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New Years Heave Story in UK Exposes the New Mindset of Socialized Medicine

The Sun (UK) has some great shots of how the British bring in the New Year.

I will admit to occasionally downing more booze than I should have years ago on New Year’s Eve, but nothing like this! I don’t remember seeing this many people so totally ripped for something as meaningless as a calendar change.

But the most interesting aspect of this story is the mindset of the reporters and the Brits. As we all know, the UK has full blown Socialist Medicine. This story is an unintentional example of how Socialist Medicine changes a nation.

Consider this quote:

Henry Featherstone, from Policy Exchange, said: “Alcohol misuse in Britain is at a level where it constitutes a public health epidemic. The Government should now commit to a review of its entire strategy for tackling the harms from alcohol misuse. We recommend that the costs of being admitted to hospital to sleep off alcoholic excess should be met by individuals, not the NHS – the tariff cost for their admission of £532.”
Overall, the cost of treating drunks has almost doubled in just five years, rising to £2.7billion in 2006/7 compared with £1.47billion in 2001/2.
Experts blame the increase on round-the-clock drinking, which began in 2005, and the availability of cheap alcohol in supermarkets and pubs.

So, as the Brits see it, drunks are costing them money for health care. This article is not about “drink drivers” as they are called. (We call them drunk drivers.) It is about people consuming too much alcohol and passing out in the streets, or bars.

It laments the cause: booze is too cheap.

The video on the page speaks of the damage to the health – and livers – of drinkers.

The sense of compassion has been replaced by a concern of how much the revelers are costing the system. No morality. No right or wrong. Just a concern for what they are taking away from you.

So the obvious answer is to raise taxes on booze. And when that does not work, then what? Ban alcohol? That did not work so well for the US. How about volunteer watchers? Report your neighbors for drinking and lower your taxes.

The Brits don’t even see the loss of freedom Socialized Medicine has caused, but seem sure that the Government must fix the problem.

So, if the Democrats eventually have their way and inflict “free” health care on America, are you going to be ready to report your friends and neighbors for drinking at a super bowl party? Or supersizing that Big Mac meal? How about we just starting beating up drunks and fat people for costing you money?

Sounds like free medical care will exact a great cost on Americans.

Personal responsibility is no longer alowed in Britain, replaced by a new morality based in health costs and enforced by everyone – pitting citizen against citizen. Welcome to the future. You may not be your brother’s keeper, but you are surely his snitch.

Take a careful look at the last paragraph of the Sun article. If someone turns this poor girl in, she will probably never receive health care from the NHS again.

DO you know the girl in the snow in the main picture above? Call the newsdesk on 0207 782 4104 or email[email protected]

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