buy into this crock. Reminders come re-election time for these individuals need to be forthcoming to refresh everyone’s recollection of the actual facts regarding the games played here.

  3. Bob Shannon

    Of all the reasons and proclamations made by the anti-Trump folks, the one that just jumps off the page immediately for me is the claim that ” Trump isn’t even a Republican ” ???

    Just what the hell does that even mean ? What definition of republican are they referencing ? Is it the republican Governor that raised 6 billion in new taxes ? Is it the republican controlled House that promised Americans they would cut FY 2011 Budget by 30 billion—-then cut nothing. Is it the republican controlled U.S Senate that has caved each and every time to the Oligarch/King Obama , refusing to stop any of his countless executive orders with a bevy of available tools they cowardly refuse to utilize ? Is it the republican Speaker Ryan’s promise that this fall we will return to normal order, voting on each of the 12 appropriation bills and stop this madness of Omnibus Spending bills ……who believes Ryan will actually do this when the progressives start throwing tantrums ?

    For the 10th or so time, the difference between the 2 parties only exists when the election cycles roll around, and only then in slogans & platitudes, campaign promises they never even seriously contemplate keeping.

    So for those of you who are hung up on ” Trump isn’t a real republican”, maybe you might address the questions I’ve raised above and stop with the symbolic nonsense , acting as if their is any substantial difference anymore between the 2 parties.

    The hatred and animosity aimed at Trump is that the status quo gets disrupted if he wins, the tax code gets major reform and spending priorities get realigned. The folks benefiting know this, and know Trump will indeed be moving some peoples cheese.
    Bob Shannon King William

  4. Paul T says:

    Hopefully slippery Cruz is done forever ! He took his ball and went home. Could he be satisfied to have fun in his own sandbox. He is so two faced and has a really quick answer anytime someone asks did he know about the pictures of Trump’s wife being made public ? “My PAC did that ” and we’re supposed to believe he knew nothing about that. Sure Ted anything you say and “remember I am the smartest man in the room” !

    Bob Shannon you are so right on!
    Paul Thiel, Mechanicsville


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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