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Official BLOG Endorsements: Fauconier in the Ninth and Peake in the 22nd!

It is time for some BLOG endorsements:

In the Ninth District – it is Sandy’s favorite (and yes Sandy is still in Corey’s campaign) Corey Fauconier the Libertarian candidate running for the state senate in the Ninth senate district.  (There is no GOP candidate.)  Delegate Jennifer McClellan is right about indigent defense but she takes standard liberal positions on issues such as guns (she continues to peddle the misleading narrative about the “gun show loophole” when there is no such thing – perhaps she wants to end some or all private sales of guns.  Let’s not find out the hard way.) and is for abortion rights/Medicaid expansion.  She also seems to want to seek down the road higher office and she is eligible for all three statewide offices and US Senate.  A defeat will probably put off that ambition for some time.  McClellan is also willing to allow her delegate district to be unoccupied during the long budget session so she could be a senator.

Corey Fauconier is admittedly new to politics.  But he has served in the community and the schools – mentoring youth in communication skills, a member of the Crusade for Voters, and has helped LP candidates in NC and VA.  (Fauconier is the Communications Director for the VA Libertarian Party)  He supports more parental say in education instead of throwing money at it and supports Second Amendment rights.  Yes he takes standard LP positions but one person cannot radically change the system but can draw light to needed reforms.

Clear choice for the Gary Johnson or Trump voter in the Ninth:  Fauconier.  Take a hint from the ads of the other senate candidate endorsee:  Take five minutes to vote to make sure the senate stays out of Democrat hands – that brings me to Mark Peake…

Mark Peake:  The blog endorses Peake because if the Democrats win both the Ninth and the 22nd they will control the state senate.

Peake takes standard conservative positions.  He was on the John Fredericks Show last Thursday or Friday and how he did it was brilliant – Peake heard that Fredericks’ regular scheduled guest [Ben Tribbett – the former Not Larry Sabato blogger] was unable to call in [he called in later and I was fascinated with their analysis of the Perriello entry into the Governor’s race] so Peake called in and got on the show for several minutes.  Brilliant move!

Peake said he was the only pro-life candidate, that his Democrat opponent favored Medicaid expansion (Peake does not), and that he takes standard conservative positions.

Libertarians will like this:

Additionally, I support the growing industrial hemp industry here in Virginia. This is one of the most exciting opportunities for Virginia farmers (and right here in the 22nd District) in quite some time. We have already put research programs into place in conjunction with our universities, and have seen many other states follow suit with an eye towards the federal government taking the overdue step of removing industrial hemp from the same classification as marijuana. This would be a major economic boon to Virginia on many fronts (including manufacturing, energy, and even food production) and I will be a strong advocate for that.  (emphasis added by me)

Peake also supports civil asset forfeiture reform:

We’ve seen unfortunate cases of civil asset forfeiture abuse across the country where people have had their property seized by authorities without ever being charged with a crime. We must require that a person be convicted of crime before the state seizes their property and it’s such an important issue that the Tea Party and the ACLU have joined forces here in Virginia to accomplish much needed civil asset forfeiture reform. This is a basic 4th Amendment right to protection from search and seizure, and a basic 5th Amendment right to due process. As your senator I will continue to defend your Constitutional Rights in Richmond by being a solid vote for civil asset forfeiture reform.

May all the LPers in the 22nd vote Peake.  And all the GOPers too.

Look I like the indy candidate in this race (Hines has a fabulous webpage) and the GOP needs to find a job for Joe Hines somehow.  BUT this is not the time for such things.  Better safe than sorry:  Vote Mark Peake.

These elections tend to have tiny turnout and every vote WILL REALLY count.


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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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