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Nice Pix From Peace Demonstration in Mechanicsville

Here are a number of people in front of Del. Chris Peace’s Mechanicsville law office protesting his support for the Cox/House plan (I have come out against here):


Here is their caption:

Went very well.  young folks from Americans for Prosperity ( green shirts ) provided much-needed energy.  Great sign from MTP.  Several folks not in the pic because they were still up on heavily-traveled M’ville Tnpk.  Unlimited use of photo is authorized.  (Hat tip to Robert “Sarge” Bruce)

Should there be a regular Fiscal Friday (a nod to the NC libs use of “Moral Monday”) at Del. Peace’s office?



About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

10 Responses to “Nice Pix From Peace Demonstration in Mechanicsville”

  1. M. Navarro says:

    Until Republicans in Mechanicsville Stop voting for Chris Peace, HE WILL NOT CHANGE HIS LIBERAL WAYS. He feels empowered garnering 70% of the Vote for Delegate with no Republican Challenger.

    Until his support is diminished, NO OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE will come forward and primary him. Dale Hargrove Alderman and Russ Wright appointed Cold Harbor Supervisor Scott Wyatt to the 96th nominating committee? Why? so if a viable candidate steps up they have a voice in how to challenge Peace.
    Mass meeting? Primary? Convention? Firehouse Primary?

    Calling all candidates. The wheels are in motion to defeat Peace.

    • Mitchell Gautsch says:


      What you described above is The Brat Model for defeating RINO Candidates.

      If Floyd Bayne hadn’t primaried Cantor in 2012 garnering 21% of the vote and Democrat Wayne Powell hadn’t run for Congress in the 7th that same year exposing Cantor’s weakness winning 41 per cent of the vote in November, Congressman Dave Brat’s window of opportunity in 2014 to take out the Majority leader in the most historic political upset in modern history wouldn’t have become apparent to those wishing to save America from “Eric Ivan the Terrible” a Trotskyite.

      A well funded electable Republican to primary Chris Peace and expose his liberal record will ultimately prevail in his demise.

    • Would like to hear more. Contact me off the blog. Sandy
      Elwood “Sandy” Sanders recently posted…Happy Easter! JESUS is Risen! And you will be risen too! But some might not like that…My Profile

  2. Bob Shannon

    Their is no organized opposition in Hanover County. Peace , much like the members of the Hanover BOS have played the two TEA Party groups like fiddles

    These groups have weak leadership and no courage to take the fight to anyone. They whine about Peace supporting Medicaid expansion, the very same people who threatened me when in 2014 I posted TEA Party signs declaring Peace Voted For Medicaid Expansion. Strange that in 2014 Bob was the enemy and Peace deserved their undying loyal support ? Clueless cowards. Churchill would call them ” appeasers”.

    Social clubs, no effectiveness whatsoever. Perhaps some new leaders in Hanover will take these groups over and provide some guidance . What good does it do to stand for 30 minutes on the side of a highway with a 4 X 8 sign…when you have perhaps a 100 or more with historical messages that have no relevance to todays political world we are operating in.

    No organization whatsoever, no press release, no media there Friday. Peace is probably laughing his ass off, knowing these same clowns will walk into a voting booth next election and send him back for another term because as one of them is always parroting ……” we gotta win”, as if this is some damn baseball game.
    Bob Shannon

    • GeneTheRealist says:

      The president you support and voted for, promised healthcare for everyone. You cannot run from the link below. Now, in another comment you apparently imply that Trump does not understand business? All the while Tom writes about how Obama/Obamacare stopped any increases in the cost of his healtcare for years, until Trumpcare came along. You guys are constantly writing one thing, and then the total opposite in a few days or weeks.

    • Thurmond The Ashland Democrat says:

      Mr. Shannon:

      Love reading your ongoing commentary here at VA Right on the Collapse of the Hanover Tea Parties and their merger into the Developer operated Republican Party of Hanover County.

      The dictator and little general of the Patrick Henry Tea Party is now the “self proclaimed” committee of ONE under the leadership of Developer/ Real Estate mogul Hanover Republican Committee Vice Chairman Dale Alderman and her Middle Resolution Pac members to recruit 2019 candidates to run for the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. Their first target is to replace Ashland Supervisor Faye

      Prichard, a Democrat. And how did Democrat Prichard get elected to Supervisor in Ashland in the first place? Look no further than Ed Via- former Republican from Ashland District elected with funds from Middle Resolution Pac to the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. Via’s appointed chairwoman of the Hanover County Planning Commission Claiborne Winborne, who never saw a development she didn’t vote for, oversaw the 2013 twenty year Comprehensive Plan that brought high density development and mixed use zoning to Hanover County. And of course Ms. Alderman had appointed an Ashland GOP Mag Chair who was worthless and did nothing during her tenure on the Hanover County Republican Committee working for Delegate Fowler and losing Ashland District to a Democrat. Former Delegate Candidate Toni Radler did an amazing job organizing Ashland District for the Democratic Committeee while Republican Ashland District Mag Chairwoman Danette Fulk couldn’t organize a tray of cookies. Touche Ms. Radler 1 point, Ms. Alderman 0 points.

      The Republicans in Hanover County with Middle Resolution Pac’s funding have begun to DEVELOP themselves out of OFFICE. Look for a “Blue Wave” in 2019 Hanover elections. Look for Wiecek Kelly’s defeat for certain.

      Ms. Prichard, former Mayor of the Town of Ashland, isn’t going anywhere. She is the only voice of reason on the “former” Republican Hanover Board of Supervisors that destroyed Hanover with removal of Proffers Taxes and passed irresponsible residential development that has resulted in overcrowding of schools and school buses and traffic nightmares for commuters in the eastern section of the county.

      And here is the real kicker in Ultimate Hypocrisy- now that Ms. Hargrove-Alderman has her high density development approved ( 500 high density homes under construction in Chickahominy Falls in Elmont) earning millions for herself she is now focused on Stopping further HIGH DENSITY Development in Hanover because she now sees that Democrat voters who moved into Henrico and Chesterfield’s apartments are not REPUBLICAN VOTERS. Big Blue Wave in previously RED Henrico and Chesterfield. Ergo Congressmen Dave Brat and Rob Wittman are in real trouble this fall due to Democrat voters flooding into the apartments in the 7th and 1st Districts.

      Ever the Republican optimist Hargrove now tells Republicans they will likely never win another state wide race in Virginia for many years to come. Clone that.

      Yes the Republicans and the Tea Party are targeting the lone Democrat on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors in the 2019 elections. While the GOP are targeting Ashland, perhaps a few more Democrats can win seats under the radar in Chickahominy, Mechanicsville and Henry Districts.

      The Greed of Hanover County Development is finally coming home to roost.

      • Arthur Purcelli says:

        Welcome to the Democrat Party in Hanover County Thurmond! After years of Delegate Frank Hargrove using the Republican voters in Ashland and Elmont to elect him and his entire family to every office they could scam his daughter and Frank Jr. then sold out the family property on Holly Hill and Cedar Lane to developers to ruin the sleepy hamlet of Elmont with traffic it sure took you long enough to flee the GOP. How many years did they play you? A lifetime? Wasted.

    • Jim Serrano says:

      Mr. Shannon:

      The Republican federal candidates ( US Senate and Congress) ran for election and re-election for over six years on the promise to the Repeal and Replace Obama Care. Defeated former Congressman and GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a quote in Breitbart admitted it was all a lie to fundraise and win elections. And now the Virginia Republicans have been caught in the same lie- running for four years during the Terry McAuliffe administration AGAINST medicaid expansion in Virginia. Now Republican leadership HOD speaker Uniparty Delegate Kirk Cox and RINO Delegate Chris Peace ( Budget Finance Committee) are pushing for Medicaid expansion. Why would any Republican voter in Virginia vote to re-elect these scoundrels?

      The Republilcan Party of Virginia is done for and unfortunately the Congressmen on the ballot in 2018 and Trump on the ballot in 2020 are the real Victims of RINOs in Virginia’s HOD.

  3. GeneTheRealist says:

    I have tried on two different devices to see the pic of the protesters, the space is blank. Why can’t I see them? Thanks.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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