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Obama Administration Likely Knew Cause of Oil Platform Explosion Day One!

On April 20, 2010 a massive explosion destroyed an oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico and killed 11 people. The drill site has been belching oil ever since.

President Obama has been promising for weeks to get to the bottom of this, but has cast the blame totally on BP Oil, who leased the platform.

But what did Obama know and when did he know it?

News released over the last day now blames a methane bubble for the explosion. But it seems that all of the survivors knew what happened before they even left the platform in the life boats. Methane gas bubbles are nothing new to oilmen. There are a known danger, but there has never before been so massive a bubble appear during the critical operation the platform was conducting.

From a story posted today at FoxNews:

Workers set and then tested a cement seal at the bottom of the well. Then they reduced the pressure in the drill column and attempted to set a second seal below the sea floor. A chemical reaction caused by the setting cement created heat and a gas bubble which destroyed the seal.

Deep beneath the seafloor, methane is in a slushy, crystalline form. Deep sea oil drillers often encounter pockets of methane crystals as they dig into the earth.

As the bubble rose up the drill column from the high-pressure environs of the deep to the less pressurized shallows, it intensified and grew, breaking through various safety barriers, the interviews said.

“A small bubble becomes a really big bubble,” Bea said. “So the expanding bubble becomes like a cannon shooting the gas into your face.”

Up on the rig, the first thing workers noticed was the sea water in the drill column suddenly shooting back at them, rocketing 240 feet in the air. Then, gas surfaced. Then oil.

“What we had learned when I worked as a drill rig laborer was swoosh, boom, run,” Bea said. “The swoosh is the gas, boom is the explosion and run is what you better be doing.”

The gas flooded into an adjoining room with exposed ignition sources, he said.

“That’s where the first explosion happened,” said Bea, who worked for Shell Oil in the 1960s during the last big northern Gulf of Mexico oil well blowout. “The mud room was next to the quarters where the party was. Then there was a series of explosions that subsequently ignited the oil that was coming from below.”

So, surviving workers knew exactly what happened. There was no mystery, no question of the cause. They were even trained to know what was happening. And a large number lived to tell the tale.

But why is this just now surfacing? Did these workers not let everyone know what happened, even as they were being pulled from the life boats? Was not the first question from rescuers and officials “What happened?” So, why did it take almost 3 weeks of wild speculation on everything from failed blow out preventers, to BP’s greed and disregard for safety, to terrorism for the methane gas bubble to surface?

Rahm Emanuel said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” The Obama administration saw this as another opportunity to gain power over oil drilling, create a bad guy (BP Oil), and move to turn a bad situation to their advantage.

A freak accident with no culpability simply does not fit into this Administration’s plans. There are political points to score, power to grab and profits to be made.

So, why does the truth finally come out?

Mark Levin conducted an on air interview on April 30 with one of the survivors of the explosion. This gentleman blew the lid off of the Obama Administration’s plans. The cat is out of the bag. There is no bad guy here, just an unforeseen freak accident.

A gentleman called the Levin radio show. He was working on the platform at the time of the explosion and had this to say:

Mark: How old is this rig? How long has it been there?

James: It was put in service in 2001. It’s a fairly new rig.

Mark: And, what is the sense in shutting down every rig in the Gulf of Mexico in response to this?

James: Absolutely senseless, whatsoever. This literally could very well be a once in a lifetime freak accident, or it could be negligence. That’s for other people to figure out. From my position, it just seems like every now and then, you can’t win against Mother Nature. She throws a curve ball that you are not prepared for.

Mark: But to shut down every rig in response to this? I mean… I’m not sure why.

James: The BOP tests are literally mandated from the Mineral Management Service and they are conducted like clockwork. I mean, if any of those tests ever failed, they would have immediately stopped operations, sealed the well up, pulled the BOP stack back up on the deck, which is 48 hours minimum, and made the necessary repairs or replacement parts, and then would get it back down, re-connect, re-test, and keep testing it, until it passed or kept on repairing it until it passed.

Clearly, the Obama administration has an agenda.

Listen to the two part audio of the Levin interview here.

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