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Nut Jobs At MSNBC / WaPo Blame West For Detroit Airline Terrorist

MSNBC / WaPo use a Doe Eyed photo to garner sympathy for Detroit Terrorist Airline Bomber

MSNBC / WaPo use a Doe Eyed photo to garner sympathy for Detroit Terrorist Airline Bomber

Ahh. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The poor, misunderstood young lad. We should all look to his loneliness and depression to understand that this “little outburst” was actually caused by Westerners lack of understanding (according to the America haters at MSNBC / Washington Post).

Perhaps a photo op of President Obama bowing to this poor victim will be forthcoming.

The 23-year-old Nigerian man accused of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American airliner apparently turned to the Internet for counseling and companionship, writing in an online forum that he was “lonely” and had “never found a true Muslim friend.”

“I have no one to speak too [sic],” read a posting from January 2005, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was attending boarding school. “No one to consult, no one to support me and I feel depressed and lonely. I do not know what to do. And then I think this loneliness leads me to other problems.”

And lest we feel compelled to view the terrorist as an inhuman potential killer, MSNBC / WaPo also reminds us that he was “just like us”. He has 287 Facebook friends, and also wrote about his dream to go to Stanford or UC Berkeley.

And radical? Heavens no!

MSNBC / WaPo’s digging turned up a close friend of this upstanding, yet misunderstood victim of American hatred.

Fabrizio Cavallo Marincola, 22, who studied with Abdulmutallab at University College London, said Abdulmutallab graduated in May 2008 and showed no signs of radicalization or of links to al-Qaeda. “He always did the bare minimum of work,” Marincola said of his classmate, who he said was nicknamed “Biggie.”

“When we were studying, he always would go off to pray,” Marincola continued. “He was pretty quiet and didn’t socialize much or have a girlfriend that I knew of.”

No girlfriend with a nickname like “Biggie”? Really? Is he a secretly gay Muslim? Is this the hook for MSNBC / WaPo? Did their “gay-dar” go off?

This lonely child has a right to be lonely. His childhood home must have been lonely indeed. The youngest of 16 children, he was apparently unable to find anyone to talk to. Not even his two Mom’s, as his Nigerian banker father has only two wives.

I believe I have received several emails from his Daddy. They say “I am a Nigerian banker and I am trying to find someone to take this $20 million dollars off my hands”.

And the Terrorist love fest does not stop there. MSNBC / WaPo have finally learned how to investigate! Read the entire article for a better understanding of just how sick these two far left “news” organizations really are.

One would hope that a severe sentence would be meted out by a jury for this kind of crime.

And the terrorist should be dealt with harshly as well.

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