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Thanks to a patriot ‘s email, I found out that the United Nations Organization of the United States is seeking to have all the state governors issue a proclamation in support of the United Nations on October 24, UN day!  (October 23 just happens to be my anniversary – whew that was close!)  Here‘s the article and below is a proposed letter to send to your governor:


It is my pleasure to invite you to join governors around the nation in making an official proclamation declaring October 24, 2012 UN Day in [insert state]. We also invite you to appoint a prominent citizen to serve as the honorary [insert state] Chair of United Nations Day (UN Day) on October 24. This year marks the 67th anniversary of when the United Nations Charter went into effect. Since 1947, public officials, educators, students, and civic groups across the county and around the world have commemorated the occasion with activities that build public awareness of and support for the mission and ideals of the world’s foremost international institution.

Last year, in celebration of UN Day, United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) Chapters across the U.S. held 136 public events about the invaluable work of the UN. With dedicated UNA-USA grassroots support of the UN, the UN: provides food to 90 million people in 73 countries; vaccinates 58% of the world’s children, saving 2.5 million lives annually; assists more than 36 million refugees and people fleeing war, famine, or persecution; keeps the peace with 120,000 Peacekeepers in 16 missions on 4 continents; promotes maternal health, saving the lives of 30 million women a year; protects and promotes human rights; and helps to advance democracy around the world.

A bipartisan poll conducted in April by Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates, on behalf of the United Nations Foundation, shows that more than eight out of ten voters say it is important that the United States maintain an active role within the UN.

In [insert state], UNA-USA is represented by the [insert Chapter/Division name(s)]. Working with community organizations, colleges, high schools, museums and local governments, we hold community events that educate [insert state] citizens about the work of the UN, while simultaneously bridging [insert state] to the global community through shared values, ideals, and solutions to shared problems.

The appointment of a [insert state] UN Day chair, and a proclamation declaring October 24 UN Day in [insert state] will illustrate your commitment to the progress that the U.S. has made, and is making daily in support of a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. Therefore, I encourage you to appoint a chair at your earliest convenience. Once UNA-USA receives the name and contact information of your appointed chair, we will follow up with the appointee providing additional information.

Should you or your staff have any questions regarding UN Day, please contact Ms. Laura Giroux, Director of Membership, at UNA-USA headquarters by phone at 202-887-9040 or via email at [email protected].

Thank you for your consideration and support for the work and ideals of the United Nations.


I recommend my readers contact (this link will track back this blog to the Governor’s office) the Governor with a letter like this:

Dear Governor McDonnell:

<<Insert appropriate pleasantry such as , in my case I had the pleasure of voting for you and honor of meeting you several times in my case>>

Please do not issue a proclamation declaring October 24 as UN Day in Virginia nor appoint anyone to chair any such event.

I am sure that the United Nations does some good in the world and that’s great.  But there are many other fine organizations that feel the hungry and clothe the naked.

But the United Nations is unworthy of a proclamation from your office.  The United Nations General Assembly voted to expel the Republic of China and refuses to readmit it.  That august body once compared Zionism to racism and even though they eventually repented of this error, they have not removed their anti-Israel bias.  The United Nations has debated whether we are a colonial power towards Puerto Rico, while nary a word about Soviet and Chinese imperialism.  It was the creature inspired by and formed at the United Nations Building in New York City, ICLEI, that seeks to unite cities under the guise of global warming and climate change to become a Fifth Column to accomplish political and foreign policy goals not permitted under the Constitution.  It was a United Nations-blessed effort that brought us that threat to property rights of all Virginians:  Agenda 21.  It was a United Nations official that recommended that Mount Rushmore be “given back” to the Original Americans (even though we offered them money when they won the judgment for taking their land – exactly what every other party receieves when it wins a judgment) and it is another UN official that demanded that we allow an “independent” inquiry into our fight against terrorism – such an inquiry would make us answerable to foreigners as to our internal policies.  Here’s what the UN Human Rights Council recommended the United States do to “improve” its human rights record:

The list of 228 recommendations by other nations included repeated calls to abolish the death penalty [AP report], as well as reduce overcrowding in prisons, ratify international treaties on the rights of women and children, and increase measures to prevent racial profiling.

Many Virginians would be surprised to know that the lawful execution of willful murderers is a human rights violation!  This entire answering to foreign committees, of which we have only one vote, the equal of such libertarian nations as Saudi Arabia and China and Libya is patently unconstitutional.

Your office did not issue any such proclamation in 2010 or 2011.  There is no need nor is there any call for any such resolution from your office.  Thank you again for your time; you remain in my prayers,


I also have been approached about a rally – an anti-UN/ICLEI rally at the Bell Tower in Richmond on Capitol Square for October 24!  But time is tight and I need help.  I also need to know we’ll have a decent turnout.  Contact me by Friday at ssanders at or comment at this blog!

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