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Rory Stewart advised the BBC recently the first three weeks as a new MP.  It was filled with tradition, pomp/circumstance and making new friends.

WEEK ONE: Last night was the most dramatic event I think I’ve ever witnessed.

It was in the 1922 committee room, incredible, as you can imagine, panelled oaked room with pictures of Gladstone at the back and so many Conservative MPs gathered in that room that I ended up sitting on the floor cross-legged in the middle of the aisle with all these people sitting around.

The new MPs heard first hand from their leader the new Tory/LibDem coalition government.  Stewart was not even in a chair but was sitting on a carpet.

Stewart also was reaching across the aisle in the building where “across the aisle” was invented:

So across the aisle are these young Labour people. I’ve got a friend called Tristram Hunt (MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central), who I like very much, who is sitting over there.

He was sitting next to a very glamorous looking person called Gloria De Piero (MP for Ashfield), who’s a celebrity TV journalist, and I went over to talk to them afterwards. They seem to be quite young, quite informal – quite a fun group.

I actually had a very good conversation with some of them though I must confess there was a moment I thought, when I was talking to Luciana Berger (MP for Liverpool Wavertree), that when I told her I was a Tory she didn’t seem so keen on talking to me anymore.

It felt a little bit like I had turned up at a dance and somehow was wearing the wrong kind of shoes.

As for Louise Bagshawe, her new book, Passion, got this review from Moira at Volpes Libris.  It was favorable for her writing but not for the genre she writes for:

I know it’s supposed to be undemanding and lightweight.   I know I’m not the target readership.  I know thousands of women buy, consume and presumably enjoy Louise Bagshawe’s books.  I know it has to be judged for what it is – a piece of foolish escapism designed to while away an afternoon on the beach – but even so,  this book really rather depressed me.  Not because it sold in truckloads and made pots of money.  Not even because it had pink sparkly bits on the cover.  No, it depressed me because it was so ludicrously readable – and THAT’s because Louise Bagshawe can write.  I mean REALLY write.

I felt like whacking her over the back of the head with it and saying, “Very funny.  Now go and write a PROPER book.”

I am confident that Bagshawe will have another hit on her hands.  (Blogger’s note:  I have not yet read any Bagshawe book)

To read the original four stories about the Young Turks of the Tory Party:  Kwasi Kwarteng, Javid Savid, Louise Bagshawe, and Rory Stewart, go here, here, here and here.

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