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New Testing in King William Schools

By Bob Shannon  Central Garage

An annual publication put out by KW Schools, ” Our Children , Our Schools” has recently went out and I plead with parents to read very carefully on page 5 the announcement of the new testing method called CAT  ( Computer Adaptive Test ) This test is now being applied to 6th grade Math & grade 6 Plain English Mathematics. Rest assured other subject testing using this system is sure to follow.

Note the statement on how the system will work. Quoting directly from the publications text on page 5 it say’s   ” if a student answers  a question incorrectly ,the computer will follow up with an easier question ,  The CAT measures a students ability in a content area ”
Didn’t we used to call a measurement of a students ability a GRADE ?

It further announces that SOL testing on  U.S History to 1865, & U.S. History 1865 to Present ( grades 5-7 ) has been eliminated by the General Assembly. I question my School Board Rep, Steve Tupponce on this last Monday night, asking specifically if King William could have chosen instead to ignore the G.A and continued SOL testing on American History, which he said yes, they could have. Apparently they have decided U.S. History doesn’t warrant the energy and effort in making sure students are given the same emphasis on this subject. Does that bother anyone else that U.S History is being given a 2nd tier priority ? Makes it easier for the folks who argue America isn’t an exceptional nation to convince young American’s that is the case, particularly if they don’t have a solid understanding of their own history .

On the previous page 4 it states ” The division has maintained a laser -like focus on what students need to know”  Apparently U.S. History isn’t included in what they “need to know”  . Given the disdain for the SOL’s and the No Child Left Behind by many in the Education establishment perhaps a testing method that gives a student an easier question if they answer a question incorrectly then perhaps we may move closer to a system the establishment favors, I just doubt the students are really benefitting by this approach.

Testing students is a form of measuring schools accountability ,as well as the students actual progress. Since we now spend such large sums on the education system, should we expect the bar to be set at least high enough to have some tangible measure of answering “are we getting what we are paying for” These changes appear to imply we are indeed not. I don’t want Johnny’s tests to be made easier, I want Johnny to learn.

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