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Not Sure It is Enough But Here is Del. Freitas’ Answer to the Negative Ads!

TV Ad Still Needed…

I did finally find the answers of the Nick Frietas side on the terrible commercials run by allies of the incumbent. Here from the Freitas FB page:

Faced with the end of her political career, Abigail Spanberger has abandoned the truth just like she abandoned her promise to her constituents that she would be an “independent moderate” if elected.Spanberger has learned how to look you in the eye and tell you that I want to deny healthcare coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and that I support throwing children with autism and pregnant mothers out into the cold.Here are the facts:–I have two cousins with autism. I watched my aunt and uncle battle the government all the way up to a State Supreme Court in a fight to get their children the educational opportunities they needed. This issue is deeply personal to me.–I’ve carried legislation in the House of Delegates to ensure that parents of special needs children could have access to a quality education that’s tailored-fit to their child.–I believe we need to maintain protections for people with pre-existing conditions, to include pregnant mothers.–I’ve gone on record supporting legislation that will protect the most vulnerable among us, and in Congress I will fight to increase access, quality, and affordability in healthcare for everyone, including those with autism and those with pre-existing conditions.But unable to defend her own mediocre record on Capital Hill, Abigail Spanberger has joined forces with Nancy Pelosi’s PAC and left-wing special interest groups from across the country by throwing all sense of decency out the window in a desperate attempt to smear my record.And if you put enough money behind that kind of lie, people may even believe it.But the attacks we have seen over the last few weeks, coupled with the millions of dollars spent on behalf of Spanberger, proves just how scared the Democrats are of us taking back this seat.So in the interest of getting the truth out on Spanberger’s habit of lying about my positions and her record in Washington alike, our campaign has put together a series of videos covering each of these important issues.These three videos can be found below, covering my positions on Healthcare for children with Autism, Pre-Existing Conditions, and Pregnancy and Employment.

Here are the links: Healthcare for Children with Autism Pre-Existing Conditions Pregnancy and Employment

Nick Freitas

I still think, since he did not challenge the incumbent to renounce these ads in their one and only forum, nor did Freitas being up impeachment, it might not be enough. I also have not independently verified these claims.

My analysis of the Freitas videos is:

  • The autism video is actually pretty good; Freitas indicated he voted against the bill in question was to present yet another unfunded mandate. Freitas also spoke on educational opportunities for people with autism and how he will fight for parents to have more educational choices in education.
  • The pre-existing video is only fair – I am not sure he voted on the bill I wrote on in 2019. But Freitas could have more focused on that issue.
  • The pregnancy video is excellent. This bill might not have done anything to help a pregnant woman get a job and it is already illegal to fire a person or fail to hire a person because they are pregnant.

Now, Freitas whined a bit about no debate to face off with the incumbent. But he had a debate and he did not confront Spanberger with the lies and ask her to repudiate the ads. But this is better than nothing. Hat tip to my favorite girl in all the world for pointing this out to me!

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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