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I was astounded on the way home last evening listening for the Whitlock radio ad.  (I heard it tonight!  But more on that later!)  But that is not what nearly caused a fender bender:  It was Alex McMurtrie attaching BOTH of his opponents – Dan Gecker (I remember the part about the IRS) and Emily Francis (beats me why he’d attack her) as unelectable.

I do not know about Gecker but as I said – Emily Francis is the real deal – now way, way too liberal for me – but in politics for the right reasons – to promote ideas.  If Francis won, I could work with her on proposals (she told me she’d consider my study bill on a statewide public defender system) but I would disagree with her a lot.

On the front in the 12th – it is bloody angle every time I say boo for Janis.  But I do admire what Eddie Whitlock is doing:  running a positive campaign and the Whitlock Test is brilliant.  Others are working hard to keep Janis out – mostly supporting Haley.

I spoke with a source in the Whitlock campaign tell me that lawyers have in great numbers come out for the former president of the Henrico Bar Association in response to the ugly ads of Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant. They intend to vote and also get their families to turn out, too!

Whitlock is also on the radio, too.  I have not been able to get the radio ad on the blog yet.  But maybe next report!

Can’t wait until Tuesday!  Great races.  Great candidates.  This is what makes politics so exciting.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

8 Responses to “NEWS from the TENTH and TWELFTH: McMURTRIE attacks GECKER and FRANCIS! WATCH OUT for WHITLOCK? He’s on the RADIO, getting SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT from LAWYERS and…”

  1. William Newberry says:

    Oh Yeah? – the lawyers are all behind Eddie Whitlock? He’s just in this race because his prize at the end of the rainbow is an appointment to be a Judge.

    Maybe this will serve as a lesson to you, Sandy- do your homework next time before you ENDORSE a candidate on VA Right the first 5 minutes of a campaign without vetting the entire field.

    Janis voted for in state tuition in 2003 for Illegal Aliens. Took a walk on the vote to stop the largest sales tax increase in VA History for Gov. Mark Warner. He took another walk on a concealed Weapon vote which is why the VCDL has endorsed Vince Haley.

    You missed this one by a mile Sandy. Also- talk to some Delegates who knew him for a Decade in the GA. People hated him there because he treated others so badly.

    Bill Janis is the reason a DEMOCRAT got elected to the Commonwealth’s Attorney office in Henrico County.

    Noodle that.

  2. Daniel B says:

    William – You’re buying into the Democrat Dunnavant’s talking points without looking at the facts – Janis voted AGAINST instate tuition for illegal immigrants and voted AGAINST granting them admissions to Virginia’s colleges and universities. And you can’t hang him on a vote concerning taxes so you’ll attack him for spending time with his kid? Great!

    But Haley, who’s claim to fame is Newt Gingrich, won’t be held accountable for how he advocated for his boss’s less than conservative ideas and policies over time? Fun fun.

    Janis is the true conservative in the race. These efforts to change history would be laughable if they weren’t so insane.

  3. Sandy Sanders

    Thank you William and Daniel for coming by.

    I DID NOT base my continuing support for Janis on “five minutes”. I am introspective enough to say I could have done it better. Maybe prayed more. But I had found Janis a person of integrity. (What about all the representatives who have endorsed Janis – Del. Jimmie Massie for one – Senator Tom Garrett (who I KNOW is the real deal) they seem happy to want to serve with him again. I do not agree with the walk away vote situation although I am told it was not what it seems. I was distressed on 2033 until I found out it was an honest error [it is not consistent with other votes he cast] and promptly changed. But Janis still seems like the best of the four (although I admire Whitlock very much) and I am sorry to have pained so many people who otherwise I may find very close in our politics. I respect my detractors even if I do not agree I ask them to respect me too.

    Thanks to Daniel B for some much needed support.


  4. Tennessee Volunteer says:

    Bill Janis donated to YOUR GUY YOU KNOW Senator Tom Garrett $30,000 weeks before Janis announced for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney as an INDEPENDENT in return for his endorsement of Janis?

    Quid Pro Quo? That’s a violation of the RPV By Laws.

    I am so over your litmus test for morals for your candidate endorsements. Only in crooked Virginia Republican politics would the GOP allow Janis to now run 4 years later as a Republican.

    • Thanks for coming by although it is a bit weary to continue to respond to my many detractors. What you describe could easily be a Federal crime. I refuse to believe that either Janis would give a bribe or Garrett would take one. I do believe that Janis acted to prevent a unfit person from holding a critical office. If Janis was so terrible why would he not have slimed Geary in public – to win ant any cost. Janis has not and when I spoke with him he has refused to get into the issue.

      I do not have a “litmus test” for morals for candidates although I have been and will continue to be introspective about my endorsements.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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