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Today (April 14) a new party will form in Germany.  One that will bring hope to the German people and has the potential to break the power of the euro-parties – Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  Even it’s name demonstrates its primary purpose:  Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD or Alternative for Germany, the website is in German, a language I do not speak well anymore).  I never thought a party of professors and economists would draw my attention in a favorable way.  But this one does.

The AfD party wants Germany to stop bailing out the rest of Europe, get out of the eurozone, and restore the police power of national parliaments.  In short, they are for sovereignty and against the EU superempire.  Here’s some articles with intriguing material:

Deutsche Welle (German Radio) is reporting that this party has no chance of winning seats in the national parliament – but could throw the election in another direction:

“Normally, I’d certainly give a party like this a chance to reach five percent,” Hickel told DW, referring to the law in Germany that a political party must win at least five percent of the vote to gain parliamentary representation. “But the people behind Alternative for Germany are the best guarantee that the party won’t make it into the Bundestag. They are professors and frustrated economists. If the party were headed by a populist, I’d consider them dangerous.”

It’s dangerous because if enough nations get together, they can limit the reach of the superempire, and limit the power of its leaders.  (That is probably not what this economist and former leader of the Institute for Labor and Economics would say but that is the real fear for the eurocrats.)  Many in Germany were content to keep any dissent on Europe out of the mainstream:

“All of the parties in the Bundestag have effectively the same opinion when it comes to rescuing the euro,” [former journalist Konrad Adam]  told DW. “The only distinction between them is how much money should be invested and when. The euro is seen as holy, and anyone with a differing opinion is either dismissed as a populist or is shamed. That is not right.”

This is one of the best evidences of the Tweedledee-Tweedledum nature of European politics today.

The new party is not anti-EU but wants to change the purpose of the EU, to the original free trade zone originally intended.  (And I agree that EU would be a blessing to Europe!)

The founders of Alternative for Germany don’t want to get too specific with such proposals at the moment. While they support the principle of adherence to EU treaties, the group’s members also hope to see changes to EU treaties that would allow Germany and other countries legal means of exiting the eurozone. Further, the new party is calling for binding referendums that would give EU citizens more power to make decisions.

And fewer regulations (from the Irish Times):

On Europe, it vows allegiance to the Treaty of Rome principles but “emphatically supports the position of David Cameron. for a slimmer, more competitive EU” and a return of competences to national parliaments. The Bundestag can decide for itself over light bulbs or cucumber curvature.”

I love this delicious quote from Der Spiegel (The Mirror, Germany’s leading journal of opinion) online:

“Democracy is eroding,” reads a statement on its website (German only). “The will of the people regarding (decisions relating to the euro) is never queried and is not represented in parliament. The government is depriving voters of a voice through disinformation, is pressuring constitutional organs, like parliament and the Constitutional Court, and is making far-reaching decisions in committees that have no democratic legitimacy.”

I couldn’t have said it better.  If I had my way, this party would get over 50% of the vote and take Germany out of the Euro.

What about the Pirates?  I had supported the Pirates (and the Free Voters Party) because they offered an alternative that had to be euroskeptic, due to their interest in copyright and patent law abuse.  (I am not sure AT ALL that I agree with all their criticisms on intellectual property but I do agree there needs to be some reforms.)  But this is closer to what I believe in.  Like-minded libertarians need to assist the new Alternative for Germany in their fight.  Like UKIP, their fight is yours.  Now maybe a few days back in Germany (I lived in Wurzburg from 1972 to 1976 and went to the American High School), all expenses paid by the AfD, giving political counsel would be wonderful!  That probably won’t happen, so here’s some unsolicited but free advice:  Get the Pirates and the Free Voters party to join you in an electoral coalition.  Promise the Pirates REAL IP reform in a sovereign Deutschland and promise the Free Voters (and all of Germany) what they said in the NO movie:  That without the euro and EU bailouts, happiness is coming!

You’ll know if the AfD is hitting paydirt, when Tweedledee and Tweedledum start to  “warn” the people bad awful things will happen if Germany leaves the eurozone.   The election is in September.

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