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I saw this title in the Washington Post:  Ron Paul:  The Butler Bulldogs of American Politics

No, I did not write that title!  I wish I had!  But it’s true (Yes, even the WashPo gets it right now and then!  A stopped clock is right twice a day after all.) There are a lot of comparisons between Butler basketball and Ron Paul in this article but few are favorable!  Here’s the article but there is little to praise in this article – it is not favorable for EITHER Butler or Paul.  Try this example:

But then, reality set in. While Paul has had a great campaign season for a “mid-major” candidate, things have certainly tailed off in recent weeks, and it’s clear that Paul is still missing something that the Dukes and the UConns and the Mitt Romneys of this world have: staying power.

The writer cites the delegate count proposed by the MSM that some dispute:

The practical effect of Paul’s campaign has been pretty minimal as well. While his campaign has talked a lot about being a player at the convention, right now he is projected to have won 50 delegates, which is higher than the approximately 30-35 delegateshe won in 2008 but still far from being a contender when you consider that there are more than 2,000 delegates available.

Here’s the take on Butler:

Like Butler, Paul wasn’t supposed to win the nomination and basically nobody thought he would, and that lack of an expectation is what makes his campaign a success.

A review of the last two NCAA tournaments, Butler defeated several major powers:  Syracuse,Kansas State and Michigan State.  The next year, the Bulldogs defeated Pitt, Wisconsin and Florida.  That’s no fluky result.  Butler is being courted by the Atlantic 10 conference as we speak.  As the article admits, Paul has finished second seven times (and probably won the Missouri caucuses last week!) beating all three “major” candidates at least once.

Yes, Butler is the Ron Paul of men’s basketball!  And yes, Ron Paul is the Butler of politics.  Let there be a open or brokered convention and we may find out just how mid-major the RP campaign is.  Ron or his son Senator Rand Paul may surprise the field, either as the nominee or as a VP choice (probably not Ron but Rand for the veep slot.)



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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